Service Aide – Youth@Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program

$9.15 – $11.00 Hourly

OPENING DATE: 02/27/17

CLOSING DATE: 03/24/17



Salary: 15-17 age group – $9.15/hr.
Salary: 18-19 age group – $11.00/hr.
The Prince George’s County Government in collaboration with Prince George’s Community College (PGCC), The Greater Prince George’s Business Roundtable, Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce, Prince George’s County Public Schools, The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC), a host of non-profits, faith-based organizations and the business partners are currently seeking enthusiastic and dedicated students to participate in the County’s 2017 Youth@Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program (Youth@Work/SYEP).
Prince George’s County Government offers a six-week, entry-level experience providing an opportunity for young people across the County to participate in career development, life-skills training and summer employment opportunities.



Work will vary depending upon the organization’s goals and objectives. Occupational fields may include: Accounting/Budget Aide, Clerical Aide, Animal Services Aide, Custodial Assistant, Engineering Aide, Government/Political Aide, Healthcare Aide, Hospitality, Human Resources Aide, Information Technology Assistant, Laborer, Summer Camp Aide, Warehouse Worker, etc.


Youth must be a resident of Prince George’s County and between the ages of fifteen through nineteen (15-19) by July 1, 2017.



All notifications regarding employment status will be sent to applicants electronically via the email account on file. Therefore, it is important that applicants have an active email address on file, and that applicants check their email account regularly. Candidates who are offered employment, will receive an email notification of your selection.

Applicants that are hired, who are between the ages of fifteen through seventeen (15-17), MUST present an official MINOR WORK PERMIT at REGISTRATION.  Additional instructions will be outlined in the offer letter, if selected for a position.
ELIGIBILITY TO WORK: Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, an employer is required to hire only U.S. citizens and lawfully authorized alien workers. Applicants who are selected for employment will be required to show and verify authorization to work in the United States.

CLOSING DATE: Applications must be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on March 24, 2017.

Prince George’s County Government is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer
Committed to Diversity in the Workplace

Office of Human Resources Management
1400 McCormick Drive, Suite 159
Largo, MD 20774
(301) 883-6330


Service Aide – Youth@Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program (Youth@Work/SYEP) 17-026-MULTI-NM

Maryland Bill Seeks to Oppose Restrictions on Backyard Gardening

Backyard garden

The Maryland legislature is considering a bill (SB 62) to help prevent local jurisdictions from prohibiting or limiting the installation or cultivation of backyard gardens on single-family property.

The bill also prohibits property instruments, including contracts, deeds, or covenants, from prohibiting a homeowner or tenant from installing or cultivating a backyard garden on single-family property, and it specifies that the installation or use of a backyard garden is not prohibited by existing laws or property instruments.

Currently, State law does not limit the authority of local jurisdictions to prohibit the installation or cultivation of backyard gardens. Property instruments, such as contracts, deeds, and covenants, are generally permitted to limit the right of a homeowner or a tenant to engage in certain activity on the subject property, including the ability to install or cultivate a backyard garden, so if you want to create a garden you should spray to get rid of ants first, so they don’t eat your crops.

When a person purchases a single-family home, a condominium, or an interest in a cooperative housing corporation, he or she may also be required to join an association of owners, which is intended to act in the common interests of all the homeowners, condominium unit owners, or cooperative owners in the community. Collectively, these associations are often referred to as common ownership communities (COCs).

Bill was heard on January 24, 2017, in the Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee. This bill would not have a direct, material impact on local government finances or operations.

Whether the bill passes or not, gardens will be allowed in College Park.

The Maryland Municipal League (MML) is opposing the bill, thus reducing the chance of its passing. The reason the MML is opposing the bill is not because they want the garden restrictions, but they don’t want the State telling the members cities and towns how those cities should manage those regulations.

Council to Raise City Employees Salary

At next week’s Council meeting, the Council will consider approving a Unified pay Plan for City Employees, provide a 2% across the board increase and continue step and merit increases as proposed in the new pay plan.

In FY17 the City Council approved a Compensation and Classification Study to determine if the salaries paid to City employees are competitive. The study recommends a new pay plan which cost approximately $100,000 in FY2017.

Additionally, all employees will receive a 2% increase effective July 1, 2017, as a result of the collective bargaining agreement. Employees will also receive merit increases on their anniversary dates; these are expected to average 2.2%.

North College Park Crime Map: February 18 – 24, 2017

9200 Blk 51ST AVETheft from auto
10200 BLK Baltimore AveStolen Vehicle
4700 Blk Caddo  STTheft from auto
9700 Blk Narragansett  PKYTheft
5301 Edgewood RDTheft
9300 Blk Cherry Hill RDBreaking & Entering

City May Support MD Bill to Prevent Intersection Blocking

College Park City Council will consider approving a resolution supporting this bill (HB 237) at next week’s Council meeting. If passed, the new law will help prevent blocking busy intersections on our streets. One place we can potentially use the law is at the Rt 1 and Edgewood Rd intersection. We have many complaints from residents about vehicles blocking this intersection. Drivers often wait for multiple cycles to cross the intersection.

You can read more about the bill here on the WTOP.

City Adopts Resolution Supporting Maryland ‘Trust Act’

At last Tuesday’s Council meeting, the City Council adopted a resolution supporting SB835, Maryland Law Enforcement and Governmental Trust Act. The vote was unanimous.

The bill seeks clarification of local participation in federal immigration efforts. If passed it will prohibit:
1) law enforcement personnel from stopping, arresting or searching an individual to inquire about immigration status or citizenship status.
2) use of governmental funds, facilities, property, equipment or personnel to investigate, enforce or assist in investigation of an federal program requiring the registration of individuals on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national or ethnic origin.
3) use of any governmental database for the purpose of immigration enforcement or investigation
4) transferring an individual to federal immigration authorities for the purpose of immigration enforcement without a judicial warrant.

College Park’s letter to the MD Senate says: “”It is important for our residents to access schools, hospitals, the courts, and other services with full confidence that local officials will not act on behalf of federal immigration authorities.”

Council to Adopt Ordinance Regulating Communications Infrastructure in City’s Rights-of-Way

Next week, the City Council will consider a resolution about “Wireless Facilities And Support Structures” and “Fees and Penalties” to regulate deployment and installation of wireless facilities and support structures in the city rights-of-way and to require a permit and set a fee.

The cities of Bowie, Gaithersburg and Baltimore have adopted ordinances, some zoning related and some regulating right-of-way location, after receiving assistance from cable counsel. Beginning in, 2016, the City began receiving “applications” from Mobilitie (or companies related to it) to install small cells and distributed antenna systems (“DAS”) in City rights-of-ways.

A DAS system involves placing an antenna on an existing pole or on a pole to be installed. A number of applications have been received to date, along with plans for installation of poles up to 75 feet in height.

The following City locations, all in residential areas, have been identified: (a) On 48th Ave in front of Parkside Condominiums in Lakeland (b) On Navahoe Street Across from Spellman House in Lakeland (c) Intersection Paducah Road and Palco Place in Sunnyside.

City to Revisit Fence Ordinance

At tonight’s Council meeting, the City Council will revisit the City’s fence ordinance.

As you may recall, there was a listening session on the fence ordinance in December 2015 and the Advisory Planning Commission made recommendations for changes to the ordinance earlier this year. Council discussed changes in October 2016, however we put off making a decision on whether to make any changes.

The proposed changes attempt to bring clarity by adding/modifying definitions, adding the ability to have a garden fence without obtaining a permit and clarifying that any hedge or natural growth creating a barrier to lot access is considered a fence.

The proposed changes would prohibit using chain link to replace front yard fences, even if there is currently chain link in place.

Additionally, there has been discussion of offering financial incentives to residents who replace chain link fence with wrought iron, split rail, or picket.

Last October we had some lively and informative online discussion about benefits and pitfalls of the ordinance and also some history of how the ordinance was first passed. It would be beneficial at this point to hear comments on whether residents favor adoption of the proposed changes, keeping the ordinance as is or doing away with the City’s fence ordinance and relying only on the County’s fence ordinance.

The County though its update of the zoning code for the County has made changes to the County fence ordinance. We will ask staff to go over the changes to the County’s fence ordinance and describe any impacts on the City ‘s fence ordinance.

It would be beneficial at this point to hear comments on whether residents favor adoption of the proposed changes, keeping the ordinance as is or doing away with the City’s fence ordinance and relying only on the County’s fence ordinance. The proposed changes can be found at page 35, http://www.collegeparkmd.gov/document_center/MayorCouncil/Agendas/2017Worksession/022117WSP.pdf

Your Community Needs You – Consider Volunteering with Fire Departments

This website (http://www.pgvolunteers.org/) and video are online now for anyone interested in volunteering with any of the volunteer Fire/EMS departments in the County. The video includes interviews with volunteers from Branchville, College Park, and Berwyn Heights stations. There is a click on feature to get contact information from your station of interest. Please consider volunteering and spread the word.

North College Park Crime Map: February 13-17, 2017

4700 Blk Caddo STTheft from auto
5300 Blk Edgewood RDTheft
9700 Blk Narragansett PKYTheft
4700 Blk Caddo  STTheft from auto
9600 Blk Milestone WayStolen Vehicle

Council to Discuss 2017 Funding of City’s Two Farmers Markets

At this week’s worksession, the Council will review of the 2016 market season for the Downtown Farmers Market and the Hollywood Farmers Market.

At the conclusion of the 2016 farmers market season, City staff conducted surveys to assess vendor satisfaction for the Downtown College Park Farmers Market (DCPFM). City staff also met with the leaders of the Hollywood Farmers Market and Market Master to assess the success of their market season.

We’ll also discuss the plans for the 2017 DCPFM market season, recruiting new vendors, and market advertising.

Additionally, we’ll discuss plans for the 2017Hollywood market season and the new 2017 Market Manager Contract. The current Market Manager contract has exhausted all of the extension options. Our current market master Ms. Julie Beavers has stated her desire to return in the role for the 2017 season, for the 4th year.

The FY 2017 budget allocated $9,195 for the Downtown College Park Farmers Market including a $2,250 donation from the DCPMA and $8,000 for the Hollywood Farmers Market. Adequate funds remain in these budgets to kick off the 2017 season. A new contract for the Market Manager would extend Ms. Beavers tenure at a rate of $150 per market day and would be reflected in the FY18 budget. No other increases to existing budgets are anticipated.

Status of the SHA Projects in and around College Park

Representatives from the State Highway Administration (SHA) are expected to come to this week’s Council meeting and make a presentation about the current SHA projects in College Park. The SHA has also sent and overview of the projects ahead of the meeting.

1. I-495 Inner Loop / US 1 Ramp Safety and Spot Improvement Project

Description: The proposed improvements include the removal of the I-495 inner loop to US 1 northbound exit ramp. This will eliminate the weaving movement at the collector-distributor for vehicles entering and exiting I-495. The US 1 southbound exit ramp will incorporate left turn movements to compensate for the removal of the US 1 northbound exit ramp.
Status: The roadway design of the selected alternative was recently completed and drainage/SWM design is underway. Concept Review approval is expected by April 2017. The project is currently funded for design only.

2. US 1 from South Gate of University of Maryland (Regents Drive) to Sunnyside Avenue
Description: The proposed improvements include roadway widening along US 1, with two 11-foot inside travel lanes and a four-foot bicycle compatible shoulder in each direction to accommodate on-street bicyclists for Segments 2 and 3.
Status: Project planning was completed in November 2005. The US 1 Corridor improvements were broken into 3 project segments to facilitate implementation: Segment 1 – College Avenue to MD 193; Segment 2 – MD 193 to Hollywood Road; and Segment 3 – Hollywood Road to I-95 / I-495. Segment 1 (PG624_21), is fully funded for construction. Final design, right-of-way acquisition and construction phases for Segments 2 and 3 will proceed as funds become available.

3. I-95/I-495 Greenbelt Metro Access

Description: The proposed improvements include the construction of a full I-95/I-495 (Capital Beltway) interchange at Greenbelt Metro Station which will accommodate all movements and auxiliary lanes that extend from the proposed interchange to MD 201. Currently, access to Greenbelt Metro Station is only available from southbound I-95/I-495 and access from Greenbelt Metro Station is only available to northbound I-95/I-495.
Status: The project advertised in September 2015 as a Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) procurement process to aid in the development of the design, reduce costs and save time on construction. The GSA is anticipated to announce of the selection of the new site of the FBI headquarters in March 2017. The project is currently in design and is 85% complete. Final Review is expected to be held in April 2017 and construction is anticipated to start in the fall of 2017. The project is expected to be complete by the fall of 2020.

4. US 1 from College Avenue/Regents Drive to MD 193 Project
Description: The proposed improvements include roadway widening along US 1, with two 11-foot inside travel lanes and a four-foot bicycle compatible shoulder in each direction to accommodate on-street bicyclists. In addition, the existing five-lane section between Lakeland Road and MD 193 will be converted to a four-lane section with a raised landscaped median, varying in width between 6 and 16 feet. Turn lanes will be maintained at each intersection. All sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, driveway entrances and bicycle facilities will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Status: Design is approximately 90% complete and the right-of-way acquisition process is underway. The team is working on getting SWM approval and utility coordination. We expect utilities to start relocations this summer and anticipate a NTP date of 10/8/2018 for construction. The estimated open to traffic date is December 2021. The project is funded for design, right-of-way, utilities, and construction.

5. Sidewalk Project along east and west side US 1 from Cherokee Street to I 495/95
Status SHA’s Innovative Contracting Division is working with three remaining property owners to obtain Right-of-Entry Permits – Kubota, Azteca and the Animal Hospital. Construction can begin as soon as the remaining entry permits are obtained. ICD may be willing to adjust project limits to facilitate construction.

6. MD 430 at Rhode Island Avenue – Safety Improvements
Project design is complete. Will be constructed before the end of FY 2017.

Good Neighbor Day, 2017

Good Neighbor Day Flyer 2017

Another Eyesore Gone – City Plans to Build Gateway Park Soon

The old (eyesore building) at the corner of Edgewood Rd and Rt 1 is finally gone. The City plans to build the Gateway Park at the site soon. A few months ago the City also acquired a much-needed access to the park from the 47th place. Here are some pictures of the park that the Council approved earlier.



Paid Internship Opportunity – Hollywood History Project

The Mayor and Council of the City of College Park have an opportunity available for a college student(s) to capture the history of some of College Park’s oldest neighborhoods.  The goal of the project is to collect and preserve the important stories of our senior residents of the Daniels Park and Hollywood neighborhoods for future generations to learn about and treasure.

Daniels Park was developed as an early twentieth-century streetcar suburb located in northwestern Prince George’s County within the City of College Park.  The Hollywood neighborhood was built in the 1920s and 30s.  Both have a precious history and fewer and fewer residents around to tell it.

The Hollywood / Daniels Park Community Neighborhood History interns will work closely with the residents and the Council members to conduct original research, collect video oral histories, and archive historical materials. Through the Neighborhood History Project, the City will provide students and residents the opportunity to spend time learning their neighborhoods’ stories.


Tasks / Responsibilities:

Tasks of the project may include, but not limited to:

  • Research history of the Hollywood and Daniels Park neighborhoods from online and print sources;
  • Prepare a list of long-term residents who will be interviewed for the project. The City Council members and the local neighborhood associations will help connect with the potential residents.
  • Interview long term residents about changes that happened through the development of the neighborhood over the years;
  • Record oral interviews and collect photos, renderings, memorabilia and other collectibles, whenever possible;
  • Prepare a report with the findings; and
  • Archive the report, documents, photos, multimedia and other findings online and make them accessible to residents.


  • Strong communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and to prepare written and electronic documents. Ability to communicate orally, both in person and by telephone.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite Office. (Photoshop or another design tool is a plus!)
  • Organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.
  • Creative and Flexible.
  • Ability to plan, implement, evaluate and report activities conducted.
  • Website development skill is a plus
  • Preferred background in Marketing, Communication, non-profit management or another related discipline.

Applicants should complete the application found here and submit to Human Resources at humanresources@collegeparkmd.gov. For questions, please email or call 240-487-3533.