Fed Approves $390 million for New FBI Headquarters

According to this Washington Post article, Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski (D-Md.) has secured $390 million for a new FBI headquarters as part of the spending agreement that was negotiated by Democrats and Republicans in Congress.

Post writes:

The agency is in the first stages of relocating from the aging J. Edgar Hoover Building downtown to a new suburban campus.

The search for a new home began three years ago, and three potential sites have been chosen — two in Maryland and one in Virginia.

Mikulski and her fellow Maryland lawmakers have been pushing vociferously for their state to land the headquarters and the 11,000 workers it would hold. State officials have promised to invest millions in road improvements to bring the FBI to Greenbelt or Landover in Prince George’s County, rather than to Springfield, Va.

The money secured in the budget negotiations, however, would be available regardless of where the new headquarters is built.

Invocation and Benediction from Swearing-in Ceremony

Please see below the full text of the Invocation and benediction of last week’s Council’s swearing-in ceremony. Thanks to Mayor Wojahn for sharing the text.


Tonight, we come with hearts deeply thankful for all the gifts we have;
We are thankful to those who have helped us get to where we are, and we are thankful to our current city council members and mayor for all their hard labor, and all their endeavors for our city

Indeed we all come from many places, backgrounds, ethnicities, and by many paths. Yet tonight we all come here inspired by a singular mission….
To struggle for the well-being of all those who inhabit this beloved city we call home

As our newly elected mayor and city council members assume their new responsibilities to lead our city

May they be empowered to bear their responsibility of leadership with utmost integrity, courage, and humility

May we always see in them dedication to service and may they always see in us and willingness to give them support

May they be inspired with courage, wisdom and compassion that they may stand in solidarity with the needy and the poor, defeat prejudice, and unify our city
May they be guided to know and to do what is right, to challenge and defy anything, anything at all, that would diminish justice in this city, in this land and in the world

May we all view this remarkable moment as an invitation to move forward with purpose and intension with the work of repairing a world filled with injustice, hate, and intolerance,

May we understand that we can never become enlightened, Until we become occupied not with being right but with lifting the lives of people around us and healing our families and communities.

May our intentions be sincere, our labor selfless, and may our beautiful city become a shining example for all to follow ………. AMEN


For every ending, there’s a beginning
For every memory, there’s a dream ahead
As we conclude this inauguration ceremony,
May we forever be in awe of all that had to happen in our lives to be here … right now

May we walk the walk of compassion, and bring compassion to the center of our lives

May we cultivate the capacity to see the humanity and dignity of those who disagree with us, and to treat all people, no matter how different, with the reverence they deserve

May we live a purpose bigger than ourselves, understanding that when we do, you and I will begin to transcend our limitations and discover ourselves to be far greater than we have ever imagined.

May we recognize that our lives will be measured not by the titles we carry, but by the number of hearts we heal and the lives we transform

May we be vigilant, such that in our toil and labor of service, our hearts don’t become hardened, our eyes don’t become blind, that we don’t forget where we came from nor neglect those we are meant to serve
May we realize that change doesn’t magically happen; That everything worthy requires effort and sacrifice; That in order to accomplish things we’ve never accomplished; To become people we’ve never been, we must make sacrifices we’ve never made and do things we’ve never done.

May we always be mindful that that the thoughts we dwell on become us, and that everything you and I put out into the world is going to come back. Indeed what you do unto others, it will be done unto you… even more …

May we walk away from this gathering determined to find ways to an inspired life; Absorb the inspiration of others; and become an inspiration.

May we all walk away with the will and courage to move beyond ourselves and leave our noble mark on our beloved community, city, nation, and all of earth


Live Smart Eat Local With City Manager Scott Somers

The next College Park Live Smart Eat Local event features new City Manager Scott Somers! Hear about College Park’s new leader and eat some great local Italian food!

What: Live Smart Eat Local w/College Park City Manager Scott Somers
When: Wednesday, December 16, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Mamma Lucia Pizza and Pasta, 4734 Cherry Hill Rd., College Park


WSSC Plans Sewer Rehabilitation on 52nd Pl. This Week

WSSC has begun their planned rehabilitation of the sewer main under 52nd Place. The sewer main is being relined so there will be no excavations. The Contractor will be working from Sewer manhole to sewer manhole. The project limits are Odessa Road to Mineola Road. Much of the work will be performed under the beltway. Homeowners should have been given 48 Hours notification if their sewer will be affected. The work is expected to be completed by 12/18/15. (See below for illustration)


SHA Plans to Widen Beltway in North College Park

Last Wednesday evening, I attended a meeting on SHA’s (the State Highway Administration) Greenbelt Metro interchange project on I-495 beltway. The 3.2 mile long project spans the portion of beltway between Rt 1 and the I-295, however the main focus of the project is to build a full interchange at the Greenbelt Metro allowing easy access between the Greenbelt Metro and east side of beltway. It appears that the interchange development is related to the proposed FBI development at Greenbelt, however the SHA is saying that the interchange project will move ahead regardless of whether FBI moves to Greenbelt or not.

As part of the plan, the SHA wants to widen the inner and outer loops of beltway in north College Park, roughly between Rt 1 and Greenbelt station. SHA plans to build one extra lane (about 10 ft wide) in both inner and outer loops. It means that the existing sound barriers will come closer to the houses in Sunnyside neighborhood, and also near Ontario Rd and Niagara Place. According to SHA, the 70% design of this project will be completed in sometime next month, however actual construction of the widening will not start in about 10 years. The widening project is in phase 2 of the larger project and its construction will start the construction of the interchange at Greenbelt (phase 1 of the project).

You can find more information about the project here on SHA’s website.

I’ll keep you posted as we hear more about the project. I’ve also requested to have a discussion at the NCPCA in February.

Greenebelt Interchange - College Park

Indian Creek and Proposed FBI Development at Greenbelt

I took a tour today to see the wooded area next to the Indian Creek stream, where the fence of the proposed FBI site at Greenbelt will be located. This area is currently owned by the State of Maryland and the public has full access to it. Here are some the pictures I took of the area.

According to GSA’s EIS (Environmental Impact Study) report, about 2 acres of this area will be impacted.

“Over the long term, the operation of a consolidated FBI HQ campus would result in permanent clearing of approximately 2 acres of existing vegetation adjacent to the currently paved portion of the site. The vegetation removed would mostly consist of grasses, shrubs and saplings; however, clearing of full-grown trees may be required depending on final design requirements.”

We’re working to see how we can suggest mitigating the impact.

Tonight’s NCPCA Meeting: Elections and FBI EIS Report and Holiday Party

NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month, and thus the day when we have our monthly NCPCA meeting.

The meeting will start with the election of the new president and treasurer. Thanks to the outgoing president Ms. Cook who has recently been elected as a District 4 council member.

The members will also discuss the Environmental Impact Study (ESI) of the Greenbelt site. The GSA is asking for the input on the study by January 6, 2016.

And finally, the members will join a holiday party. Please bring a dish if you can.

As usual the meeting will start at 7:30pm at Davis Hall. See you all there.

Holiday Planes and Trains at the Airport Museum


New White Bike Stencils on Neighborhood Streets

Some of you have asked about the white bike stencils on Edgewood Rd and Hollywood Rd.

The project was funded by the Maryland Bike Way Grant project, which was administered through SHA. In FY 2013 the City spent $30,000 in painting stencils in some parts of old town. In FY2016 the City was awarded $75,000 which is now being implemented in Hollywood, Berwyn, Lakeland, and Calvert Hills. In Hollywood, the stencils will be painted mainly on streets (such as Edgewood and Hollywood) connecting Route 1 from Rhode Island Avenue.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!
Bike Stencils

New Council to Swear-In Tonight

Tonight, a new City Council will swearing-in for the 2016-2017 Council session. Congratulations to our new Mayor (and my District 1 colleague) Mr. Wojahn, returning council members Christine Nagle, Mary Cook, and new Council member Dustyn Kuwava. Also, my sincere thanks to outgoing Council members Denise Mitchell, Alan Hew, and former Mayor Andrew Fellow.

Here is how tonight’ s Council meeting and swearing-in will go. The meeting will satrt at 7:30pm at the City Hall. Hope to see you all there.

INVOCATION: Imam Tarif Shraim, University of Maryland’s Muslim Chaplain

SALUTE TO THE FLAG: Led by Mayor Andrew M. Fellows

15-R-29 Adoption of 15-R-29, the final Resolution in CEO-2015-02 (Cruz Development Corporation) reversing the recommendation of the APC



  • Mayor Fellows to  Councilmember Alan Hew and Councilmember Denise Mitchell
  • Mayor-elect Wojahn to Mayor Fellows


  • Councilmember Alan Hew
  • Councilmember Denise Mitchell



by the Honorable Sydney Harrison, Clerk of the Circuit Court

SWEARING-IN OF THE 2015 – 2017 CITY COUNCIL: Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn




  • Councilmember Christine Nagle
  • Councilmember Mary C. Cook
  • Councilmember Dustyn Kujawa

ADDRESS: Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn
BENEDICTION: Imam Tarif Shraim, University of Maryland’s Muslim Chaplain

North College Park Crime Map: Nov 25 – Dec 5, 2015

Please see below last week’s crime map and let me know if you have any questions.

Stolen Vehicle

[11/25/15]STLVEH15:1016:269300 Blk CHERRY HILL RD
[11/29/15]STLVEH02:0202:5410100 Blk BALTIMORE AVE
[12/01/15]STLVEH18:4119:164900 Blk HOLLYWOOD RD,


Breaking and Entering

[11/29/15]BREAKR23:5301:179600 Blk MILESTONE WAY



[11/25/15]THEFT12:4013:09SHOPPERS FOOD
[12/02/15]THEFT15:1016:5610200 Blk BALTIMORE AVE,
[12/05/15]BREAKR00:0801:099300 Blk  CHERRY HILL RD


Theft from auto

[11/29/15]THEFTA10:5711:379500 Blk 48TH AVE

Food Bank Donations at College Park Community Library

The College Park Community Library is collecting food for the College Park Community Food Bank through Dec. 17th.

Please drop off non perishable food items during library hours.
Mon-Tue-Wed evenings 7-8:30
Tue-Thurs afternoons 1-4:00
Wed mornings 10-1:00
Sat. mornings 10-1:00


Tomorrow at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market…

Please see below tomorrow’s Hollywood Farmers’ Market newsletter.

Vol. 1 Issue 30 – We’re Back!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a weekend with family and friends.  The weather may be a little chilly but we will be back to the market this weekend!  Stop by between 9:00 and 1:00 to pick up your much needed fresh produce, breads and meats!  Looking for a gift for the holidays?Our craft vendors have unique, hand made items that would be great for a neighbor, teacher or family member.Melissa Sites from the College Park Arts Exchange will preform Christmas Carols on Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.Please join in and sing along to great holiday classics!  From 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Double Sharp will play more Christmas classics.Groff’s Content will have preorders for goose for the holidays.  They will also have chicken and turkey stock (prepared by Geppetto Catering) for sale.


Thank you to all who contributed to our canned food drive!  Our community does so much for those who are less fortunate. You really do make a difference!

Speaking of- want to continue to give but need to save some money?  The College Park Lions Club is hosting a blood drive on Monday, December 7, 2015 from 3:00 until 7:00 p.m.  The drive will take place in the same area as the market.  Check out the flyer at the market table for more information.

Who doesn’t like Toys for Tots?  Don’t we all love our mighty Terps?  If you want to donate a toy but don’t know where to go consider donating at either the Women’s basketball game against Central Connecticut State this Saturday or the Men’s basketball game against Maryland Eastern Shore next Saturday.  The Terps are in competition against Penn State to see who can collect the most toys.  More details are at the market table.

Now onto who will be at the market:

This week’s vendors include:
Calvert Farm: Produce and fruits
Groff Content Farm: Meat, eggs and cheeses
Roy and RT’s Garden and Kitchen: Prepared Indonesian cuisine and vegetables
El Taco Loco: Prepared Mexican dishes
Alcoba Coffee: Guatemalan coffee by the pound and by the cup
Crest Hill Bakery: Bread and desserts
Designed Naturally: Natural bead jewelry
Inge’s Crochet Selections: Crochet made items
Dell-icious Popcorn: Flavored Popcorn
A Little Pottery: Pottery
Morning Glory: Honey
Dicot Farm: Produce
Christiane’s Designs: Knits for Babies and Adults

Calvert Farms will bring Christmas Trees to sell

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Our mailing address is:

Council Approves Legislation Offering Tax Relief for Renters

The Washington Post is reporting that the Prince George’s County Council has unanimously approved legislation establishing a Renters’ Property Tax Relief Supplement for low-income residents. The law will allow qualified renters to receive financial assistance from the county.

To qualify, residents must apply for the state’s Renters’ Tax Credit program, which is open to renters age 60 and older or those who are 100 percent disabled and who live on a fixed, low income. Under the new legislation, county residents will receive the state tax credit, as well as a supplement from the county, which will be 50 percent of what is allotted from the state.

For information about the program, visit princegeorgescountymd.legistar.com, click on the “Legislative/Zoning Items” tab near the top of the page and search for “tax relief.”

Council Discusses GSA Report on FBI’s Possible Site at Greenbelt

At last night’s Council meting, the City Council discussed GSA’s Environmental Impact Study (EIS) about the Greenbelt site as the possible headquarter. The Council formed a working subcommittee to study the report further. Please see below the initial report staff prepared about EIS report.

The U. S. General Services Administration (GSA) released a DEIS and Notice of Public Hearings for the FBI Headquarters Consolidation. The three sites under consideration are located in Springfield (Franconia warehouse complex), Greenbelt (Metro Station area) and Landover (former Landover Mall) and public hearings have been scheduled in the vicinity of each site.

The Greenbelt site public hearing will be held on December 8, 2015 from 6:00 to 8:30p.m. at the Greenbelt Branch Library. Written public comments on the DEIS must be postmarked no later than January 6, 2016. The full report may be viewed at http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/192223. A preferred alternative is not identified in the DE IS but will be in the final EIS. The GSA is also engaged in a concurrent process of identifying potential development teams

The FBI Consolidation involves both the acquisition of a new permanent location for the FBI Headquarters and the exchange of the current FBI Headquarters located in the J. Edgar Hoover (JEH) building in Washington D.C. Conceptual site plans have been developed for each site with a security zone to comply with Level 5 security requirements. The building program calls for construction of a campus-like facility for 11 ,400 workers that includes the following components:

  • Main Building or a series of buildings 2,349,000 GSF
  • Visitor Center 60,000 GSF
  • Truck Inspection Facility 9.000 GSF
  • Utilities and Infrastructure up to 128,000 GSF
  • Parking Structures (1or more) 3,600-7,300 spaces
  • Visitor Parking Lot 135-323 spaces

During the scoping phase of the EIS process, the city provided comments to the GSA, The DEIS evaluates the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts of the project for each site alternative and the indirect impacts of the future development at JEH. It also evaluates a no-action alternative where the FBI does not relocate or consolidate operations. This alternative is a baseline for comparative purposes that look at the consequences of continuing to operate under current conditions versus the proposed project. The federal government is required to “restore and enhance the quality of the human environment and avoid or minimize any possible adverse effects of their actions on the quality of the human environment.” The report covers 38 different resource topics and indicates whether there will be no measurable impact, adverse impact, major adverse impact or beneficial impact.

This review will focus on the Greenbelt site alternative and the resource topics where significant or major adverse impacts were identified as well as where adverse impacts were found that require mitigation. A determination of significance under NEPA requires consideration of both the context and intensity of an impact. For the no-action alternative, the Greenbelt site assumes that the north core of Greenbelt Station will be built out based on previous approvals that enable up to 800 residences, 1.4 million GSF of retail, 1.86 million GSF of office space and two hotels with 550 rooms. The federal regulations do not allow for analysis of proposed improvements that have not been entitled under local land use laws therefore proposed mixed-use development by Renard to the west of the FBI site is not considered in the DEIS.

Visual Resources
Future development, whether it is from Greenbelt Station north core approvals or the proposed project, will result in densities and building heights significantly higher than existing surrounding development which is less than three stories. This would result in direct, long-term, major adverse impacts related to the aesthetics of the area. The DE IS assumes a maximum building height for the FBI main building of 17 stories (225 feet) that would alter the existing skyline. Tree line buffers are expected to lessen the view from the Hollywood neighborhood however a lighting study performed indicates that a long-term adverse effect from on-site lighting may be expected. A shadow analysis
performed shows impact on adjacent proposed mixed-use development to the west but no impact to Hollywood.

Comment: The approved Greenbelt Metro Area and MD 193 Corridor Plan calls for building heights within 250 feet of the Metro Green Line to be 4-8 stories and for the rest of the north core to range from 4-12 stories. The plan also acknowledges that taller buildings may be appropriate or necessary to accommodate a GSA campus or signature building. The city is on record opposing building heights over 12 stories in the north core. Rather than a single 17 story building, the GSA should design more than one building and provide cut-off lighting to minimize this impact.

Public Transit
While no measurable impacts to Metrorail capacity were found, Metrobus operations are expected to experience indirect, long-term major adverse impacts under the no-action alternative and direct, long-term, major adverse impacts under the proposed project.

While no capacity issues were found on individual routes, bus operation delays are anticipated along Edmondson Road. During construction, lane closures and construction vehicles are also expected to cause short-term impacts. Comment: The half-mile study area excludes most city routes. Other buses serving the area such as The Bus and Shuttle UM were also excluded.

The traffic analysis in the DEIS relied on information obtained from the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) under the Greenbelt Site Transportation Agreement. This agreement established the study area, trip generation rates, trip distribution, modal split and analysis methods. Major indirect and long-term adverse impacts were found under the no-action alternative and direct, long-term major adverse impacts were found under the proposed project. In addition, there would be direct short-term adverse impacts during construction. For the no-action option, the corridor that would experience these impacts is Edmonston Road between Powder Mill Road and Cherrywood Lane in the pm peak hours. Intersections impacted are Edmonston Road and Sunnyside Avenue during the am peak hour and Cherrywood Lane and Ivy Lane during both peak hours. For the build condition, the FBI is forecasted to generate 1,025 inbound vehicle trips and 75 outbound trips during the am peak hour and 49 inbound and 966 outbound during the pm peak hour. An analysis of signalized intersections shows that Edmonston Road and Sunnyside Avenue and Edmonston Road and Powder Mill Road would operate with overall unacceptable conditions during the pm peak hour.

Comment:  Based on the site trip distribution showing the majority of traffic (78%) generated from 1-95/495 north and south of the site, the study area does not address local roadways or intersections in College Park. Traffic on the interstate network obviously impacts College Park and the DEIS relies on SHA to determine the solutions for the failing interstate ramps between Route 1 and Baltimore Washington Parkway. A fatal flaw in the traffic analysis may be the allocation of 47.33% of all new trips created to metro or commuter rail trips. This is a very high number that does not seem to be validated by experience especially at an end station.

Natural Gas
Washington Gas is the sole natural gas purveyor serving the region and there is currently no service on site. One of the closest mains is a 4-inch pipe on Lackawanna Street. For the proposed project, there would be direct, short-term, major adverse impacts due to the need to extend transmission pressure service to the site from an existing source. It is anticipated that this would require crossing 1-495. Comment: There is likely to be a long-term indirect benefit of increased service to current and future customers. College Park is not likely to be negatively impacted.