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Storm water Cleanup Projects Coming to North College Park

Clean Water Partnership

Clean Water Partnership

To meet clean water regulatory requirements, the County must treat 15,000 acres of polluted runoff by 2025, consisting of 46,000 stormwater filtration devices at a price tag of $1.2 billion. This will require about 5,000 jobs from engineering to landscaping,

Late last year the County entered into a public-private partnership with the Corvias
Group, of East Greenwich, Rhode Island. The agreement is a 30 year arrangement
referred to as the Clean Water Partnership. Under this agreement Corvias will first
oversee the retrofitting of 2,000 acres of impervious area within the County over the next
three years. Just as a note the County, through its traditional means of procurement, is
also retrofitting 2,000 acres concurrently with Covias.

A number of these projects will be located in north College Park, said a representative of Corvias at last month’s NCPCA meeting.  please see the map below with proposed locations.

Please check here to find more about the partnership program.



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  1. Bill Smith

    “This will require about 5,000 jobs from engineering to landscaping,”

    Politicians throw numbers like that (5,000 jobs) all the time but what really counts is how many man years is that? 5,000 man years as in each job will last 1 year or 14 man years as in each job will last about a day.

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