Route 1 Pedestrian Safety Takes the Spotlight After Fatal Accident

Pedestrian Safety on Route 1

Pedestrian Safety on Route 1

This Sunday, another pedestrian died from serious injuries he suffered after he was struck on Route 1 near the University of Maryland.

Carlos Pacanins, a senior from Bethesda, died from his injuries. He was a few weeks away from graduating with a degree in political science, the Hatchet reports.

According to the Diamondback, it happened just before midnight at the intersection of Route 1 and Knox Road. Prince George’s County Fire Department and paramedics responded to the scene, and transported a man in his early 20s to a trauma center.

According to reports, this is not the first time this intersection has seen tragedy. In January, a hit- and-run driver struck and killed a pedestrian at the same location. Cory Hubbard, 22, was a UMD student. He was also not in a crosswalk at the time.

Carlos was probably jay walking, which is illegal in the State. The police can always cite pedestrians for violating the laws, but I think we should do more to prevent such accidents to happen in future. If you get involved in an accident, call a Yonkers Accident Attorney.

One idea is to build fences on the street medians. For example the Takoma Park built the fence after to prevent Jaywalking on University Blvd/ http://takomalangley.org/about.php.

As you know, the Route 1 is going through some design changes. It’s a good time to discuss these issues to improve pedestrian safety there. We plan to discuss this matter with other stkeholders – SHA, UMD and the County.

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