Area Homicides Rise 28% in May

Homicides sore in PG

As a new summer season is upon us, it’s not only bringing warm weather, but also a rise in violent crimes in the area.

According to this report, area’s homicide figure has risen to 28% in the past month, 46 in total. Last year, the figure was 36.

College Park and the surrounding area had 8 homicides last month.

Back in January, area saw 13 killings in the first 2 weeks – that is  almost 1 killing a day. A University of Maryland student was one of those killed in that period.

College Park’s community liaison officer J. Black will be at the NCPCA meeting this month (June 9) to update residents more on the recent crime activities and ways to prevent them in this summer season.

UMd Students To Stop $1M ‘Waste’ and ‘Breed Discrimination’

Terps for Animal Welfare (TAW)

According to economists, Price George’s County is spending an estimated $1,137,720 annually to enforce the Pit Bull Ban. University of MD Students and animal rights activists are organizing a petition against such a waste.

At the end of March, Terps for Animal Welfare, a student organization at the University of Maryland, hosted Best Friends Animal Society staff on campus, where many were surprised to learn that their county was infamous for its long history of breed discrimination.

Aman Chopra, treasurer of Terps for Animal Welfare, said the group hosted the event to inform students about the need to repeal the county’s pit bull ban. “The law has a lot of negative effects and not a lot of people know about it,” he said.

The group has so far collected 1157 signatures; a number of county council members have also signed.

You can sign the petition here and read more about it here.