Residents survey

In tomorrow’s worksession, the Council will review a draft 2012 residents survey and add or remove questions as necessary.

The Council will consider a few new items for this year’s survey that were mentioned since the last survey.

They include review the public safety and code enforcement questions, add a question to the survey about the types of recreation events people are interested in doing (similar to the Seniors Survey question) and consider the suggestions which include resident, Councilmember, and staff suggestions for survey improvement based on the last survey.

Some survey questions link to performance measures/targets in the City budget. Since these questions link to measures that guide target performance in the budget, staff recommends that these questions remain in the survey each year.

The online survey will be available at the following link: The survey is expected to be open to residents late September or early October.

If you have ideas of adding more questions to the survey, please let me know.