Walk and Talk with Police – June 27, 2014

Please join us for a Walk and Talk meeting with our police on June 27 at 6:30pm. Please see below for details and spread the word.

Help Flash Flood Victims in Berwyn Heights

Recent flash floods caused severe damage to the homes of many of our neighbors in Berwyn Heights. The town has created a Berwyn Heights Flood Recovery account where you may donate online to help. Donations also may be sent by check to “Town of Berwyn Heights Flood Recovery” at 5700 Berwyn Road, Berwyn Heights, MD 20740. The Town will acknowledge the receipt of all donations, which may be deductible for income tax purposes. Please go to City’s website: http://berwyn-heights.com/ and click on the DONATE button to give.

Tomorrow at the Hollywood Farmers Market

Please see below this week’s Hollywood Farmers Market newsletter. See you all tomorrow.

A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors 

So far this year we have received contributions from the following north College Park businesses, and we appreciate the services they provide in our neighborhood.

• Gailes Violin
• Terrapin Care Center
• The Bamboo Eater
• MOM’s Organic Market
• New York Deli
• Proteus Bicycles
• Pizza Roma
• Behnke’s

Grass-Fed: The Healthier Choice 

By Lynne Ferguson, Ferguson Family Farm

The fat from 100 percent grass-fed beef contains a healthier “fatty acid profile,” which includes an abundance of omega-3 and omega-6. Omega-3, in particular, has many health benefits, and one is that it lowers inflammation, which contributes to diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and coronary artery disease.

In 100 percent grass-fed beef, omega-3 is twice as high as omega-6 hence lowering inflammatory markers. In contrast, corn-fed beef contains a reduced level of omega-3 and elevated levels of omega-6, which skyrockets up to two times higher than the normal levels. Our bodies do not know what to do with this unnatural ratio of omega-3 and omega 6. The outcome is higher inflammatory markers.

If you are one of my customers, you have heard me encouraging you to ask questions: Why does grain elevate the omega-6 fatty acid and reduce the omega-3 in the cattle? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) found the answer! Its research showed that the gut biome or bacteria colonies in the cattle gastrointestinal tract changed due to the unnatural diet of corn.

In summary, get to know your farmers and the products they raise, and ask questions. Your health depends on it.


Buy Local: Reason 4

You enhance your family’s health and safety.

Locally grown food retains more nutrients and is less likely to cause food-borne illnesses than food that is shipped from far away. Buying local enables you to choose farmers who may avoid or reduce their use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified seed. (Source: buy-local-challenge.com)

Market Offers Options for Father’s Day Gifts!  

Furniture, pottery, coffee, and desserts are just a few of the items available at the Hollywood Farmers Market that could be a great gift for Dad this Sunday.

You could purchase a bag of coffee beans from the Coffee Barn along with a sweet from Upper Crust Bakery, Heavenly Created Desserts, and/or Tiffany’s Oven for starters. After grinding the beans and making the coffee, pour it into a handmade mug you’ve purchased from Diana Little (A Little Pottery). And if you had planned ahead, Dad could then relax on an Adirondack chair from 49th Avenue Furniture.

If Dad is not a morning person, cook him a fine meal. Stop by one, or both, of our meat vendors— Ferguson Family Farm and Legacy Manor Farm. From our produce vendors, you can find fresh, local vegetables and fruit to complete the meal.

This week’s Vendors

1. Upper Crust Bakery
2. Tiffany’s Oven
3. Pleitez Farm
4. Legacy Manor Farm
5. Heavenly Created Desserts
6. Calvert Farm
7. Morning Glory Farm
8. Ferguson Family Farm
9. Designed Naturally
10. Chic Expressions
11. Red Chimney Flower Farm
12. Tuckey’s Mountain Grown
13. Roy and RT’s Kitchen and Garden
14. Wood Doctor
15.  Tiffany’s Oven
16. Christiane’s Knits and Gardens
17. Phil’s Dills
18. 49th Ave, Furniture
19. Coffee Barn
20. A Little Pottery

Hollywood Farmers Market is located at the Hollywood Shopping Center (near REI) on Saturdays from 9am to 1 pm. Email: Hollywoodmarketcp@gmail.com. Phone: (301) 659 – 6295 Like us on the FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/hollywoodmarket
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Tonight’s NCPCA Meeting: Election, Planning Update and More..

NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of June, and thus the day for our monthly NCPCA meeting. Today’s meeting is also the last meeting before the NCPCA goes to the summer recess for 2 months.

Here is a brief summary of what the members will discuss.

The meeting will start with a presentation by College Park Planning Department’s Director Ms. Terry Schum. Ms. Schum will provide an overview of development projects in our area.

Then the members will elect the NCPCA body. Thanks to the outgoing president John Krouse for doing an excellent job. The nominees for the 2014-2015 body include:

Chris Nagel, President
Arthur Eaton, Vice President
Jackie Pearce-Garrett-Treasurer
Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Nominees will present their vision for NCPCA, and then we will elect Officers for the next year.

There will be also a presentation: College Park Foundation. Dave Milligan will information about activities of the College Park Community Foundation.

Members will also discuss Greenbelt Metro – I-495 Highway Ramp Reconstruction Plans. Update regarding College Park letter to SHA, recent developer plans for FBI, possible NCPCA action.

as usual, the meeting will start at 7:30pm, at Davis Hall.

On the Path to Zero Waste – Learn How to Build an Environmental Strategy for a Sustainable Economy

On June 12, 2014, please attend a workshop at the City Hall, to explore strategies that cities, counties and communities may pursue to advance zero waste – an economic and environmental strategy essential to building a sustainable economy.

The workshop will be organized by Urban Ore. Founded in the 1980s in Berkeley, California, Urban Ore is operated by dozens of workers and generates millions of dollars in revenue by diverting thousands of tons of valuable resources from landfills annually. In addition to serving its immediate customers, Urban Ore serves as a key link in a regional supply chain for scores of reuse stores in the San Francisco Bay area.

The event is also co-hosted by The Committee For A Better Environment, Waste Prince George’s, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Community Research, Simplicity Matters Earth Institute, the Greenbelt Climate Action Network, the Chesapeake Sustainable Business Council, and their partners.

This special program is part of a speaking tour organized by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and its local partners to celebrate the Institute’s 40th anniversary.

RSVPs are useful and welcome, but not required (please email to: greg@community-research.org ). The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. with registration & conversation. The presentation will start at 7:00 p.m., followed by a Q&A and Discussion

Heavy Rain and Flooding Hit College Park

Car on Paint Branch Pkwy near the bridge (Source, Prince George's Co Fire Dept)

Car on Paint Branch Pkwy near the bridge (Source, Prince George’s Co Fire Dept)

I am at the Maryland Municipal League conference, where we learned that a flash flood has hit some part of downtown College Park. It appears that north College Park has not experienced severe flooding.

According tithe Washington Post, the flood submerged busy traffic corridors and trapped some motorists, according to the National Weather Service and local emergency officials.

The weather service has issued a flash flood warning in central Prince George’s County and in Washington. A flash flood watch was issued for much of central Maryland, including the Baltimore region, though late Tuesday night.

Police in Washington reported high standing water along Route 295, while the Prince George’s County Fire Department reported flooding in Berwyn Heights and College Park.

Mark Brady, a spokesman for the department, posted on Twitter that the hardest hit area was the 8900 block of 59th Avenue in Berwyn Heights, where homes and roads were flooded.

Brady posted an image on Twitter of two vehicles stuck in high water on Paint Branch Parkway in College Park, and reported a fallen tree on top of another vehicle on Central Avenue in Largo. Others posted images of high water on Route 295.

The College Park Fire Department reported conducting “numerous water rescues,” also via Twitter.

No injuries had been reported as of 11:30 a.m.

The county fire department set up an area command unit in College Park to organize its response to the flooding and calls for assistance from motorists.

Traffic was slowed on many area roadways as the intense rain moved through the area. Brady reported the rains had stopped for the time being about 11 a.m., and that the water was receding.

Can College Park Adopt D.C’s Vacant Property Tax Law?

D.C.’s vacant property tax law is designed to reduce vacant and blighted properties like this one. But the law has its own challenges.

This morning, I came across a discussion on vacant and blighted properties in our district in north College Park. A neighbor was referring to a house, which has been vacant for at least 2 years and has been recently broken into.

One idea to address to reduce vacant and blighted properties is to adopt ordinances similar to what the D.C City Council has recently adopted. According to this law, the vacant property owners are charged $5 and $10 per $100 of their property values for vacant and blighted properties respectively. This is way more than the normal occupied property rate, which is $.85 / $100.

Please see here more about D.C’s vacant property tax program.

The idea is that any property remains vacant for 3 or more years will be assess a higher tax rate. Each year it remains vacant the tax rate will increase. This is to push the land owner to either do something with the property or keep paying higher taxes each year.
One challenge the program has is that vacant property owners often appeal and it takes a long time to resolve these cases. Also, as long as the property owners try to sell the property or try to renovate, the law  does not apply them.
There are also challenges to find the owner of a vacant property when the owner dies and does not leave anyone to look after the property.
That said, I think we should look into have a similar law in college Park and we will be in touch our staff for looking into this.

North College Park Crime Map – June 2-7, 2014

[mappress mapid=”176″]







[6/02/14]THEFT19:1720:019600 Blk MILESTONE WAY
[6/05/14]THEFT15:3917:079500 Blk BALTIMORE AVE
[6/07/14]THEFT11:3714:3410100 Blk 51ST AVE,


Theft from Auto








College Park Recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community

Great news! College Park recognized as a bike friendly community

Recently, College Park has been added to the latest list of Bicycle Friendly Communities (BFC) for Bike to Work Week. The list is maintained by the League of American Bicyclists.

In the D.C. Metropolitan area, College Park is the only municipality to receive an award this year, with honorable mention for our work supporting the bicycle infrastructure in the area!

According to the league, there are 303 bicycle free communities (BFCs) in 48 states. 18 new BFCs joined the rank this year. According to the league “the BFC program is helping transform the way communities evaluate quality of life by assessing investment in bicycling promotion, education programs, infrastructure and municipal policies.”

Here is the list of honorable mention communities.

See here for the information

Arrest Made in Last week’s Homicide

We got a word from our police informing us that an arrest was made last night for the homicide that occurred in north College Park earlier this week at Ramada motel. The individual has admitted involvement in the homicide and is currently in jail. The arrest was made by the County’s Homicide unit. Police told us that any additional information will be released by the County Police soon. 

Let’s thank our police for doing a good job!
Update: 1:30pm: June 6, 2014
Here is the latest media advisory we got from Police. We hope to get more information about the arrest at the news conference.
Media Advisory: PGPD Arrests a John in College Park Murder

The Prince George’s County Police Department arrested a suspect in the College Park murder Wednesday of 25-year-old Catina Cortes.
On June 3, 2014, at about 1:15 pm, patrol officers were called to a hotel in the 9100 block of Baltimore Avenue for a welfare check. When they arrived, they found Cortes suffering from an apparent gunshot wound inside a hotel room.
Suspect information will not be released prior to today’s news conference at police headquarters.
Who:  Julie Parker, Media Relations Division Director
           Major Cesar Pacheco, Commander, Criminal Investigation Division
           Captain Jimmy Simms, Assistant Commander, Criminal Investigation Division
           Sergeant Dave Coleman, OIC VICE Intelligence Unit
When: Friday, June 6, 2014
Time:  2:30 pm (time could slide)
Where: Police Services Complex
             7600 Barlowe Road
             Palmer Park, MD
Update: 2:45 pm, June 6, 2014
The suspects are 23-year-old Vaughn Darvell Bellamy of the 2800 block of Myrtle Avenue in Northeast Washington and 24-year-old Barry Foxx of the 2500 block of Southern Avenue in Temple Hills. Bellamy is charged with first and second degree murder and a gun charge. Foxx is charged with accessory after the fact. During the course of the investigation, Bellamy was identified as a suspect. He and Foxx were arrested at Foxx’s home early this morning. A handgun was recovered inside the home that detectives preliminarily believe is the murder weapon. The investigation reveals Bellamy and the victim agreed to meet at the hotel and exchange money for sex. Foxx helped Bellamy with transportation from the scene. Both suspects are in custody at the Department of Corrections.

Tomorrow at the Hollywood Farmers Market

Please see below this week’s Hollywood Farmers Market newsletter. See you all tomorrow.


Calling All Potential Sponsors: Your Name Here!
Farmers’ markets like ours do not live by bread alone (or by produce, coffee, home-made food items, and artsy gifts), and it is through the generosity of several of our local businesses that we can take care of our overhead costs (like insurance and advertising). In future issues, we will highlight the businesses that have helped us so far—and we invite others, including residents, to follow in their footsteps!If you are interested, our levels of sponsorship include the following: Angel ($500 and above), Patron ($200 to $499), Contributor ($100 to $199), and Friend ($50 to $99). Businesses also may provide gift certificates to their stores, which we will distribute to market customers in a random drawing each month. We also list our sponsors on our website.Next week: Focus on Gailes Violin, one of our Angel sponsorsCustom-made, Knitted Dog Sweaters!
You’ve probably noticed that the Hollywood Farmers Market has a table of beautifully made knits by north College Park resident Christiane Williams. In addition to knitted clothes for babies and catnip treats for cats, Christiane’s Designs is now offering custom-made sweaters for dogs!chris1If you want to bring your dog to the market, Chris will take measurements, you will tell her what color of sweater you want, and she will go from there. If you don’t want to bring your dog to market, just bring a sweater that he or she likes and that fits best.
While we don’t want to rush the summer, prepare now and order a custom-made sweater for your four-legged friends to enjoy when the weather gets cooler.Chris2

Buy Local: Reason 3

You help protect the environment. Farmers grow plants that can help recharge our aquifers and cleanse the air. Buying from a local farm decreases the distance that food travels, reducing the consumption of oil and carbon emissions nationwide.
When you buy local, you help to ensure that the benefits of our local farms help clean our local environment for many years to come. (Source: buy-local-challenge.com)

New Vendor: The Wood Doctor
Another north College Park resident has joined the market as a vendor. For the last few Saturdays, you may have seen Joe Raphel in his role as The Wood Doctor. Joe plans to be at the market every week to sell his hand-carved wooden products, cutting boards, rolling pins, and figurines. He also refinishes and repairs old furniture.


As he says, “Stop by. Let’s chat about specialty items I can make for you, refinishing projects you need done or whether that old table is worth being fixed and refinished.”

This week’s Vendors

1. Upper Crust Bakery
2. Tiffany’s Oven
3. Pleitez Farm
4. Legacy Manor
5. Heavenly Created Desserts
6. Calvert Farm
7. Morning Glory Farm
8. Ferguson Family Farm
9. Designed Naturally
10. Chic Expressions
11. Red Chimney Flower Farm
12. Tuckey’s Mountain Grown
13. Roy and RT’s Kitchen and Garden
14. Wood Doctor
15. Carley’s creation
16. Christiane’s Knits and Gardens
17. Phil’s Dills
18. 49th Ave, Furniture
19. Coffee Barn

Hollywood Farmers Market is located at the Hollywood Shopping Center (near REI) on Saturdays from 9am to 1 pm. Email: Hollywoodmarketcp@gmail.com. Phone: (301) 659 – 6295 Like us on the FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/hollywoodmarket
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City Plans to Build Permaculture Garden in Berwyn


Permaculture garden

In last Tuesday’s worksession, the Council heard a presentation from Permaculture consultant Lincoln Smith about a proposed Permaculture garden in city’s Berwyn neighborhood.

City’s Committee for a Better Environment (CBE) has been working for some time exploring a demonstration permaculture site in the City. This project is intended to provide several benefits to the community including various edible fruits, nuts & berries as well as environmental education. Permaculture consultant Lincoln Smith was contacted to draft an initial plan for the Trolley Trail in Berwyn. This area was selected as a pilot project recognizing the potential for a unique educational opportunity for trail users and residents to experience permaculture plantings. Mr. Smith has presented the plan to the Berwyn District Civic Association (BDCA) and the Tree and Landscape Board (TLB).

The plan was presented to members of the Tree and Landscape Board (TLB) at their meeting on May 21. The plan received unanimous support from the TLB. The TLB proposed the location north of Quebec Street for the pilot permaculture site based on the lack of existing plantings. They also identified a potential partnership with nearby Holy Redeemer School for supplemental educational opportunities and maintenance by interested community members. The TLB was responsive to following Mr. Smith’s planned ecological concept of forest layers of fruit trees, edible shrubs and pollinating plants grouped together. The Board dismissed the idea of planting only one of the planned layers such as just the trees or shrubs.

Staff reviewed the plans and recommends locating the pilot project in the block between Greenbelt Road and Tecumseh Street because it will provide full demonstration of the forest layer concept, which was the desire of the TLB. By installing all planting layers of trees, shrubs and supporting perennials it will permit the evaluation and viability of all layers in the difficult growing medium along the trolley trail. In addition, it will allow staff to determine maintenance requirements of a full forest layer. As a result of the increase in planned landscape plantings, which require the need for regular maintenance to be successful, the Public Works Department will be requesting one additional FTE in the landscape maintenance team to maintain the project as it is phased in. The Trolley Trail Forest Garden Team, consisting of staff, CBE and TLB members, will evaluate the pilot permaculture trees, shrubs and pollinating plants for establishment and longevity before proceeding with the next phase of the project.

The Council will consider to approve the pilot project at the next regular Council meeting.

Police Investigates Murder in North College Park Motel

Yesterday, at about 1:15 pm, patrol officers were called to a hotel in the 9100 block of Baltimore Avenue for a welfare check. When they arrived, they found a woman suffering from an apparent gunshot wound inside a hotel room. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

Detectives are working to identify the victim and suspect(s) and establish a motive.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Homicide Unit at 301-772-4925.  Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477), text PGPD plus your message to CRIMES (274637) on your cell phone or go to http://www.pgcrimesolvers.com/  and submit a tip online.  A reward of up to $25,000 is offered to anyone who provides information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case.

For more information, please contact the Prince George’s County Police Department’s Media Relations Division at 301-772-4710.

North College Park Crime Map: May 25 – 31, 2014

Please see below last week’s crime map and let me know if you have any questions.

[mappress mapid=”175″]

Recovered Vehicle






[5/28/14]FOUND10:1313:335200 Blk IROQUOIS ST


Theft From Auto







[5/27/14]THEFTA06:4807:594711 BRANCHVILLE RD,
[5/29/14]THEFTA16:1818:229908 51ST TER,


Old Koons Development Plans to Add 7 – Story Apartment


Old Koons development – Current plan includes a hotel and retails. The developer is planning to add an apartment

Keane Enterprises is revising this DSP to add 2.12 acres of adjoining land at 4700 Berwyn House Road to construct a 7-story, 275-unit apartment building. There is currently an office building at this location which the applicant would demolish.

The original DSP for this project was submitted by Keane Enterprises and consisted of redeveloping the former 3.13-acre Koons Ford Site located at the northeast corner of Baltimore Avenue (US1) and Berwyn House Road with a mixed-used development. The development included a 156-room hotel (Marriott) , 23,615 square feet of retail (CVS) , and a parking garage. It was approved by the District Council on July 8, 2013 with conditions. You can read more about that plan here.

The City entered into a Declaration of Covenants and Agreement with the applicant in June last year. The Planning Board is scheduled to hear this case on July 10th. The applicant will come to tomorrow’s worksession to present their new plan. The Council will likely make a decision in a Special Session on July 8th City Council worksession.