NCP Crime Stats: July 21 – 29, 2013

Please see below last week’s crime report. There are two Breaking and Entering. 9507 50th ave is a rental home, Nothing was taken. 9350 Baltimore ave appears to be a commercial property and police is trying to contact the owner.
[mappress mapid=”126″] Breaking and Entering






[7/22/13]15:3717:449500 Blk 50TH AVE
[7/25/13]09:5210:419500 Blk BALTIMORE AVE

Stolen Vehicle






[7/22/13]13:2914:289100 Blk BALTIMORE AVE
[7/28/13]13:0414:005000 Blk BRANCHVILLE RD

Theft from Auto






[7/28/13]06:4908:08HOLIDAY INN COLLEGE PARK,
[7/29/13]08:1409:319500 Blk BALTIMORE AVE,


Measures Underway to Improve Public Safety at Gas and Convenience Stores

7-11 Robbery, 25 July, 2011

The bill aims to reduce robberies such as this one at a convenience store in north College Park

In the last Council meeting, the City Council adopted a resolution in support of measures to decrease robberies in the County by enhancing convenience store and gas station safety; registering convenience stores and gas stations; requiring training of convenience store employees and gas station employees; providing for security; providing for cash management; providing for visibility and signage; and providing for a grace period and noncompliance; and generally relating to convenience store and gas station safety.

This County bill bill CB-48-2013, introduced by Councilmembers Olson and Franklin, would require every convenience store and gas station open between 11 pm and 6 am to register and to require each of their employees to take a safety training course before starting work. They include having a security system in place with a drop safe and security cameras.

According to the bill, all security cameras will need to be set to report the actual date and time. Only management can have access to the cameras.

A convenience store owner needs to install a drop safe bolted to the floor behind the cash register or in an adjacent office. Both locations must be in view of a high resolution surveillance camera.

A gas station owner without a convenience store will need to install a drop safe or establish another mechanism to ensure that no more than one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00) is in the cash register on the premises anytime between the hours of 11 :00 p.m. to 6:00 am.

A gas station owner without a convenience store will need to install a secured surveillance camera system with a minimum of three highly visible digital, high-resolution color cameras that produces a minimum of sixty (60) pixels per foot. One camera will need to be placed above the cash registers at an angle to identify persons, one camera will need to be placed in view of the public entrance and one camera will need to be placed to view the exterior parking lot. Stores will need to record 24 hours a day and motion sensing cameras will record when activated.

Recordings will need to be be retained for at least 30 days, even if a store is closed. An exception can be made for natural occurrences that would affect camera function. Security cameras will have an annual test photo and maintenance log showing maintenance every four months. All security cameras will be set to report the actual date and time. Only management will have access to the cameras.

A gas station will need to provide window only access if the gas station is open anytime between the hours of 11 :00 p.m.to 6:00 a.m. and if the gas station currently has window only access on-site.

Cash Management
As a condition of their use and occupancy permit, convenience stores and gas stations cannot keep more than one hundred fifty dollars ($150) in any cash register on the premises at all  times between 11 :00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

A written cash management policy that limits cash on hand in the convenience store or gas station from 11 :00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. will be provided to all employees.

Visibility and Signage.
All convenience stores and gas stations will need to maintain an unobstructed line of sight allowing a clear view of and from the cash register and sales area. Windows and doors will be clear of all items that would obstruct a clear view from three feet above the ground to at least six feet above the ground.

Convenience stores and gas stations will need to post highly visible window signs in English and Spanish detailing: (1) There is a drop safe in the store; (2) Employees do not have access to the safe; (3) There is an active security system on the premises, if applicable; (4) ‘No Loitering’ 5 and ‘No Trespassing’; and (5) There is limited cash in cash registers at anytime between the 6 hours of 11 :00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.


County Tax Assessment Begins This Thursday

Property tax

Property tax

The Prince George’s County Office of Finance will begin to release the FY 2014 Tax Assessments beginning on Thursday, August 1, 2013. Below is some important information that you may be interested in:

Property Assessments:
The State Department of Assessments and Taxation determines the assessed value of all real property in the State of Maryland. When the value goes up, the increase spreads equally over a three-year period. When the value goes down, it stays at the reduced amount for a three-year period. The changes takes affect on July 1st of the following year. The assessed value is printed on the top right section of the tax bill. Detailed information on the assessment process is available online at www.dat.state.md.us/sdatweb/hog.html/

Municipal Tax Rate Differential
Prince George’s County levies a separate tax rate, referred to as the “municipal tax rate differential”, that applies to property located within a particular incorporated Municipality. This differential reduces the County’s property tax revenues to recognize governmental services and programs that municipal governments perform instead of the similar County services to the extent that such services are funded through property tax revenues. In FY 2014, County real property tax revenue is reduced by $8.3 million for the municipal tax differential program.

Tax Rates
The Treasury Division of the office of Finance is the Tax Collector for several governmental taxing authorities that include Prince George’s County, State of Maryland, Incorporated Municipalities, Maryland-National Capitol Park and Planning Commission)M-NCPC) and the Washington Sanitary Transit Commission(WSSC). These taxes are used to support a variety of services such as education, public safety, library system, recreational and planning functions, storm drain maintenance, and public transportation. The taxes you pay are determined by multiplying the assessed value by the applicable tax rate and dividing by 100.00.

County Tax Rate
$0.9600 per $100 Assessed Value
State Tax Rate
$0.1120 per $100 Assessed Value
$0.2790 per $100 Assessed Value
Stormwater/Flood Control Tax Rate

$0.0540 per $100 Assessed Value
WSTC Tax Rate
$0.0260 per $100 Assessed Value

Other Charges

You may be subject to additional charges on your tax bill such as the State Restoration Charge if you utilize a private spectic system, a State-mandated Clean Water Act fee, a Solid Waste charge for trash and recycling services or a Front Foot Benefit charge if your property is connected to water and/or sewer lines.


Please check www.princegeorgescountymd.gov for more information on the various tax relief programs that the county offers.

After the full tax year of ownership, the Homestead Tax Credit limits the annual increase in taxable assessment on owner-occupied residential properties to a fixed percentage. The State taxable assessment increase is limited to 10%. For FY 2014, the County taxable assessment increase is limited to 2%. If the assessed value decreases, the Homestead Tax Credit will also decrease. To qualify for this credit, you must submit an application to the State Department of Assessments and Taxation. Please call 1-866-650-8783 for assistance.

A property tax credit is available to all residential homeowners who have a combined household income under $60,000.00 and net assess that do not exceed $200,000.00. Net assets to include the value of your home(s) and the value of your qualified retirement plan(s). To qualify for this credit, you must submit an application to the State Department of Assessments and Taxation by Tuesday, September 3, 2013. For more information, please refer to: www.dat.state.md.us/sdatweb/htc.html or call 1-800-944-7403.

Veterans who have been certified by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs as completely and permanently disabled are eligible for a full exemption of real property taxes on a single residential property owned and occupied by the certified veteran(or a surviving spouse). The property owner must submit a one-time application for this exemption to the State for approval. (The owner will be exempt from all taxes but will still owe all fee such as solid waste charges. For more information please refer to: www.dat.state.md.us/sdatweb/veteran.pdf.

County Treasury Division 301-952-6030
State Assessment Office 301-952-2500
Bay Restoration Charge-State Inquiry 1-800-633-6101
Homeowner Tax Credit 1-800-944-7403
Homestead Tax Credit 1-866-650-8783
Park and Planning Tax 301-952-3560
WSSC Front Foot Benefit Charge 301-206-8032
Stormwater/Flood Control Charge 301-883-5832
Solid Waste Service Charge-Residential 301-952-7600
Clean water Act Fee 301-883-5833

ECO City Featured in Local News Stories

Recently, ECO  City Farm has been featured in several local news stories.

Listen to a story about ECO’s work that appeared on WAMU 88.5′s Metro Connection,  or read a recent article in The Washington Post about their Summer Youth program. Also, watch the ABC 7 news story below.

College Park Aims to Become a Future Prince George’s Downtown

In the last Council meeting, the College Park City Council sent a letter to the Maryland Park and Planning stressing the potential of College Park / UM Metro and the Greenbelt Metro station as possible future “downtowns” of Prince George’s County.

As was announced in the recent unveiling of Prince George’s County Plan 2035, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning (M-NCPPC) officials are looking to develop up to three sites as downtown hubs for the county. Given Prince George’s County is about 500 square miles, multiple downtowns are under consideration in order to both recognize the different north, central and southern regions of the county.

You can find more about the plan here on the plan’s website: http://planpgc2035.com/ .

M-NCPPC held a town hall meeting recently at the University of Maryland to get community feedback on this idea of a future “downtown Prince George’s County.” The meeting was the latest of the 3+ years effort to find where the County should focus the most of its development resources. The effort started back in 2009 with several public forums organized by the Envision Prince George’s initiative. The U-MD forum included a discussion of the key elements of a downtown and looked at three “high performers,” which could more easily become downtown areas, and three “potential game changers,” which could become downtown areas if certain things happen, such as the relocation of the FBI to Greenbelt Station.

The 3 “high performers” that were selected include College Park / UM Metro, Prince George’s Plaza and the New Carrollton Stations. The scores were given based on several indicators, such as transit & access, capacity, walkability and economic growth potential. In addition to the Greenbelt Metro station, Branch Avenue and Largo were considered “potential game changers,” depending on whether certain specific developments come in at those locations.

Tomorrow at the Hollywood Farmers Market: Hot Off the Vine Summer Produce

Please see below this week’s Hollywood Farmers Market Newsletter. See you all tomorrow



Fresh summer produce

Dozens of ears of corn-on-the cob are flying off market tables—with the help of satisfied residents, of course! One resident told us that she purchases several dozen ears from Shlagel Farms each Saturday that are “perfect in every way.” Last week, she bought a watermelon from Pleitez Produce that was “sweet and delicious.”

Other farmers also are starting to offer other seasonal produce, including mouth-watering peaches and assorted berries, including blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Some fine-looking and tasting veggies also are available like cucumbers, okra, garlic, summer squash, and more.

Featured Vendor
Caspari Farm

Roy and Arti Caspari at HFM

Roy and Arti Caspari at the Hollywood Farmers Market

Every Saturday morning you’ll see that many people head directly to Roy Caspari’s tent to purchase home-made, hot-to-serve veggie fritters, egg rolls, mango iced tea, and a wide range of smoothies (like avocado, cucumber and others). He also sells fresh-picked and cleaned lettuce by the bowl that’s the basis for a ready-to-make salad.

Caspari, a native of Indonesia, and his wife Arti call their business Eastern Delights, and it’s obvious from the persistent smiles on their faces that they are delighted to meet their neighbors and to be at the market. His customers also are delighted by the completely delicious already made food they can eat at the picnic table under the shade trees and/or get a to-go box.

This week’s Vendors

1. Calvert Farm
2. SunSplash Farm
3. Pleitez Farm
4. Legacy Manor
5. Shlagal Farms
6. Ferguson Family Farms
7. Morning Glory Farm
8. Heavenly Created Desserts
9. Chris Knits and Gardens
10. Ear Gear
11. Silent Beading
12. Fertile Soil Teas
13. Caspari Farm
14. Conscious Alchemy
15. Coffee Barn
16. Tiffany’s Oven
17. Tuckey’s Mountain Grown
18. Create Peace Jeweleries
19. Eastern Delights
20. Uptown Bakers
21. Phil’s Dills
22. Chic Expressions
23. Ozlem Crafts
24. Route 1 Ride
25. Angel Heart Tassels and Treasures
26. John & Allie’s Tea Pops
27. Henna Art

New Vendor: Chris Knits and Garden

North College Park resident Christiane Williams will join the market this Saturday, bringing with her a variety of home-made knitted treats like mice filled with organic catnip and other pet goods as well as merchandise for babies or adults. In addition to her knitting talents, Chris is quite a gardener, and she’ll bring shade plants and interior plants.


Featured Fruit and This Week’s Recipe 

We may not be the official “peach state” (i.e., Georgia), but we do get, as one farmer says, some real “chin-dribblers” in Maryland between June and the end of August. Peaches are definitely one of the joys of our sweltering summer season, and, lucky for us, they’re making their way onto our market tables.

Once peaches are ripe they truly can’t be beat for flavor, but the recipe below combines them with watermelon, another summer treat that’s available at the market.


Peaches and Watermelon Salad

(from Maryland’s Best at http://marylandsbest.net/index.php)

Mayor Fellows shopping at the Hollywood Farmers Market

College Park Mayor Andrew Fellows shopping at the Hollywood Farmers Market

1 tablespoon butter
1 cup slivered almonds
2 peaches
Juice from 2 fresh lemons
4 cups small watermelon cubes
1/8 cup raw or organic white sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 cups vanilla yogurt

In a saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter and then add the almonds to the pan. Stir the almonds until they are toasted and golden. Remove the almonds from the pan to aluminum foil or heatproof plate to cool. Thinly slice the peaches and toss in a bowl with lemon juice. Add the watermelon cubes to the bowl with the peaches and toss together. Mix together the sugar, cinnamon and yogurt and pour over the watermelon and peaches. Sprinkle the almonds over the top. Serve immediately. Serves 6 to 8.


Hollywood Farmers Market is located at the Hollywood Shopping Center (near REI) on Saturdays from 8am to 12 noon. Email: Hollwoodmarketcp@gmail.com. Phone: (301) 659 – 6295 Like us on the FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/hollywoodmarket
Copyright © 2013 Hollywood Farmers Market, All rights reserved. www.Hollywoodmarket.org

City to Suspend Downtown Garage Parking During Upcoming Restaurant Week

At last Tuesday’s meeting, the Council voted to suspend parking enforcement at the downtown parking garage after 5:00 pm from August 11th to August 17th.

At the May 23, 2013 meeting of the Downtown College Park Management Authority (“DCPMA”), the group’s officers voted to request that the City expand its free summer parking program to coincide with College Park’s Restaurant Week from August 11th to August 17th.

Currently, the City offers free parking in the Downtown garage on Saturdays from May 25th to August 17th, while Sundays are always free. DCPMA’s request would allow visitors to park for free in the Downtown garage after 5:00 pm during the days of Restaurant Week that are not already free.

The purpose of this request is to encourage participation in this inaugural event. In response to various community surveys and discussions with restaurant owners, City staff chose to organize a city-wide restaurant week during a traditionally slow period for local businesses.

City staff has reached out to 21 locally-owned restaurants and received confirmation from 16 that they will participate, of which 7 are located within the DCPMA boundary. In order to estimate the potential loss of parking revenue due to this request, Parking Enforcement provided an analysis of payments received after 5:00 pm from Monday, June 24, to Friday, June 28, in the Downtown garage.

For that period, parking payments totaled $1,965.75, or $393.15 per night.

RRFBs Coming to Rode Island Avenue This Summer

At last Tuesday’s Council meeting, the City Council cleared the last hurdle for the County’s Public Works to install several RRFBs (Rapid Rectangular Flashing Devices) at various locations on Rhode Island Avenue in north College Park.

We’re expecting to have the RRFBs to be installed during this summer.

Rhode Island Avenue is a County Road and thus the Council had to approve a MOU (memorandum of understanding) between the County and the City. According to the MOU, the City will take responsibilities of the installation, maintenance and and liabilities related to these RRFBS.

Exact locations of RRFBs are still in works, but they will be located between Sunnyside and MD 193, in particular at the high pedestrian traffic areas, such as Duvall field, near Muskugee Road.

Live more, Play more This Week!

The following is a list of fun and recreational activities around our area. (Courtesy of the Maryland Park and Planning)

M-NCPPC Parks and Recreation has a variety of activities in Prince George’s County! Watch an entertaining performance; participate in fun events for seniors ages 60 & better; learn the art form of stepping, and experience life in 18th century Maryland. Make time to explore parks and facilities and enjoy the healthy, fun recreation programs and activities that we offer!

S.T.R.I.V.E. Interest Meeting

teens step

Youth ages 12-14 are invited to be a part of M-NCPPC’s new youth program, S.T.R.I.V.E. (Success through Teamwork Respect Inclusiveness Values and Excellence). Participants will learn valuable skills while learning the art form of stepping! Attend a FREE interest meeting about the program on July 24. Learn more.
“Playing By Air” Performance

playing by air

The Publick Playhouse presents “Playing by Air” on July 23 & 24. Enjoy juggling, puppets and laughs for all ages! These award-winning performers demonstrate creativity and a sense of play in a production that showcases feats of balance and grace, hilarious improvisation and imaginative puppetry. Read more.

r3Have a “Blast in the Past” at Montpelier Mansion

montpelier mansion feather pen

Have fun learning about life in 18th century Maryland! From July 17 to August 10, Montpelier Mansion will be transformed into a hands-on history playground. Visit the farm, market, town square and many other play stations. Learn more.
Plan a “Staycation” in Prince George’s County


Why waste time and money traveling far away for your summer break when you can take a vacation here in Prince George’s County? Get information about terrific places to go and things to do by visiting www.pgparks.com, or by browsing through the summer 2013 edition of Your Guide.

r3Change the Way You Age

senior fitness pgs&l

Being a senior in Prince George’s County is better than ever! M-NCPPC is dedicated to providing fun and exciting activities, programs and classes for residents 60 years old and better. Click here to learn about some great events and programs in the upcoming months.

Park Police Community Day

park police watkins

Save the date! Join M-NCPPC Park Police at Watkins Regional Park onAugust 10 for a day filled with fun activities, games and prizes. Attractions include pony rides, an obstacle course challenge, a dunk tank, static displays and police demonstrations. Learn more.

NCP Crime Stats: July 14-20, 2013

Please see below last week;s crime report and let me know if you have any questions.

[mappress mapid=”125″] Theft






7/15/1308:4909:484900 Blk NIAGARA RD
7/15/1309:0510:114900 Blk EDGEWOOD RD,
7/18/1322:0322:534900 Blk BLACKFOOT RD,
7/19/1315:2516:50711 GREENBELT Rd and Rhode Island Ave
7/20/1309:2809:589500 Blk 50TH PL,


Theft from Auto






7/19/1312:4313:30IHOP – COLLEGE PARK,




Colors of Freshness: Sample Produce at the Hollywood Farmers Market

Please try entering https://graph.facebook.com/601191336580102/photos?fields=source,link,name,images,album&limit=1000 into your URL bar and seeing if the page loads.

Here are some pictures of the farm-fresh produce and cut flowers that our vendors brought to our market yesterday. Please enjoy and LIKE them.
Facebook API came back with a faulty result. You may be accessing an album you do not have permissions to access.

Food Access Survey: Tell Your Food Shopping and Eating Habits

As part of the Prince George’s County Food System Study, the Prince George’s County Planning Department (M-NCPPC) is conducting a consumer survey regarding the food shopping and eating habits of the residents as well as their nutrition knowledge. The survey is designed for the residents of the study area, which is the Developed Tier (inside the Beltway, Greenbelt, and Oxon Hill).  Survey results will be used to better inform our study and future focus groups.
If you live in the study area, please take a few minutes to take the Food Access Survey. Please forward the survey link to your contacts and anybody you know who lives in the study area. TheSpanish version of the survey is also available online.
All surveys are anonymous. The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. The survey will be closed on Monday, July 29, 2013.


Tomorrow at the Hollywood Farmers Market, July 20, 8am – 12pm

Please see below this week’s Hollywood Farmers Market Newsletter. See you all tomorrow


Featured Vendor: SunSplash Farm
It’s a long way from Trinidad to College Park, but that’s the path that Hollywood resident Pete Charlerie took to his recently purchased, five-acre Upper Marlboro farm. Pete’s father—also a farmer—introduced him to agriculture in Trinidad, and he loved it so much that he eventually studied it, along with resource economics, at the University of Maryland.
On his website (http://www.sunsplashfarm.com/), Pete says that studying agriculture and business was like discovering his scholarly soul mate. “It was like milk and honey,” he said. “I was smitten. I fell in love.” Soon after graduating in 2009, in 2011 to be exact, he started SunSplash Farm where Pete and his crew grow high-quality vegetables, cut flowers, and culinary herbs, which you can purchase at the Hollywood Farmers Market every Saturday morning.

This Week’s Special Guest
Mayor Andy Fellows will join us at 9 am this Saturday. It’s his first visit to our market so come on down and welcome him, shake his hand, bend his ear—and, of course, tell him how much you like our local market!

Speaking of Local
July 20–28 is Buy Local Week, according to Maryland’s Best Agriculture (http://marylandsbest.net/) program, which explains, “Buying from local farms promotes cleaner air and water and reduces our carbon footprint on the planet.” The idea is to help support Maryland’s family farmers and enjoy fresh local food by taking the Buy Local Challenge, which requires committing to eating local food from this Saturday through Sunday—easy to do with such good veggies and fruit available around the corner.

Featured Herb: Basil
There’s nothing like the fresh scent of basil to make a person start thinking about how it tastes when used in pesto, Thai foods, tomatoes and mozzarella, and other salads and dishes. Before trying the two recipes provided below, keep in mind the following tips provided by The Land Connection (http://www.thelandconnection.org/farm-fresh-now/).

• Don’t cook basil – don’t even heat it up if you can help it. When adding basil to a pasta sauce or a pizza, do so only at the last minute, while tossing with the pasta or after the pizza has emerged from the oven. Basil pesto too, should always be used raw, never warmed up or cooked.
• Don’t cut basil with knives or scissors because they will blacken and diminish the overall flavor. Just use whole leaves or tear large leaves into small pieces before using.

Recipe of the Week
Classic Basil Pesto
From: http://www.reneesgarden.com/
3 1/2 cups loosely packed fresh basil leaves
1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
3 large cloves garlic (more if you love it)
1/2 cup pine nuts or pecan meats
1 cup freshly grated Parmesan or Asiago cheese
1 1/2 tsp. fresh oregano or 3/4 tsp. dried
1 1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper (or to taste)
1/2 to 2/3 cup fruity extra virgin olive oil
salt to taste
Combine all the ingredients in a food processor or blender, adding enough olive oil to make a thick, smooth sauce. Add salt to taste. Makes about 2 cups (enough to combine with 4 servings of pasta).

All rights reserved @ Hollywood Farmers Market, 2013

College Park Restaurant Week Is Finally Here: August 11th to 17th

College Park Restaurant Week: August 11-17, 2013

Mark your calendars for the tastiest week of the year, as the inaugural College Park Restaurant Week is set to take place from Sunday, August 11th through Saturday, August 17th. Over 15 of the City’s restaurants are participating in the event with specials including a variety of three-course meals and other discounts.

If you’re visiting a restaurant in Downtown free parking in the garage at Knox Road/Yale Avenue will be available all day on Saturday/Sunday and after 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Check out the list of specials here and make plans to return to an old standby or find yourself a new favorite. While each restaurant will offer a special for the week, the regular menus will also be available. All listed prices are exclusive of sales tax and gratuity. Restaurant Week specials are not valid with any other discount.

CPCUP Touts Success, Charts New Plans

CPCUP worked on College Park Academy, which will start this Fall

The members of the College Park City-University Partnership (CPCUP) came to the Council last night and spoke about its accomplishments in the past year and plans for the upcoming years.

Members of CPCUP has worked on 5 focus areas, namely: K-12 Education, Public Safety, Transportation, Housing/development and Sustainability

K-12 Education Task Force:
Though cognizant that all 5 of the above core strategies must be implemented simultaneously for optimum impact, the 2020 Vision Steering Committee and CPCUP Board, recognizing their resource limitations as well as the opportunities presented by the interests of local stakeholders such as PGCPS and UMD, determined that improving the quality and attractiveness of K-12 education in the University District would be our first priority.
In FY 2013, CPCUP accomplished the followings in the area of K-12 education:
1. Signed an agreement with PGBOE and obtained a 3 year charter to operate the College Park Academy.
2. Signed a 5 year agreement with Connections Education to provide an on line curriculum and related technical support to the Academy.
3. Created a school web site, accepted student applications, held parent information meetings, ran an admissions lottery and identified 300 student class of 2013/14.
4. Obtained a $500,000 State grant and a $100,000 Prince George’s County grant for the school.
5. Signed a 2 year lease with the Archdiocese of Washington to use St. Mark’s School on Adelphi Road as a temporary home.

The College Park Academy will open on August 19, 2013!

In FY 2014, the CPCUP will seek to establish an exceptionally high quality before and after school enrichment program. They  anticipate that this will require creating and managing partnerships with UMD and a number of community organizations. They also intend to identify a permanent home for the College Park Academy somewhere in the City of College Park. This involves not only finding the right site or sites, but determining how to fund and implement any changes that are needed to make it suitable for the school.

Public Safety:
Within the broad vision established by the Steering Committee, the public safety task force developed a public safety sub-vision for the University District in 2020. Additionally 12 strategies were identified by the Task Force to achieve this vision. 

In FY 2013, the University agreed to extend its Code of Student Conduct throughout the City of College Park effective July 1, 2013. This provides the community with another means of addressing the behaviors of those students who live in our community and who sponsor and/or engage in parties which exceed City noise ordinances.

Further, the University agreed to extend the concurrent jurisdiction of its police force to a number of new City neighborhoods: Lakeland, Crystal Springs, Calvert Hills, the Knox Box area and the area of relatively new high rise student apartment residences along the west side of Route 1, north of the University’S Founder’s Gate. The details of this are now being worked out with PGPD. The 2020 Vision Steering Committee and CPCUP applaud University President Wallace Low for taking both these critical steps

The FY 2014 goals include:
1. Expand the number of security cameras in our community along with concomitant 24 hour surveillance.
2. Integrate all our sworn officers (including UMPD, PGPD, City Contract Officers), 911 dispatch personnel and the new cameras into an effective and efficient system.
3. Expand efforts to educate all community residents about how they may respond to inappropriate illegal behaviors.
4. Explore the benefits of “safety ambassadors” to the safety of the University District and how they may be funded.

In FY 2013, CPCUP coordinated efforts to get our team’s priorities reflected in the governor and legislative transportation packages. The Legislature passed a transportation bill that adds two more cars to the MARC line, funded the next planning stage of the Purple Line and added $20,000,000 to improve Route 1.

Their FY 2014 Goals include Continue our team’s focus on:
1. Implementing the Purple Line,
2. Rebuilding Route 1,
3. Further improving MARC service,
4. Expanding pedestrian and bike infrastructure,
5. Expanding and improving the quality of the bus service serving City and Route 1.

Housing and Development:
UMD engaged Urban planner / consultant Mr. Omar Blaik to help develop a housing and development strategy in the University District consistent with the 2020 Vision approved by the City and UMD.

The City is on track to get the 150 points needed to make College Park a “green” City.

Work-Live Program:
This successful program will close out after they sell our last remaining house. They sold two properties (a condo at 9808 47th Place and a house at 5100 Lackawanna Street) in FY 2013 and they purchased one (a house at 9609 47th Place). The property purchased in FY 2013 for $218,000 is now the last property they  own, and will be renovated at an estimated cost of $79,000 and sold this fiscal year at market which is estimated to be $230,0000. They don’t anticipate purchasing additional properties for rehabilitation and resale.

Preliminary Financial Position Statement:
CPCUP’s Net Assets are projected to improve by $115,000 at the end of FY 2013 compared to FY 2012. This change results from an increase in funding in FY 2013 by both the City of College Park and UMD. Net Assets are projected to improve again in FY 2014 compared to FY 2013, though this will result solely from the activity of the Work Live College Park Program which is ending.