NCP Resident Featured in Urban Farming Story

Roy Caspari

This weekend, Roy Caspari, a north College Park resident was featured in a story on his passion for urban gardening project.

Here is the link to that story:

Program trains immigrants in urban farming

On most days, Roy Caspari, a native of Indonesia, works as a massage therapist and landlord in College Park. But every Saturday, Caspari drives to Edmonston to learn about urban farming with new friends from Guatemala, Peru, Ethiopia and Honduras.

Many of the program’s participants, including Caspari, have already brought their family and neighbors out to the farm to show them what they are doing. Some of the techniques Caspari has learned were used by his grandparents in Indonesia, he said. But they didn’t know it was organic farming.

“Now I teach this to my kids,” he said.

Caspari lives with his family in Hollywood’s Niagara Road. The entire family has been quite active in the organic garden project they started in their backyard some time ago.

Last summer, Caspari’s garden project was featured in another local newspaper. Here is the link to that article:

Home Gardens Taking Root in Community 

Congratulations Caspari for your hard work – you set an example for the rest of us in the community. You’ve made us proud! Thank you.

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