WSSC Orders Water Restrictions

About 1.8 million people in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties have been ordered to stop watering their lawns and washing their cars and limit their use of toilets, dishwashers and washing machines through the Fourth of July weekend after officials shut down a huge water main in Potomac on Thursday.

WSSC officials say the utility has re-routed water away from the problem main, which was detected using a fiber-optic cable system running inside the pipe.

All customers will still have service, WSSC officials say, but they ask everyone to conserve water to ensure there is enough for emergency needs, including fire hydrants and hospitals.

“The water pipe, which normally goes through a 96-inch main, is now going through a 48-inch main, so you can’t move as much water,” WSSC spokesperson Lyn Riggins said. “We need our customers to cut consumption by a third. If there’s a fire and we don’t maintain adequate pressure, we could be in trouble.”

[Source Washington Post, ABC News]

A New Police Commander for District 1

From early June, Prince George’s Police Major Rob Liberati has assumed command of District 1.

He has replaced Maj. Daniel Dusseau, who retired in April — the same day that two more of his officers were suspended during an investigation of their conduct during last month’s riot in College Park.

District I is responsible for a 36 square mile area making it the second smallest patrol area in the County. However, with a population of over 206,500, it is the most densely populated. Its borders include Washington DC to the east and Montgomery County to the north. There are 16 incorporated municipalities within District I including the city of College Park.

Last summer, Maj Liberati headed a task force to investigate pawnshops for links to thefts. The task force included a sergeant and nine officers who have worked as criminal investigators at district stations.

I met Maj. Liberati last week at the Palto’s during ‘Explore College Park’ event. His email is rvliberati@co.pg.md.us