Pedestrian Safety on Route 1

Pedestrian Safety on Route 1

This Sunday, another pedestrian died from serious injuries he suffered after he was struck on Route 1 near the University of Maryland.

Carlos Pacanins, a senior from Bethesda, died from his injuries. He was a few weeks away from graduating with a degree in political science, the Hatchet reports.

According to the Diamondback, it happened just before midnight at the intersection of Route 1 and Knox Road. Prince George’s County Fire Department and paramedics responded to the scene, and transported a man in his early 20s to a trauma center.

According to reports, this is not the first time this intersection has seen tragedy. In January, a hit- and-run driver struck and killed a pedestrian at the same location. Cory Hubbard, 22, was a UMD student. He was also not in a crosswalk at the time.

Carlos was probably jay walking, which is illegal in the State. The police can always cite pedestrians for violating the laws, but I think we should do more to prevent such accidents to happen in future. If you get involved in an accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney. You may call a personal injury lawyer like the Yonkers Accident Attorney. Professional personal injury lawyers can help you get the right compensation you deserve from the injuries you’ve sustained. In such a situation, expert witness in your area must be hired in order to achieve the justice needed and the rightful compensation.

One idea is to build fences on the street medians. For example the Takoma Park built the fence after to prevent Jaywalking on University Blvd/

As you know, the Route 1 is going through some design changes. It’s a good time to discuss these issues to improve pedestrian safety there. We plan to discuss this matter with other stkeholders – SHA, UMD and the County.