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25th Annual College Park Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

WHEN: SATURDAY, JANUARY 16, 2016 , 2:00-4:00 P.M.

The theme for 2016 is “The Time is Always Right…to do what is right.” Please join us for our 25th annual tribute to Dr. King, featuring musical, dance and literary reflections on Dr. King’s dream of peace and unity.

This grass-roots, community-based event highlights the extraordinary talent in our collective community. Sponsored by the City of College Park, the University of Maryland, and the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

For further information, please call 240-487-3570.

Council to Discuss Improving Noise Board Hearing Procedure

During recent meetings of the Noise Control Board (NCB), Board members discussed several issues which they believe may impact the effectiveness and efficiency of Board hearings. They wish to discuss these with the City Council.

The NCB conducts administrative hearings as authorized by the City Code, Chapter 138, Noise. The Chairman of the NCB, Alan Stillwell, met with the Council Tuesday, September 22, 2015 during the Council’s review of Boards and Committees. Mr. Stillwell reviewed the function of the NCB and the hearing protocol they follow.

Mr. Stillwell advised the Council that the NCB would be following up with some recommendations for Council consideration. At subsequent NCB meetings, the following issues were discussed and detennined that they would be presented to the Council for consideration.

1. Discus the possibility and feasibility of raising fines.
Currently the state imposed limit to municipal Infraction fines is $1,000. The City noise code violation fine structure is $500 for first offense, and $1 ,000 for repeat violations within any 6 month period. The NCB is authorized to reduce the fine for a first offense, using the criteria the Council has established in Chapter 138. A person found to responsible for a violation by the NCB may appeal the municipal infraction to the District Court. Judges often reduce municipal infraction fines.

2. Request that the City Attorney determine whether social media advertising by a third party may be used as a valid defense; and, whether criminal, or other, charges may be brought for use of social media to generate a large uncontrolled party. Similar to charges of “inciting a riot”, could a charge of “tweeting a mob” be brought?
A trend has been noted by the NCB, of persons accused of a noise code violation resulting from a large party claiming that their party was posted on social media by an unauthorized person or attendee at their party. The NCB has continually admonished the accused that they are still responsible and should be the first one to call police for assistance in quieting the party and dispersing uninvited guests.

3. Should the NCB rules and procedures recess an administrative hearing, and dismiss the case immediately, when there are not two credible witnesses to testify?
The NCB has experienced scheduled hearings where only one actual witness to the event under consideration is in attendance. Other witnesses to other events at the same location may come to testify, but the NCB must focus on the specific incident noted in the complaint, not any other undocumented events. In these situations the NCB has continued to hear testimony, but transitions to a mediation process rather than a hearing to determine responsibility for a violation.

4. Chapter 138-6, E, should be revised and clarified, to include criteria for referral of a property owner to the County Nuisance Abatement Board.
The process described in this section has not been implemented in the past 20 years and the BOHH was replaced by the APC for these kinds of hearings. The process, described in the Code, would require the combination of three actual violations verified and determined by the NCB or District Court trial, not merely complaints received. It is unlikely to achieve three confirmed violations within a twelve month period due to common use of the appeals process. Further, revocation of the City Residential Occupancy Pennit may not achieve the immediate results expected by the complainants. It would not, for example, result in immediate eviction of tenants. The NCB discussed the possibility of using the County Nuisance Control Board process and establishing more achievable criteria, such as five violations in five consecutive years for a specific property.

5. Initiate a public awareness campaign to promote the responsibility of party sponsors to call police when their party is crashed by uninvited guests, and to avoid uninvited guests as the result of social media.
Efforts to promote this information will include use of City sponsored public information, including annual “Knock and Talk” visits to likely party houses, property owner assistance, and any other means of distribution available. A post spring break 2016 campaign is anticipated.

Police Searches For Missing North College Park Teen

missingteenThe Prince George’s County Police Department is asking for our community’s help to find a missing teenage girl. She’s 14-year-old Karen Sandoval.

Karen was last seen on December 20th at around 5:00 am in the 9700 block of 51st Avenue in College Park.

Karen is 5’6”, 160 lbs, with brown eyes and black hair. She was last seen wearing a gray shirt, black pants.

Anyone with information on where we can find her, please call our Regional Investigation Division – Northern Region at 301-699-2601
[Source: PGPolice Blog]

Update [December 31, 2015]: Our police has just told us that the missing teen ( Ms. Sandoval ) has been found in good health.

County Police to Get New Leadership in District 1

Effective January 10, 2016, Captain Addis and Maj. Weishaar will be transferred to new assignments and District-I will be getting a new Commander and Assistant Commander. Captain Addis will be assigned to the Bureau of Patrol at Headquarters and I will be the Commander of the Special Investigations Division.

The new District-I Commander will be Major Bill Alexander and the Assistant Commander will be Captain Rosa Guixens. They are both excellent commanders and rest assured, you and your communities will still be in good hands.

Maj. Weishaar had the following to say about the new leadership: “I have enjoyed working with everyone during my tenure at District-I and we have established some great relationships. We have seen a significant crime reduction in District-I and this was only possible with the strong support from you and your communities.”

North College Park Crime Map: December 20-26, 2015

Stolen Vehicle

[12/24/15]STLVEH18:5419:469900 Blk RHODE ISLAND AVE,
[12/24/15]STLVE119:0020:48BUFFALO WILD WINGS, 10240 Baltimore Ave,



[12/22/15]Assault11:2211:585100 Blk  NIAGARA PL,


Theft from auto

[12/23/15]THEFTA06:3507:28SUPER 8 MOTEL, 9150 Baltimore Ave,

Save the Date: 2016 Green Summit


December ’15 – January ’16 Leaf Collection Calendar

Dec15-Jan16 Leaf Collection

Police Seeks Help in Downtown Robberies

Police is reporting four reports of burglary near the University of Maryland campus. They all happened yesterday and Tuesday.

According to Police, in three of the cases, unknown perpetrators entered the residences through unsecured rear windows. In one case, access was made to the house by breaking a rear window. Several items of value were stolen from each location, which were unoccupied during the time of the incidents.

The offenses occurred at the following locations and during time frames listed:
12/19/2015 – 12/23/2015 4800 Block Norwich Road
12/21/2015 – 12/22/2015 5000 Block Norwich Road
12/22/2015 – 12/23/2015 7500 Block Dartmouth Road
12/23/2015 – 12pm – 1:30 pm 8300 Block Potomac Avenue

The Prince George’s County Police Department is conducting an investigation. Individuals with any information regarding this incident or the possible identity of suspects are encouraged to contact police (911 or 301-352-1200).

Spay-Neuter Initiative Extended by One Year

The the grant which provides free spay and neutering services to City residents has been extended.

This was possible after the grant from the Maryland Department of Agriculture has been extended one year, so we will be able to continue this program through 2016.

Perhaps some will have received the gift of a pet this season. Please refer questions to our animal control officer mVivian Cooper at ( ) for information on how to obtain these free services. Staff will add an announcement in the next bulletin.

College Park – Facts and Figures

City’s Planning department has recently created a new “Facts & Figures” page on the city’s website. The page provides information about College Park demographics, employers, labor market and commercial real estate.

Here are some important facts:

  • Population: 30,573
  • Median Age: 22.6
  • Average Household Income: $75,892 (USA: $74,699)
  • Unemployment Rate: 5.8%
  • Median Home Value: $273,957 (USA: $200,006)
  • Total Number of Businesses in College Park: 1,029
  • Total Number of Employees: 31,660

You can get the get the detailed report by clicking on this link

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