College Park 2017 MLK Tribute Celebration


Another Business May Soon Replace College Park REI

Thank you all for your support in our effort to keep REI in College Park. Unfortunately, as some of you’ve already heard REI has confirmed that they’ll move to their new location in DC. They also haven’t renewed their lease with the shopping complex owner, the “Carrolton Enterprises”. Based on my conversation with the Carrolton, the rent wasn’t an issue in their decision.

The loss of REI may be a sad news for a lot of us, but this also gives us an opportunity to see some quality businesses moving to the vacant area. I want to thank everyone for the ideas of those potential businesses in this thread.

Thankfully, I learned today that there is a very strong possibility of a “quality” business moving to REI’s vacant spot. The potential business is now working with the lease terms etc. If the deal works out, the Carrollton will share more information with the community. This may happen as early as in the next month or two. I’ve also advised the Carrolton to come to our civic association to talk more about the situation in the shopping complex. We’ll keep you all posted once that’s confirmed.

Thanks again for your concerns and patience.

North college Park Crime Map: December 5-11, 2016

12/10/20169:21 PM4800 Blk FOX STTHEFT FROM AUTO

BikeShare May Extend Beyond City Limit

At tonight’s Council meeting, Council will consider approving a Memorandum of Understanding that would be used with third parties seeking additional bike share locations and additional bikes outside of City limits.

The City and University entered into a contract with Zagster, Inc. to install and maintain a bikeshare system, now named mBike. The System launched in May, 2016, with fourteen stations. It was contemplated at the time of the contract that Additional Locations and Additional Bicycles would be included in the System, which might be added by the City or University, or at the request of a third party.

The contract makes provision for these additions in City limits, which would involve receipt of funding by the City and University to pay Zagster to install and maintain the Location and Bicycles at an appropriate site. Several requests for adding Locations and Bicycles have been received from third parties located outside of the City limits. The University and City staff met to discuss the terms under which these requests would be considered.

Zagster is agreeable to installing and maintaining these Locations and Bicycles under the current contract. The draft MOU is proposed as a template for future agreements with third parties, including other local governments that may be using grant funding. The term of the MOU is the same as the term of the contract with Zagster, which is three years from the Initial Launch date of May, 2016.

Council Plans to Study Police and Public Safety in College Park

Prince George's Police

Prince George’s Police

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will decide whether to approve award of a contract for a Public Safety and Police Services Study.

We often get asked by many residents about the prospect of establishing a police department in College Park, and thus we were very pleased to see the study item in the current budget.

$67,261 was allocated in the FY2017 budget to perform the study. The study as proposed will

  • Analyze the adequacy of police services currently provided in the City and making recommendation for alternatives
  • Assess the effectiveness of the City’s investment in security cameras
  • Identify potential means to improve crime prevention and public perception of safety, and
  • Explore the potential use of PG County’s Public Safety Communications (9-1-1) call center and other options for City emergency response during non-business hours.

I’m still trying to find out if the scope of work (SOW) will include the following:

  • It’s true that the SOW mentions the possibility of establishing a municipal police dept, but it appears that it will not study the cost of establishing it. The cost figures were in the 2007 Matrix report and our expectations were that the new study would update the figures in the 2007 Matrix report.
  • The 2007 report also studied the tax differential we’d be getting from the County if we establish our own police department. Will the current study look into this?
  • The scope talks about the police response time. These numbers will most likely include the response rate from both the PGPD and the contract police , and not only the PGPD. Unfortunately, without knowing the PGPD response time, it has been very difficult to assess their performance. Our residents actually spend a lot more on the PGPD than the contract police and it’s important to see we’re getting the best service for what our residents are paying!


City to Grant Award to Greenbelt Middle School

Back in November 2016, the City Council approved grant awards to 8 neighborhoods schools whose Education Grant applications had been recommended by the City’s Education Advisory Committee for approval.

Greenbelt Middle is eligible for a $7,500 grant award because of the high numbers of College Park students that attend Greenbelt Middle as their neighborhood school. Upon review of the school’s application, the Education Advisory Committee recommends an award of $7,500 to Greenbelt Middle for their College Awareness Project.

At this week’s meeting, the Council will consider approving the City Council award to Greenbelt Middle School for their College Awareness project.

UMD Community Gives Toys, Gifts to City Children

Thank you University of Maryland Department of Resident Life, UMD Panhellenic Association and all the #Terps that gave wonderful gifts to College Park children! Over 500 bags were stuffed with toys, clothes and more (including some hand-made blankets by Donna from Residents’ Life!) for children aged 0-18

City to Form Group Serving Seniors

At the next week’s meeting, the City Council will consider approving a resolution establishing a Seniors Committee.

The proposed Seniors Committee will be tasked with the development of a community-based volunteer neighborhood network, evaluation of needed resources for seniors, and identifying legislative priorities relating to the senior community.

It’s a great opportunity to serve our elderly neighbors in the community. They have given us so much in the past to build this community, and it’s our time to give it back to them. If you’re interested in joining the committee, please let me know. Thanks.

Tonight’s NCPCA Meeting – Potluck, Duvall Field and Coat Drive

NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

The December meeting of the North College Park Citizens Association is today, December 8, at 7:30 p.m.

The group is back at the Youth and Family Services Building, 4912 Nantucket Road.

Tonight’s agenda includes discussing improvements to Duvall Field (deferred from the November meeting), an update on the community garden and dog park, and a potluck! Bring a dish to share, and perhaps a neighbor too.

Also, the group likes to invite you to bring a coat to support the city’s One Warm Coat Drive. YFS is a collection site… let’s fill the boxes up!

City’s Financial Health ‘Sound’ – Auditors Report

At last night’s Council meeting, the SB & Company, the City’s auditors, presented the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for FY 16, a review of the City’s financial practices. The purpose of the CAFR is to ensure that there is minimal risk of or opportunity for fraud or material misstatement.

The auditor found that the City’s financial statements fairly present the financial position of the governmental activities of the City and its major funds, and that there were no material weaknesses in the City’s financial report.

The Report includes interesting information about the City’s financial health. Generally speaking, the City is in good financial health, with the total unreserved fund balance equaling 57.2% of the total General Fund expenditures for FY 2016, well above the stated goal in the City Charter of 25%.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

City May Get State Funds for Duvall Field Reconstruction Project

I attended College Park’s annual legislative dinner last night to talk about the second phase of the Duvall field reconstruction project. The dinner was attended by a number of representatives from the County, State and the Federal government.
Duvall Field, the largest City-owned park, is located along Rhode Island Avenue between Delaware Place and Blackfoot Place.  It is a multi-use facility with playing fields for football, soccer and softball, a children’s playground, a concession/restroom building and on-site parking.  The College Park Boys and Girls Club and the community at large are the major users of this centrally located and highly visible park.
The City has had the goal of renovating this facility for many years, but the high costs and lack of City funding have delayed the full initiation of the project.  The first phase, a new concession/restroom building and surrounding recreation plaza, will be completed in spring 2017.  Remaining phases include major renovation and upgrades of all playing fields and lighting, and replacement of the playground equipment. 
Thanks to Senator Jim Rosapepe for agreeing to support our request for the State funding of the second phase of the project. We’re also seeking funds from other sources for the second phase.

Honda Plans to Expand College Park Site

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will discuss a proposal from the College Park Honda, who is requesting approval of a Detailed Site Plan to construct a 10,238 square foot addition to the existing dealership’s automotive service center on a 3.14 acre site at 9400 Baltimore Avenue.

The Applicant proposes to construct a 10,238 square foot, one-story addition with 18 service bays at the rear of the existing building where the grade drops off sharply. This area will be filled and the slope re-graded to accommodate the addition, which will be 144 feet in width and 72 feet deep.

The building will be set back approximately 250 feet from the right-of-way of Baltimore Avenue. Due to this setback, and the existing canopy along the side of the building, visibility will be largely obscured from Baltimore Avenue.

The addition will be 29 feet high, which is slightly taller than the existing 27 feet high building. The addition will be accessed by the garage door to the existing service bay and an additional door provided along the façade of the addition. Have a peek at these guys for your garage door repair needs.

This will provide for more efficient traffic flow within the service area. Some of the area at the bottom of the slope currently used for parking (44 parking spaces) will be removed and converted to green space. The Planning Board is scheduled to hear this case on Thursday, December 15th. The M-NCPPC Technical Staff Report recommends approval with conditions.

North College Park Crime Map: Nov 29 – Dec 3, 2016

11/30/201610:11 AM5200 Blk PADUCAH RDTHEFT
11/29/20162:11 PM9800 Blk RHODE ISLAND AVETHEFT

Family Needs Help in Locating Lost Cat

North College Park residents Elizabeth and Brady have asked me to post this message. They lost their beloved cat Dani and need our help in finding her. Here is more they sent to me …

Name: Danni
Age: Approximately 6 years old
Spayed: Yes
Micro-chipped: No

Danni is not an outdoor cat and is likely to be quite skittish having made it out into the big world. She might respond to her name or a bag of treats. Unfortunately, she does not have her collar on. We believe she sneaked out our back door on Monday, November 28. We live in the Hollywood neighborhood of North College Park. If you see her, please please please call or text us at 732-887-9561.




WSSC Plans to Replace Water Mains in West Hollywood


The WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission) plans to replace waterlines in the west Hollywood area, particularly the area west of Rhode Island avenue. The affected areas will include Lackawanna Street, Muskogee Street, 47th Place, 48th Place, Mangum Road, Laguna Road and 49th Place. (please see the map below, which shows the streets that will eb affected)

The water mains in the Muskogee Street project area will be replaced with new ductile iron pipe, which will reduce the frequency of water main breaks. WSSC remains committed to providing its customers with a reliable supply of safe drinking water.

WSSC plans to meet with the community in the near future to discuss this project. Additional information is forthcoming.

WSSC will replace approximately 1.29 miles of water mains, fire hydrants and water service connections up to the property line as needed.

This project is necessary because the current water mains were installed in the 1940’s to1960’s and are nearing the end of their life cycle.

The WSSC maintains over 11,000 miles of water and sewer mains and after nearly a century of providing safe and reliable water and sewer service to the residents of Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, WSSC is facing the challenge of decaying infrastructure. In keeping with WSSC’s commitment to providing our customers with safe, quality water and wastewater service, we are renewing our aging infrastructure at of a rate of approximately 60 miles of water mains and 56 miles of sewer mains annually.

Project Schedule: The estimated schedule for the Muskogee Street project, as denoted below, is based on preliminary design and construction schedule. These dates may change based on issuance of permit or contracts. Inclement weather could affect the proposed project schedule.
 Estimated construction start: Spring 2018
 Estimated construction completion: Spring 2019
 Anticipated work hours: 8am to 5pm

Environmental Impacts and Important Information
 Water service may be interrupted for a few hours, while the new main is being connected. Customers will receive a 48-hour advance notification for service interruptions that last more than 8 hours.

 A 48-hour advance notification will be distributed to residents in the event of any parking restrictions and street closures.

 Some trees may have to be pruned or removed to accommodate the work. Residents will be notified prior to construction, if there is a need for any tree removal. All tree removal and pruning will be supervised by a WSSC Urban Forester.

 WSSC will restore the area when construction is completed.
Contact Information/Questions:
 Project Manager, David Venanzi 301-206-8556 or by e-mail at David.Venanzi@wsscwater.com and refer to Project No. BR6125A16.

 Contact the 24-Hour Emergency Call Center at 301-206-4002, in the event of a water or sewer emergency.  WSSC Projects Map: https://gis.wsscwater.com/inyourneighborhood | Facebook: www.facebook.com/WSSCWater
Twitter: @WSSCWaterNews