What You Need to Know about City’s Contract Police Program

At last Tuesday’s NCPCA meeting , there were some questions about our Contract Police program and its relationship with other Police programs we have in the City, such as Prince George’s Police and the University of Maryland Police. Please see below a response from City’s Public Service Director Bob Ryan on these questions. If you have any further questions, please let me or Patrick know.

We currently reimburse Prince George’s County for 3 additional full-time police officers to be assigned exclusively within City limits. We also have a pool of 30 PGPD officers available to work part-time. The part-time officers are scheduled in addition to the 3 full-time officers to provide the approximately 10 “Full Time Equivalent” officers who work for the City. We staff and schedule our City contract officers to meet variable weekly and seasonal needs, such as backing up City Code Enforcement when they work night shifts on Thurs/Fri/Sat nights. In addition, PGPD assigns 2 beat cars (B6,B7) primarily to the City 24/7 to provide response to 9-1-1 calls for service, plus special PGPD squads, such as the 2 full time COPS Officers who primarily serve within the City, robbery suppression squad when we have specific crime problems such as 7-11 robberies, etc.; PGPD officers also respond from other areas of the County as needed for major crimes, incidents like major vehicle crashes, etc. ; MNCPPC Police are patrolling 23 park properties throughout the City such as Linson Pool, and neighborhood parks such as Hollywood park; Maryland State Police are patrolling the beltway within City limits and drive through North College Park to get in and out of the College Park barracks; WMATA Transit police are patrolling the 2 City Metro stations and buses throughout the City; UMDPS-PD patrols the main campus and the concurrent jurisdiction areas of Old Town and Lord Calvert Manor, UM property throughout the City such as the Severn Bldg. (old Washington Post) and the roads adjacent to UM such as University and Baltimore Blvds.; Federal Protective Services Police are in the City at federal facilities.

Each police agency is sharing crime information through the PGPD Joint Analysis Intelligence Center, and the Combined Multi-Agency Service Team (CMAST) using UMDPS crime analysts. These agencies all work within their jurisdictions and staff for crime trends and special events/incidents.

We began our current program with the assistance of Chief Magaw when he was District 1 Commander. He helped us get the MOU to hire part-time officers working secondary employment with the City. He recommended and recruited Lt. Keleti to work as our scheduling and supervising officer for our part-time contract officers. Lt. Keleti still fills that role for the City, and in addition now schedules part-time officers employed by the City to review our speed camera citations.

We expanded our contract program when Assistant Chief Davis was District 1 Commander. He assisted in getting the Police Services Agreement between the City and County approved for us to reimburse the County for the assignment of three (3) full-time officers to our contract program . Our full time contract officers work under Lt. Duelley’s command, along with the COPS officers working in College Park.

The City will fund the contract police program at $1,193,201 for FY2014. With the combined full and part time contract officers we add the FTE equivalent of approximately 10 patrol officers to supplement the PGPD beat, special team, and COPS Officers in College Park. Although our MOU with the County anticipates these will be supplemental officers, they often respond to backup the beat officers dispatched to high priority 9-1-1 service calls, and are often first on scene. They have significantly increased the number of traffic stops and field observations in College Park, often resulting in arrests for warrants, DUI, etc. Our contract officers anticipated role is essentially to be a hybrid of beat, COPS, and crime suppression officers. Our expectation is that they will be as productive and proactive as any officers in comparable PGPD assignments.

Our goal is to use our contract police program to enhance police visibility and services city-wide. We believe our contract police program is a very good component of total police services provided in College Park, and look forward to continued improvement of the program.

Tomorrow at the Farmers Market: Tis the Season to Eat Farm Fresh!

We expect to have a pleasant sunny Saturday morning tomorrow – our third market day of this season. We have a growing list of farmers and vendors, so, if you have not come yet, please come by tomorrow and see what they have to offer! The market is open from 8 am to 12 noon.

New Farmer – Shlagel Farm
Last Saturday we welcomed our new certified organic coffee vendor Coffee Barn, featuring gourmet Fair Trade-certified coffee, which has achieved Carbon Neutrality Certification for its fresh roasted coffee beans.

Pleitez Produce at the Hollywood Farmers Market

This Saturday we’ll welcome a Waldorf Maryland-based organic farmer called Shlagel Farms. Russell Shlagel’s family has been running this farm for 101 years, across four generations, and grows fresh fruits and veggies. They plan to bring strawberries, asparagus, tomatoes, spinach, Swiss chard, kale, bunched radish, collards, eggs, green squash, yellow squash, yellow zucchini squash, green beans, lettuce, broccoli, green cabbage, sugar snap peas, beets, spring onions, new potatoes, hanging baskets, bedding plants, and potted herbs. In future they plan to bring peaches, blackberries, corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, carrots, scallions, sweet Spanish onions, winter squash, tomatoes, green and red peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, pumpkins and mums. Please come and see what the Shlagel family has to offer.

    This week’s Vendors

    1. Calvert Farm
    2. SunSplash Farm
    3. Pleitez Farm
    4. Legacy Manor
    5. Shlagal Farms
    6. Ferguson Family Farms
    7. Urban Co-op farm
    8. Heavenly Created Desserts
    9. I Heart  U
    10. Ear Gear
    11. Silent Beading
    12. Fertile Soil Teas
    13. Green Sprouts
    14. A Little Pottery
    15. Coffee Barn
    16. Tiffany’s Oven
    17. The Wildfire Creations

Grand opening preview: June 29:
Our market had its soft opening 2 weeks ago, but we’re planning a lot of new features and exciting events for our grand opening on June 29! We will have new vendors, including delicious barbecue from Bill’s Backyard BBQ, which has been wildly popular at the downtown College Park Farmer’s Market and at College Park Day! We will have a number of local officials present to mark the occasion, including local police officers and elected officials. Please stay tuned for the complete line up of vendors for this grand opening day!

Heavenly Created Dessert

Heavenly Created Dessert

This Week’s Recipe:
Our resident “farmer” Robert Boone came up with this yummy recipe that he calls “Hollywood Kale”. Here he writes:

~ remove large stems and chop kale
~ place kale in pot with 1″ water, stock or other liquid and wilt down kale until just tender
~ for sauce, whisk together:
2 tbl. lemon juice (fresh only)
1 tbl. olive oil
1 tbl. minced garlic, I use more
1 tsp. soy sauce,
salt & pepper to taste
toss kale with sauce and..Enjoy

Volunteer at the Market
Would you like to participate in our Market and help it grow? Now you can join in the fun even if you don’t have produce or crafts to sale! Sign up to volunteer at our market information booth! This is an easy and enjoyable way to spend one or two hours on a Saturday morning, chatting with customers and answering questions. Most importantly, you will be making a significant contribution our community. Get involved and help make the market a more enjoyable event for everyone!
We’re looking for volunteers to work 1-2 hours between 8 am to 12 noon on market days. You will have ample support, training and all the information you need to be effective and answer questions. You will get to meet people from the neighborhood and have fun! You can volunteer for a single market, or once a month, or even for the whole season, which runs from June to October, whatever works for you! If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please feel free to email us at hollywoodmarketcp@gmail.com, and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator. THANK YOU!!!

A little pottery

A little pottery

Help us make our market more green! You can bring grocery bags with handles, produce bags, egg cartons, fruit baskets, canning jars, clean flower and nursery pots to the Market Information Booth for our vendors to reuse. Please make sure they are clean and ready for reuse!

Hollywood Farmers Market is located at the Hollywood Shopping Center (near REI) on Saturdays from 8am to 12 noon. Email: Hollwoodmarketcp@gmail.com. Phone: (301) 659 – 6295 Like us on the FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/hollywoodmarket
Copyright © 2013 Hollywood Farmers Market, All rights reserved. www.Hollywoodmarket.org

Tonight’s NCPCA Meeting – Election, Al-Huda School and Hens in the Backyard

NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and hence the day of North College Park Citizens Association’s monthly meeting.

The meeting will start with NCPCA’s annual election of officers. Members are eligible to vote in the annual election of officers. But first we’ll have some speeches! Renew your membership by mail, or renew at the beginning of the meeting. Dues are due, so bring cash or check

Members will also discuss the potential uses of Al Huda School. Al Huda School may soon be moving to a 66 acre land in Howard County. Discuss what uses are appropriate for the building and nearby land. This will be a visioning discussion.

Members will also discuss residential poultry. If you are interested in keeping hens? Here’s your opportunity to discuss.

There will also be an update about city variance requests for residential property improvement. Some things you should know about!

As usual, the meeting will start at 7:30pm at Davis Hall. See you all there.

City to Get Additional Funds for Bike Share Program

After City received $350,000 from the State of Maryland last year, the City will likely to receive another grant from the Prince George’s County.

The Prince George’s County Council allocated $250,000.00 in CB-38-2012 to the County Department of Public Works and Transportation (“DPW &T”) to be used for “Bike Share Facilities in the Route 1 Corridor area”. In a recent meeting with Councilmember Eric Olson, the City and representatives from ATHA and the Town of Riverdale Park, a plan was discussed that would involve payment ofthe $250,000.00 by DPW&T to the City pursuant to a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”). The City would agree to administer the funds so that they are used for bike share facilities in the Route 1 Corridor area.

The bike share funds must be encumbered by June 30, 2013 or the appropriation will end. Payment to the City under an MOU with DPW &T would sufficiently encumber the funds. At the meeting, a cooperative approach with other municipalities, including the Town of Riverdale Park and the City of Hyattsville, with the view of expanding the bike share system along the Route 1 Corridor was discussed. A THA was included as a likely choice for eventual coordination of these efforts. However, due to the short time frame, it was proposed that the City receive the funds and that the details of where and how they are to be used and the eventual plan of administration would be left to a later date after consultation among the potential participants. The City’s receipt of the funds is to be governed by the MOU. A draft of the MOU is now circulating but is not ready for approval. Hopefully, we will be able to provide the draft in advance of the voting session on June 18 so that it can be adopted by Council.

In the next week’s Council will consider authorizing 1) the receipt of $250,000.00 from DPW &T, to be used for bike share facilities in the Route 1 Corridor area, 2) an MOU with DPW &T with respect to receipt of the funds, and 3) cooperation with other municipalities and ATHA with respect to where and how the monies will be spent to expand bike share facilities.

Gateway Park May Receive More Funding

At tonight’s worksession, the Council will discuss how to spend Program Open Space (POS) funds for the 2014 fiscal year. Chances are that the Gateway Park in Hollywood may receive more funding for its design and construction work.

The City has been notified that the FY14 Program Open Space (POS) allocation for Prince George’s County is $4,715,249.43 and College Park will receive $165,976.78 based on our 2010 census population. The City has opted to administer its own program and is required to submit proposed projects (annual program) through the Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) for approval prior to seeking approval from the State. Our project application is due to the M-NCPPC by June 21,2013.

Very little POS funding has been available in the last few years with no POS funding at all distributed by the State last year. We have been advised that this year’s allocation must be divided equally between acquisition and development projects. Development projects require a
25% local cash match.

Currently, the City has a balance of allocated POS funding as follows:

  • Duvall Field $ 933,801
  • Hollywood Gateway Park $ 147,723
  • Route 1 Acquisition $ 575,571

The Duvall Field project continues to have a significant budget shortfall as the total cost of the project is over $5,000,000 and a developer contribution is needed in order to provide the match required to utilize the POS funding. On May 24, 2011, the City Council rescinded the application for acquisition of 8200 Baltimore A venue leaving the current balance allocated to Route 1 acquisition with no specific sites identified. The Hollywood Gateway Park project recently received authorization from the City Council to move forward but needs additional
funding to cover the expanded scope of the project including the acquisition of additional property (two vacant lots at 4705 Edgewood Road).

Staff is recommending allocating the FY14 POS funds to the Hollywood Gateway Park project, specifically, $82,988.39 to development and $82,988.39 for acquisition.

Council to Discuss Pedestrian Safety on Route 1 in North College Park

The hard to find sidewalks on Route 1 in north College Park

Several months ago, Council member Wojahn and I met our City engineer Steve Halpern on the east side of Route 1, just north of MD 193 – the University Blvd. We spent about an hour and walked along this northern stretch of the road until we hit an area close to the northern boundary near the post office .

Simply put, other than a few small segments, Route 1 does not have a contiguous side walk. Even the parts where there are sidewalks, these sidewalks are broken need urgent repairs. There are also severe problems of pedestrian safety in the area, when it comes to crossing the street from one side to another.  During our tour, we identified these areas and Mr. Halpern later asked the State Highway to review the need of building new sidewalks, repair the existing ones and also build new crosswalks and possibly new pedestrian signals along Route 1.

At tomorrow’s Council worksession, representatives from SHA will come and present their reports on the study they did following our request. I will let you know their findings after tomorrow night’s discussion.

NCP Crime Stats: May 25 – June 8, 2013

Please see below last two weeks’ crime report and let me know if you have any questions.

[mappress mapid=”119″]
Date of
Time of

05/25/20131517THEFT5000 Blk ONTARIO RD
05/25/20131834THEFT FROM AUTO4700 Blk FOX ST
05/26/20131445THEFT9400 Blk 52ND AVE
05/29/20131610THEFT FROM AUTO10100 Blk BALTIMORE AVE
05/30/20131614THEFT9000 Blk BALTIMORE AVE
05/31/20131620THEFT9800 Blk RHODE ISLAND AVE
06/04/20131429THEFT9800 Blk RHODE ISLAND AVE
06/05/20132043THEFT9800 Blk RHODE ISLAND AVE
06/06/2013946THEFT10200 Blk BALTIMORE AVE
06/06/20131240THEFT4900 Blk NIAGARA RD

Police to Get More Money to Stop Car Thefts

More than 90% of crime happening in North College Park and its surrounding area are related to car thefts and thefts from vehicle. Although vehicle thefts have dropped 14% in Prince George’s County this year, however much needs to be done.

The Prince George’s County Police Department is pleased to announce that the PGPD is receiving a dramatic 70% increase in grant funding for auto theft investigations.

On June 6, 2013, Captain Jason Johnson and Lieutenant Matthew Meterko attended an annual meeting with the Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council. They successfully negotiated the significant increase in grant funding for fiscal year 2014. The additional $110,000 will cover overtime, equipment and a new analyst.

HFM Tomorrow: It’s a Community Gathering, Not Just a Market

[Hollywood Farmers Market Newsletter:  June 7, 2013]

If you came by the Hollywood Farmers’ Market last Saturday, you’ll know what you have to look forward to this coming Saturday—from 8 am to Noon. You’ll remember the fresh produce from several farmers, including College Park residents Peter Charlerie and Robert Boone, whose mug shots are below.

North College Park Farmers Pete and Robert

Although Pete lives in College Park, he owns the five-acre SunSplash Farm in Upper Marlboro where he grows vegetables, cut flowers, and culinary herbs. Robert is an “urban farmer” in North College Park who brought fresh honey from his hives out back, onions and garlic; he promises there will be more variety later in the season.

Calvert Farms CSA (community-supported agriculture)—a small family farm in Cecil County that’s certified organic —again will bring produce, veggies and plants. This year (2013) is its 19th growing season, and its web site says that it “continues a tradition of working with other small farms to bring the best variety and freshness to your table” that are grown using sustainable and natural methods.


Fresh from a North College Park Farm

Green Sprouts, an educational and charitable nonprofit, will be at the market to offer educational courses to College Park’s youth and adults on sustainable and healthy living. The goal of the courses, which are taught by high-school youth, is to offer a platform for youth and adults to develop leadership skills through practical application in a community-service and capacity-building application.

New Coffee Vendor
Everybody loves coffee except those who love tea (and they can stop by the Fertile Soil Teas booth for a wide variety of fresh whole-leaf teas). The Coffee Barn will sell us a gourmet product purchased from a Costa Rican cooperative of 800 farmers. This vendor’s coffee is Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certified!

Special Guest
Mary Lehman, one of our Prince George’s County Council members, will be shopping at our market on Saturday. Come by, say hi, and rub elbows with her.

Extra Special Thanks to MOM’S
On opening day, My Organic Market (otherwise known as MOM’s) in the Hollywood Shopping Center—site of the Hollywood market, donated 100 of its shopping bags for distribution. Using free shopping bags like these reduces the need to use plastic bags, which are a real waste of natural resources and creator of garbage.

Hollywood Farmers Market, June 1, 2013

Message to the Pooches
We’re so sorry, little—and big—furry creatures, but you can’t be in our market area. A few residents (and our County’s Health Deparment) have concerns about your presence, even if your loving owner has you on a leash. Hypothetical, and not so hypothetical examples, include dog fights; terrifying or biting the little ones (and maybe even a few big ones); and, well, doing the unmentionable near the food. We love you but please stay home!

    This week’s Vendors

    1. Calvert Farm
    2. SunSplash Farm
    3. Pleitez Farm
    4. Legacy Manor
    5. Ferguson Family Farms
    6. Urban Co-op farm
    7. Heavenly Created Desserts
    8. I Heart  U
    9. Ear Gear
    10. Silent Beading
    11. Fertile Soil Teas
    12. Green Sprouts
    13. A Little Pottery
    14. Coffee Barn
    15. Tiffany’s Oven
    16. The Wildfire Creations

This Week’s Recipe: Carolina Kale
[Adapted from Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites, 1996]

Cooked until just tender, bright vitamin- and mineral-rich greens contrast beautifully with red tomatoes to make an appealing vegetable side dish or a topping for rice. Cooking times vary depending on the greens, so just add a little water to maintain liquid in the pan.

Ingredients: 1½ pounds kale, collards, chard, beet greens, or mustard greens. 2 cups chopped canned tomatoes and their juice or 3 cups chopped fresh tomatoes. 1 cup minced onions. 1 1/3 teaspoons ground cumin. 2 garlic cloves, pressed or minced. 1 teaspoon Tabasco or other hot pepper sauce or ¼ teaspoon crushed red pepper.

Salt and pepper to taste. Wash the greens. Remove large stems and discolored leaves. Slice leaves into small (about 1/8”) strips.
Combine the tomatoes, onions, cumin, garlic, hot sauce or red pepper, and salt. Cover and cook on medium heat for 5 minutes. Add the greens, cover, and gently simmer, stirring frequently, until they reach the desired tenderness. (Recipe says 15 minutes but it may be longer.)

Hollywood Farmers Market is located at the Hollywood Shopping Center (near REI) on Saturdays from 8am to 12 noon. Email: Hollwoodmarketcp@gmail.com. Phone: (301) 659 – 6295

Like us on the FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/hollywoodmarket

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Hens in the Backyard – What Do You Think?

Recently I came across a resolution by our neighboring City Mount Ranier urging the Prince George’s County District Council to amend the County Code to permit the keeping of backyard hens on residentially-zoned lots.

Currently, the Prince George’s County Zoning Code currently prohibits residents from keeping hens on residentially-zoned lots.

Hens provide numerous benefits to their owners and communities, including personal enjoyment, nutritious eggs, insect control, soil enrichment, food waste disposal, and agricultural education; and,

Many jurisdictions across the country already allow backyard hens, including Baltimore, Annapolis, Gaithersburg, and Howard County; Petersburg, Danville, Norfolk, Charlottesville, Herndon, Warrenton, Roanoke, and Lynchburg (Virginia); Memphis; Atlanta; Augusta (Georgia); Baton Rouge; Cleveland; Newark (New Jersey); Rochester (New York); Oakland (California); New Haven (Connecticut); Seattle; Portland (Oregon); St. Louis; Chicago; and New York City, among many other cities.

Studies have shown that such cities have seen few, if any, new animal control, public health, or property value problems related to backyard hens since adopting them into their communities.

Mount Ranier’s resolution highlight’s the following points:

In September 2012, the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (“MNCPPC”) released a report entitled “Urban Agriculture: A Tool for Creating Economic Development and Healthy Communities in Prince George’s County, MD,” in which MNCPPC called for the amendment of the County Zoning Code to permit backyard hens to be kept on residential lots smaller than half an acre.

Any nuisance concerns would be mitigated if the County were to prohibit roosters, which are not quiet like hens and not necessary for hens’ egg-laying or welfare, and if the County were to authorize the keeping of hens in residentially-zoned lots in conjunction with reasonable sanitation, shelter, and setback requirements, as recommended in the above-referenced MNCPPC report, provided that such guidelines and setbacks do not have the effect of proscribing residents’ ability to keep hens on small- sized residential lots.

Legalization of backyard hens would allow for greater control of sanitary conditions and potential nuisances than may be the case for hens currently kept illegally, including, in particular, the registration of such hens with the Maryland Department of Agriculture for public health purposes without fear of retaliation.

Legalization of backyard hens would allow Animal Control resources to be focused on instances of truly inhumane, unsanitary, or nuisance conditions, rather than on instances involving animals that may pose no real problem, as is the case for dogs, cats, and other pets currently allowed in residential zones.

Please let me know if College Park should take a similar resolution asking the County to change its position on hens in the backyard.

Group Seeks Resident Volunters for a College Park Video

The City is working with the University to create a video that will get college freshmen excited about the City as well as help with our marketing efforts to reach new potential residents.

It is time for the group to do their casting call to fill the rest of the roles and they need your help.

The group is looking for assistance in recruiting the following folks to appear in the video:

  • Young College Park Resident
  • Couple with young children
  • Young child
  • Dad/Coach
  • Long term CP Resident (maybe an intergenerational family)
  • Young Professional
  • CP Couple

If you’re interested, please let me know soon. Thanks.

Police to Discuss Safety Issues at “Tea Time” Event

The Prince George’s County Police Department, District I Station, will be hosting Tea Time on the second Thursday of every month, at 7:00 pm. Our goal is to meet with residents of the community monthly to discuss public safety matters, crime statistics and other citizen concerns. This forum is an excellent opportunity for the community and police to engage in comprehensive discussion of all topics related to public safety. Come share ideas on building a stronger police and citizen relationship; the need for greater parental and community involvement with our children, in school at home and in our neighborhoods. The setting will always be casual with an open format. Together let us explore how we can make our area a more livable community.

All of the above topics are interrelated as citizens strive to work cooperatively to keep District I a place that we are all proud to work and call “Home”. The Tea Time is a public forum for ALL citizens, business owners, organizations, and public officials who share our goal. Everyone is provided an opportunity to share his or her views on any topic of discussion. It is understood that the Tea Time does not endorse any political or religious organization.

Guest Speaker Chief Morris of Riverdale Park Police

Location: Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Building
6820 Webster St., Landover Hills, Maryland

Project “Beautify Hollywood”

The much infamous "Spooky House" - at the corner of Edgewood Road and Route 1

For some time, we have been discussing a small project to beautify various important sections of Hollywood and its surrounding neighborhood. The project would include landscaping, painting, tree planting etc. in these areas. If you live in this neighborhood or visit us often, you probably have seen many of these properties that do need such beautification work.

Take for example the property at the corner of Edgewood and Route 1. I often hear residents branding this property as “Spooky House”. The house is old but a very beautiful one. The owner has been trying hard to sell the house for a number of years, but because of market’s downturn and various reasons, he hasn’t been able to do that. In recent months he found homeless folks often staying at this house. This forced him to block off all windows and doors with plywood and cut-off power and water supply to the building.

Unfortunately the current look of the property does not help in giving a good image of our neighborhood, especially when this property sits at the entrance of Hollywood and College Park. This all goes against the fact that we’re putting efforts in marketing College Park to outsiders so that we can invite new residents moving to our neighborhood.

One idea to change the image of properties such as this is to work with the property owner and local volunteers and come up with a small weekend project to help beautify the property. The project may involve some small landscaping and painting outside the building.

There are a few other properties in Hollywood that may “qualify” for such improvements as well. Speaking with a few residents, it looks like getting volunteers will not be a huge problem. Council member Wojahn and I are also in talks with University of Maryland’s outreach department to recruits some student volunteers.

The project is in the idea state right now. I am sure there are other ideas you may have to beautify Hollywood and its surrounding neighborhood. If you have any, please feel free to let me know. I want to hear those ideas.

HFM Sees Successful Opening

Hollywood Farmers Market, June 1, 2013

Hollywood Farmers Market is now open in the heart of north College Park, at the Hollywood Shopping Center near REI.

See here some of the photos of yesterday’s market: http://goo.gl/3BpPh

We want to thank you all for coming to the opening day of the Hollywood Farmers Market, which opened in the heart of north College Park, at the Hollywood Shopping Center near REI.

They weather was great and that helped to have a steady turnout since the opening hour. We are very happy to to see the stream of neighbors and their families coming to the market. As one neighbor wrote to us:

“It’s about time North College Park had something to brag about right in our own back yard. I hope to shop here for years to come. It was nice to be able to talk and ask questions about the food I plan to feed my family. Met lots of friends and made some new one.”

Yesterday’s market featured more than a dozen vendors. They included 4 produce vendors, 3 bakery / food vendors, 1 beverage vendor, 1 meat / poultry vendor and a few crafts vendor.

All of the vendors we talked to, said they are happy with the sale they had at the market and intend to come again next week. That certainly depends on how we, as their customers, keep coming to the market in the coming Saturdays.

We also want to thank the neighbors who have worked tirelessly to make the opening successful. Our thanks also go to our sponsors – MoM’s My Organic Market, Carrollton Enterprises, Art at Work and Council woman Mary Lehman’s office.

We plan to add a few more natural / organic vendors to the market next week. Additionally, we’ll have cooking and gardening demo as well as feature local community groups and police at the market throughout the market season

Thank you all who came to yesterday’s market and contribute to its successful opening. If you were not able to come, please consider coming next week. See you all there again

North College Park’s First Farmers Market Opens Today

Thanks to the long hard work of many volunteers, north College Park’s first farmers market is going to open this morning at the Hollywood Shopping Center (near REI Parking lot).

The market committee has lined up quite a few vendors. They include big organic produce farms, such as Calvert Farm, Pleitez Produce, as well as very local farms, such as Sun Splash farm and co-op farms. On the meat and poultry side, we have Ferguson family Farm and Legacy Manor. There will be also a number of baked and other food vendors, such as I-Heart-U, Heavenly Created Desserts, Eastern Delights, Fertile Soil Teas and Tiffany’s Oven.

In addition to produce, meat and dessert vendors, we will also have a number of craft vendors. They include Elements of Nature, Ear Gear, Silent Breading, A Little Pottery, Mahira’s Collections. the Wild Fire Creations and Henna Corner.

Please see the complete list of vendors here on the market’s home page: http://www.hollywoodmarket.org/vendors/

We also want to thank our sponsors to make this market possible. They include MoM’s Organic Market, Carrollton Enterprises and County Council woman Mary Lehman’s office.

Our market will start at 8 am, but our volunteers will be there at 7 am to help vendors setup.

See you all there.