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In Pictures – Bike to Work Day 2024

What an amazing “Bike to Work Day” at City Hall plaza! Huge thanks to our City staff, City Council, residents, visitors, local businesses, and our Pit Stop Sponsor for making it a success! #BikeToWorkDay 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️

Preventing Rabies and Recognizing the signs of rabies


With the recent cases of rabies infection, we have been asked to call it in is as soon as possible, if we see wildlife acting strangely, they should.

The Prince George’s County Health Department is alerting community members that a deceased rabid raccoon was recently found in the Hollywood West neighborhood of College Park. Between May 6 and May 8, the raccoon was seen at multiple locations in the neighborhood exhibiting unusual behavior. The deceased racoon was picked up on May 8, 2024, on the 9600 Block of 49th Avenue in College Park by College Park Animal Control. The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) confirmed that the raccoon tested positive for rabies on May 10, 2024.

The Health Department seeks the public’s help in finding individuals who may have had contact with the raccoon in the identified area. If you know of any persons or animals that may have had contact with a raccoon in this area between April 27 and May 8, 2024, please contact the Health Department immediately at 301-583-3751 or 240-508-5774 after 4:30 p.m. on holidays or weekends.

Residents should be vigilant and educated on rabies and wildlife in a way that creates the best harmony that can be achieved between the native wildlife species and residents. We currently provide two free rabies clinics a year for College Park Residents, and the City also implements a TNR program that vaccinates stray cats for rabies.

City is working with PG County and the State to see if more can be done or if more resources can be available. The Center for Zoonotic and Vector-borne Diseases and the Prince George’s County Health Department are the expert sources of information. They are responsible for preventing and controlling any diseases in Maryland. Our staff are reporting and sending all appropriate information for them to collect and decide whether this situation needs to be mitigated. The links to the County Health Department website and the MD Dept of Health Website are below if anyone wants to reach out to get any information.



In the meantime, it is important to share information regarding preventing rabies and recognizing the signs of rabies. Wildlife is at its most active right now, we are in the season of wildlife raising young, and hunting for food more to feed those young. We can help by emphasizing that pet owners need to get their pets up to date on rabies if they are out of date and monitor their pets while they are outside. Also not leaving food or trash accessible for wildlife on their property is helpful.

From MD Dept of Health:

“Exposure to rabies can be prevented.
• Do not approach, handle, or feed wild or stray animals.
• Have your dogs, cats, and ferrets vaccinated against rabies and keep the vaccinations up to date.
• Do not leave pets outside unattended or allow them to roam free.
• Cover garbage cans tightly and do not leave pet food outside; this may attract wild and stray animals.
• Teach children to stay away from wild animals or animals that they do not know.
• Prevent bats from entering your home by using window screens and chimney caps and by closing any openings greater than ¼ inch by ½ inch. Bats found in the home should be safely collected, if possible, and tested for rabies.
• Wear gloves when handling an animal if it has been in a fight with another animal. Keep it away from people and other animals and call your veterinarian or local health department to report the animal exposure.”
From the CDC:

How can you tell if an animal has rabies?
You cannot tell if an animal has rabies by just looking at it—the only way to know for sure if an animal (or a person) has rabies is to perform laboratory testing. However, animals with rabies may act strangely. Some may be aggressive and try to bite you or other animals, or they may drool more than normal. (This is sometimes shown in movies as animals “foaming at the mouth.”) But not all animals with rabies will be aggressive or drooling. Other animals may act timid or shy, move slowly or act tame, or let you get close to them. Because that is not the way wild animals usually act, you should remember that something could be wrong. Some animals may not appear ill. For the health and safety of wildlife, your pets, and yourself, leave wild animals alone, including baby animals.
The best thing to do is to never feed or approach a wild animal. Be careful of pets that you do not know. If you see a stray dog or cat, do not pet it. This is especially important if you are traveling in a country where rabies in dogs is common. And if any animal is acting strangely, call your local animal control officer for help. Some things to look for are:
• general sickness
• problems swallowing
• excessive drool or saliva
• an animal that is overly aggressive
• an animal that bites at imaginary objects (sometimes called “fly biting”)
an animal that appears

Council Approves Resolution Supporting Permanent Ceasefire and Return of Hostages

At last night’s meeting, the College Park City Council approved a resolution calling for a permanent ceasefire and return of all hostages. Several residents came and spoke on this resolution.

Lakeland and Berwyn Neighborhood Cleanup


Council to Discuss Campaign Signs in City Elections

The Council will discuss ways to reducing ca

Election signs in Hollywood (District 1)

mpaign yard signs during City elections. College Park allows signs on private or commercial property with owner permission, and on City rights-of-way with notification to the Public Services Department, restricted to 45 days before and 48 hours after an election. Despite theft complaints, City staff won’t remove signs based on legal advice. Planning Director Bader stated adherence to County zoning ordinances for signs.

Greenbelt has a voluntary sign program on public property since 1991, expanded in 2005, managed by a lottery system, charging candidates $75 for participation. Bowie prohibits signs on public property and removes those violating regulations. Hyattsville bans signs in public right-of-way except on election day, with no regulation on private property. Takoma Park allows signs in the City right-of-way with size limitations, mandating removal after 14 days, expecting re-dating for prolonged placement.

These regulations reflect efforts to manage campaign signage clutter, balancing candidates’ visibility with community aesthetics and safety concerns.

Public Safety Virtual Meeting – Monday May 13, 7:30 pm

Date: May 13, 2024
Time: 7:30 PM - 8:30
The Public Services Department will host virtual meetings on a quarterly basis to share helpful safety tips, hear from Public Safety officials serving the City.

Please use and share this link to join us: https://zoom.us/j/93740649925?pwd=NGI4MXpvSkdJOTZLTEIzamx0WXhHdz09

Rabies & Microchip Clinic – This Sunday

When: Sunday, May 12, 2024
The City’s Animal Control is hosting a Rabies and Microchip Clinic for City pets on Sunday, May 12, 2024 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Rain date: May 19th.

Appointments are required – slots are individual, you can only register one animal per spot. Appointments are in 10 minute slots, and space is limited. All animals MUST be leashed or properly confined to a carrier. No walk-ins.

City residents must be able to provide proof of residence to obtain free services.

Services will be discounted for non-residents as follows (exact cash or check only):

Rabies vaccine, $10.00 For 1 year or 3-year Rabies vaccines, the pet owner must have a current signed rabies certificate (1- or 3-year), and vaccines will be given at the discretion of the veterinarian.
Microchipping, $20.00
Please come no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please remain in the vehicle with your pets, and wait to be called for your appointment.

By participating in this event, you acknowledge and assume all risks and liabilities including possible exposure to illnesses, including but not limited to COVID-19. Masks and social distancing are strongly encouraged.

Register here.

Business of the Year Award 2024

Nominate an outstanding City of College Park business that goes above and beyond to positively contribute to the community and serves as an example to others. Nominate by August 31! Visit www.collegeparkmd.gov/businessaward24 to nominate or for more information.
(City of College Park)

Public Hearing on New Budget Tonight

The Council will host a public hearing on proposed property tax rate increases and Ordinance 24-O-2 for FY2025 budgets and CIP. Introduced on April 23, 2024, Ordinance 24-O-02 integrates FY2025 budgets for various funds, reflecting changes from budget worksessions.

Proposed tax rate increases, advertised on April 25, 2024, include raising residential rates from 30.18 cents to 34.18 cents per $100 of assessment and commercial rates from 33.18 cents to 40 cents.

Following the public hearing, there will be a discussion about the proposed real estate property tax rates and how any proposed budget amendments will be handled to prepare for budget adoption scheduled for May 21, 2024, when the Council will formally approve the FY25 budget.

To view the proposed FY25 budget and previously adopted budgets, visit https://www.collegeparkmd.gov/172/City-Budget.

If you cannot speak at the public hearing, please send your comments on the budget to cpmc@collegeparkmd.gov by 5 pm today. You can also join the public hearing virtually at https://zoom.us/j/92398574069 at 7:30 pm this evening.

Friday Night LIVE! May 10 | 6:30-8:30PM | City Hall Plaza

The City hosts a series of concerts over the summer and you are invited! Join us on the plaza at the City Hall building on select Fridays for Friday Night LIVE! The events will feature a variety of musical genres and performers and will include something for everyone, music, food, and entertainment. There will be children’s performers, a bounce house, kids activities and arts and crafts.

All concerts will be held at City Hall Plaza (7401 Baltimore Avenue) between May -September from 6:30 to 8:30PM. Parking will be offered for free at the Downtown College Park parking garage at the corner of Yale and Knox. Local food and beverages will be available for purchase during the event!

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