City’s Board of Election Supervisors (BOES) finished counting the absentee and provisional ballots last evening and gave the Council the final election results. Here is the Council vote counts. A big THANKS to you all for your help in putting me to the top among all 16 council candidates.

S. M. Fazlul Kabir (D1 Winner) 702
Christine Nagle (D1 Winner) 570
Stephanie E. Stullich (D3 Winner) 422
Robert W. Day (D3 Winner) 393
John B. Rigg (D3) 380
Ryan T. Belcher (D3) 370
Mary C. Cook (D4 Winner) 184
Cory C. Fitzgerald Sanders (D1) 170
P. J. Brennan (D2 Winner) 169
Dustyn Burkart Kujawa (D4 Winner) 165
Monroe S. Dennis (D2 Winner) 143
Alan Y. Hew (D4) 131
Daniel C. Blasberg, Jr. (D2) 83
Vivian M. Conway (D2) 68
Oscar E. Gregory (D4) 47
Robert J. McCeney (D3) 40