City Posts Signs Prohibiting Loud Modified Exhaust Systems

A sign stating the prohibition of loud modified systems on Rhode Island Avenue, north of MD 193.

A sign stating the prohibition of loud modified systems on Rhode Island Avenue, north of MD 193.

In recent years, residents have been complaining about very loud noise caused by vehicles with modified mufflers. This has become a health and quality of life issue for many residents.

In order to curb such loud noise,  the City has recently installed ‘Loud Modified Exhaust’ signs at ten (10) locations throughout the city.

Signs display messages prohibiting loud exhaust systems both in English and in Spanish.

Here is the list of locations where these signs have been posted:

  1. Eastbound Calvert Road, at the Eastern edge of Zips Parking Lot
  2. Northbound Edmonston Road, across from Radcliffe Drive
  3. Southbound Edmonston Road at Bryn Mawr Road
  4. Eastbound Berwyn Road at 48th Avenue
  5. Eastbound Edgewood Road at 47th Place
  6. Southbound Rhode Island Avenue, South of Edgewood Road
  7. Northbound Rhode Island Avenue, in front of 9015 Rhode Island Avenue
  8. Northbound 51st Avenue, North of Branchville Road
  9. Southbound 51st Avenue at Indian Lane (Place to Face Southbound Traffic on 51st Avenue)
  10. Northbound St. Andrew’s Place, on Traffic Island Entering the College Park Woods

More signs may be deployed, as necessary.

I want to thank our staff for putting these signs.


Senior Event in College Park Tomorrow, and Every Thursday

This summer and including tomorrow, Neighbors Helping Neighbors College Park (NHN-CP) is teaming up with Proteus Brews/Proteus Bicycles to offer a Summer Seniors Coffee Social every Thursday morning from 9:30-10:30 AM.

All you need to do is show up when you can. And, please bring along your friends and neighbors! Everyone is welcome; we won’t be asking for proof of age.

Proteus is located at 9827 Rhode Island Ave, in the Hollywood shopping center where the MOMs is also located. The shopping center has a large parking lot and there is a bus stop on Rhode Island Avenue just above the shopping center. Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ volunteers can also offer rides, for those who would prefer to travel this way.

The owners will very generously offer a 15% discount for all drinks, pastries, and ice cream bought between 9:30-10:30! (Here’s the menu.) The shop has a nice outside eating area in the shade and has tables in the cool air-conditioned inside. There is a voluntary mask-wearing policy.

If you would like a ride, please contact NHN-CP’s Coordinator at coordinator@nhn-cp.org or 301-222-3434.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors College Park (NHN-CP) offers a community of volunteers who act as a safety net for our aging residents and people with disabilities, to allow them to stay in their homes for as long as they like. Volunteers do this by helping members with transportation, household and yard chores, small home repairs, friendly visits and phone check-ins, and technical assistance. These are everyday activities that may have become difficult due to physical or cognitive limitations.

NHN-CP is part of a national Senior Village movement of grassroots, volunteer-driven community organizations. We don’t replace or duplicate government services or family assistance, but instead seek to provide a resource when those avenues of assistance are not available.

Membership is free; contact our Coordinator, Paula Greene, at 301-222-3434 or by email to be added to the list and to request assistance.

Signing up to volunteer is simple: Fill out a brief form available on our website and we will be in touch soon!

For more information, please contact, Carissa Janis, Director of Outreach and Interim Volunteer Manager, Neighbors Helping Neighbors College Park. www.NHN-CP.org


Protecting City’s Pollinator Habitats During Pollinator Week – June 19-25

This week, June 19-25 is the National Pollinator week. At tonight’s meeting, the City Council made the following proclamation encouraging residents to participate in community activities that support and celebrate pollinator protection.

WHEREAS, College Park is home to many native wildlife and pollinator species such as birds, bees, hoverflies, and other insects, including leaf-cutter and mining bees, bumblebees, and monarch butterflies as well as hummingbirds, which keep our environment healthy and biodiverse; and

WHEREAS, College Park recognizes that human health ultimately depends on well-functioning ecosystems and that biodiverse regions can better support food production, protect healthy soil and air quality, and can foster healthy connections between humans and
nature; and

WHEREAS, College Park is working to build a healthy, sustainable, and wildlife-friendly community that brings the many benefits of nature to all corners of our community; and

WHEREAS, Pollinators play an important role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Local native plant species and wildlife depend on pollination from many different types of organisms; and

WHEREAS, throughout urban communities, pollinators play a crucial role in maintaining sustainable urban agriculture particularly in local community gardens; and

WHEREAS, Pollinator species are in decline due to many human-driven actions, such as habitat loss due to urban sprawl, pesticide use, climate change and the spread of invasive species, causing many pollinator species to decline significantly; and

WHEREAS, National Pollinator Week is a national initiative that offers opportunities to individuals and communities to recognize the contribution of these members of our ecosystem, and help restore native habitat and support local pollinator species; and

WHEREAS, College Park will continue to support local, state and national efforts that protect, restore, and conserve habitat for pollinators, as well as foster a greater connection between residents and wildlife; and


New 123 Apartment Housing Planned in Berwyn

The proposed development is for a 7-story, mixed-use building, including 123 apartments and 2,300 square feet of retail. The Application includes a variation request to waive the Public Utility Easement (PUE) requirements along the street frontages. This undeveloped site (8421 and 8429 Baltimore Avenue) is located at the southeast corner of Quebec Street and Baltimore Avenue.

A Preliminary Plan of Subdivision (PPS) has been submitted by KindBild, LLC (Applicant) to consolidate existing lots into one parcel (proposed Parcel 1, 0.52 acres or 22,752 square feet).

The site is currently being used as an SHA staging area for Baltimore Avenue improvements. A Detailed Site Plan (DSP-21024) has been submitted, as required, and is currently in pre-acceptance. It will be reviewed at a later date. The tentative Planning Board date is scheduled for June 30, 2022.

At tomorrow’s meeting, the City Council consider supporting approval of the Preliminary Plan of Subdivision 4-21039 with the conditions contained in the city staff report.


City to Buy New Finance Software

City’s current financial software system is based on the AS400 platform – technology that was introduced in 1988. City staff believes it is imperative to replace and upgrade the existing, antiquated AS400 financial system for many reasons. In November 2021, the Finance Department set a goal of selecting a new software solution (with Human Resources features) prior to the end of fiscal year 2022. A number of potential software products were considered and evaluated.

Based on the quotes provided, staff is recommending Tyler Technology’s Tyler Munis software. For the success of this project, staff is recommending hiring a contract Project Manager (Gina Ford) for the software implementation. The Council will consider approving the contract with Tyler Technology for software implementation services for a total contract price of $470,535; and the related contract with Gena T. Ford for Project Manager for a total cost of $105,000,


Next Week’s Collection Schedule

All City of College Park offices will be closed on Monday, June 20 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday. Refuse and recycling will occur one day later than normal during this holiday week.

  • Monday collections will occur on Tuesday, June 21
  • Tuesday collections will occur on Wednesday, June 22
  • Wednesday collections will occur on Thursday, June 23

Special collections for brush and bulky items will only be scheduled for Friday, June 24. You must call 240-487-3590 or email publicworks@collegeparkmd.gov to schedule a pickup before setting your items out to the curb.

[City of College Park]


Celebrating Juneteenth..

Officially recognized as a City holiday since 2020, and a federal holiday since 2021, Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

In 2020, the City of College Park officially recognized Juneteenth as a holiday to remember its historical significance and impact on American life.

Learn more about the Juneteenth, how the City is celebrating and recognizing it, how you can participate, and more here.


Summer Reading Program: July 5-21

The UMD Summer Reading Program is an instructional intervention program designed to help children strengthen their reading and writing skills. Trained reading teachers provide instruction in the areas of writing, spelling, phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency, and comprehension. Students in grades 1 – 6 have multiple opportunities to read a variety of children’s literature and to participate in engaging, small-group activities.
The program is open to City Residents only and the deadline to apply is June 30, 2022. For details or to apply, please visit here.

Independence Day Fireworks Canceled for 2022. Fourth of July Parade still Scheduled

The City of College Park and the University of Maryland regret to announce the cancellation of the annual Independence Day Fireworks and Concert due to COVID-19’s continued impact on the supply chain. We apologize for any inconvenience and anticipate the return of the event in July 2023.

The City’s first Fourth of July parade is still scheduled for 11 a.m. July 4, 2022, on Rhode Island Avenue. The city is still looking for local groups and organizations to participate. Visit the City of College Park’s website (https://www.collegeparkmd.gov/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=363) for details and an application.

[City of College Park]

Community Yard Sale: June 18 -19

A couple of families have come together to host this wonderful yard sale. Please support them by joining the sale next weekend. Furniture, toys, games, dishware, collectibles, appliances and more ..


City to Approve First 5G Small Cell Antenna at this Location

Verizon has applied to add its first 5G small cell antenna at a Pepco pole near the Rhode Island Ave and Edgewood Road intersection.

You may have seen small cell wireless antennas being installed on top of wooden or metal PEPCO poles along roads in the area. Carriers such as Verizon and AT&T have or will soon be applying to install this same type of antenna in City rights-of-way.

The City is the first municipality in Prince George’s County to be contacted by Verizon with the intent to move forward in the immediate future.

There are approximately 38 proposed installations in the City, to be phased in overtime. The majority of these will be in residential areas. 21 cells will be installed on the existing Pepco poles, 1 on the City-owned structure, and the remaining will be installed on Verizon poles.

The polygon map from Verizon shows the areas in which they are proposing to install small wireless facilities. This shows the architecture of the full system. Not all of the facilities will be applied for and installed at one time.

The proposed pole is a 22’-6” tall (10”x6.0”x0.3125”), round, tapered, seamless, aluminum alloy light pole on ~6” breakaway couplers and a total pole height of 23’-0”. A Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Energy (RF-EME) Compliance Report dated October 5, 2020, notes the structure will be in compliance with FCC regulations upon proper installation of
recommended signage. Our review of this report found no inconsistencies.

The report finds that neither the occupational nor the general population limits for radio frequency exposure will be exceeded at ground level using worst-case predictive modeling. The report noted that the worst-case emitted power density may exceed the FCC’s general public limit within approximately 3 feet of the antennas’ faces at the level at which the antennas are placed on the pole (i.e., approximately 20.5 feet above the ground). General public exposure for a 6-foot-tall person standing at the base of the pole will be within the FCC’s limit. The applicant has
confirmed that proper signage will be added to the pole.

The proposed pole location is 90 feet from the nearest commercial building. Prince George’s County Code requires a small wireless facility to be setback 20 feet from a commercial building. The nearest single-family residence is 315 feet, which is within the 30-foot setback required. The distance to the curb is 5 feet, which is within the 3.5-foot setback required.

City will be holding an informational meeting about the Small Cell Antenna (5G), on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 | 7:00-8:00pm | City Hall or Virtual

Installation of the antenna on public land is governed by federal and City law. The Mayor and Council adopted a law and application process to regulate these installations and require a License Agreement to place the antennas, and have hired a consultant to evaluate small cell antenna applications.

City staff and representatives from the consultant, Columbia Telecommunications Corporation, will be present at the meeting to provide information about the City’s process and to answer questions.

Residents can attend in person at the City Hall Council Chambers or via zoom: https://zoom.us/j/92398574069.


Free Summer Parking

Free Summer parking is in effect between May 28 to August 13, 2022, in the Downtown College Park Parking Garage!

Park there for free while you visit local shops and restaurants on weekdays after 5 pm and all day on weekends.
[City of College Park]


It’s Time to Renew Your Parking Permits

The following notice was sent to the residents recently from the City’s Department of Public Services/Parking Enforcement Division.

Your current permits are scheduled to expire on June 30th, 2022. Permits and visitor passes must be renewed before July 1st, 2022. Beginning Monday, June 6th you may apply online for virtual permits for the vehicle(s) that are registered to your College Park address by going to collegepark.aimsparking.com, or you may opt to apply by mail to, or in person at our City Hall offices, located at 7401 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740 between the hours of 8am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Physical permits are no longer required to be displayed as long as your vehicle(s) is/are registered with the city for your permit area. However, physical visitor passes will still be available for your guests for the upcoming permit year period, which you must request. Both virtual permits and visitor passes will be free of charge. If you wish to register your vehicle for a permit and/or obtain visitor passes for your residence, you will need to indicate this, regardless of how you apply (online, by mail, or in-person). Either way, your vehicle(s) will need to be registered for your permit area in order to park on the street at or near your residence.

OWNER OCCUPIED PROPERTIES: *You may apply for permits for each vehicle that is registered to your College Park address by providing a copy of the vehicle registration at the time of application (Please Note – Quantity limitations apply as to the number of permits and visitor passes allocated to each property address within the permit restricted area). If you wish to obtain visitor passes only, you must request them. You may apply online at collegepark.aimsparking.com, or by going here  —Free- for an application form to either be mailed in or brought in person to our City Hall offices.

RENTAL PROPERTIES: *In addition to providing a copy of your vehicle registration, each tenant must also submit a copy of his or her current signed lease agreement as proof of residency, along with a valid photo ID at the time of application. If the vehicle has out-of-state license plates (other than Maryland), you must apply in person. (Please Note – Quantity limitations apply as to the number of permits and visitor passes allocated to each property address within the permit restricted area). If you wish to obtain visitor passes only, you must request them. You may apply online at collegepark.aimsparking.com, or by going here —Free- for an application form to either be mailed in or brought in person to our City Hall offices.

In addition, City Code prohibits the use of visitor passes more than two hundred (200) feet from the property address to which they have been issued and may not be used in lieu of registering the vehicle for a residential parking permit if the individual to which the vehicle belongs resides at your address (Penalties will apply if found in violation of this ordinance).

TAKE HOME COMPANY VEHICLES: *If you are required to bring a company vehicle home as part of your employment you must include a letter from your employer confirming such, as well as a copy of the vehicle registration in order to apply for a parking permit for that vehicle. (Please Note – Vehicles that may violate the city’s ‘Prohibited Vehicle’ ordinance will not be permitted to register for a parking permit, nor park on any residential street(s) within the City limits at any time).

Lastly, Maryland State law prohibits out-of-state vehicles from remaining in Maryland for a period longer than sixty (60) days unless you are a member of the military on assignment and can provide such paperwork from either a local military establishment or base within the Washington Metropolitan area. With this in mind, the City of College Park will not issue, or allow to be issued any parking permit for out-of-state licensed vehicles unless the owner/operator does one of the following:

1. Register the vehicle in Maryland and purchase Maryland State tags/license plates, or;

2. Purchase a Non-Resident permit. Non-Resident permits are available at the city’s Finance Office, located at 7401 Baltimore Avenue for $31.00, and are payable by check, cash, or credit card. The Non-Resident permit allows you to operate your vehicle in the state of Maryland and park on public or private property (with permission of the property owner). The Non-Resident permit will expire at the same time as your vehicle’s out-of-state registration, or a maximum of one (1) year from the issue date of the permit, whichever is earlier.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND – If your vehicle is displaying out-of-state license plates, you must apply in person at our City Hall offices to obtain both a Non-Resident permit, as well as to register your vehicle for a virtual parking permit for your area.

To apply for/register your vehicles for the necessary permits associated with your property address, you must either go online to collegepark.aimsparking.com, apply by mail to, or in person at our City Hall offices, located at 7401 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740 between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday.

If you have any questions regarding permit parking for your area, virtual permitting, or the non-resident permit program for out-of-state licensed vehicles, please contact our office at the number listed above. For a list of enforcement hours for your area, please visit our website at this link.

Renewal letters are still sent to residents, along with an application form if they have not provided the city with an email address. However, if an email address has been provided, then the assumption is that they also have access to the internet. The whole purpose of this is to streamline the process by which the City does business.

If there are senior residents who are not comfortable with accessing the online permitting process, they can still contact our office to request a physical application form or stop by either City Hall or Davis Hall if they wish to submit an application to register their vehicle(s) for virtual permitting, and/or to obtain their visitor passe


Multi-Family Apartments Planned to Replace Three Hotels in North College Park

RST Development, a private, family-owned multifamily real estate development company, has entered into a contract to purchase the three hotels located on the east side of Baltimore Avenue between Cherokee Street and Delaware Street. The three hotels are the Howard Johnsons, the Days Inn, and the Red Roof Inn, located at 9113 Baltimore Ave.

RST owns and operates approximately 6,000 market-rate and affordable apartment units throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.

They plan to raze all three hotels and construct a mixed-use development with 331 dwelling units and 3937 square feet of ground-floor retail. The developer is in starting the application process and will be filing a preliminary plan of subdivision and a detailed site plan.

The developer will be attending a meeting with the North College Park Civic Association this Thursday, June 9, 2022, 7:30-9:30 pm to present more details about the plan to the residents. Meetings are held hybrid — in person. You can read more on how to join the meeting here on the NCPCA’s website: https://myncpca.org/ . Any votes taken that evening are open only to those who have paid their 2022 dues by 5 pm.

Please join the meeting and give your input.


Building an Age-Friendly Community in College Park

On March 14, 2022, M-NCPPC and the University of Baltimore Jacob France Institute/Artemel & Associates consultant team, with the assistance of the City staff, conducted a virtual community meeting. The purpose of the meeting was two-fold: to inform College Park community members of the project’s status, and most importantly, to gather input vital to developing the AARP Age-Friendly Action Plan.

The plan sets goals in the areas of housing, transportation, communication, social participation, and health services.

Priority housing goals identified by the community include (a) Additional affordable and “missing middle” housing, (b) Provision of multifamily housing with communal spaces and amenities, perhaps combined with a student housing component, (c) Cutting housing costs for seniors; and (d) Assistance to seniors for home renovation and/or maintenance projects.

The priority transportation goals include: (a) Availability of safe, multimodal options, including sidewalks and bicycle trails, (b) Enhanced on-demand senior transportation, (c) Additional bus and UMD shuttle opportunities; and (d) Fulfilling the need for “last mile” transportation into residential neighborhoods.

The priority goals identified for communications and information are (a) Availability of publications in print format (b) Robocalls to residents for urgent information (c) Monthly city government outreach to residents via a hybrid Town Hall, and (d) Providing all information in Spanish as well as English.

With community input, priority goals for social participation are (a) Neighborhood events where residents can connect, (b) Partnering on events with nonprofit organizations (c) Access to a clearinghouse for continuing education and volunteering opportunities; and (d) A new, drop-in community center.

The priority health and community support goals were identified as (a) Addressing senior isolation through individual contacts and networking events, (b) Providing more services to more residents at more income levels, (c) Establishing a community meals program; and (d) Recreational opportunities at UMD and a new community center. After receiving input from the City Council, the consultant will finalize the Action Plan, and prepare a final presentation and infographic