Environmental Film Series

Environmental Film Series

“There’s nothing they are leaving untouched: the mustard, the okra, the bringe oil, the rice, the cauliflower. Once they have established the norm: that seed can be owned as their property, royalties can be collected. We will depend on them for every seed we grow of every crop we grow. If they control seed, they control food, they know it – it’s strategic. It’s more powerful than bombs. It’s more powerful than guns.” (From Top Documentary Films website)

This film presents information important to all of us, including the “intimate links between Monsanto and government agencies, the US adopted GE foods and crops without proper testing, without consumer labeling and in spite of serious questions hanging over their safety. Not coincidentally, Monsanto supplies 90 percent of the GE seeds used by the US market.”

When:       Saturday, February 1, 2014, 1 pm

Where:      College Park City Hall, Council Chambers, 2nd floor, 4500 Knox Rd., College Park 20740

RSVP:       Requested but not requiredemail janiso@erols.com or call 301-474-5358