NCP Crime Stats: Feb 28 – Mar 06, 2013. Man Dies in Domestic Incident

Please see below last week’s crime stats and let me know if you have any questions.

UPDATE: Major Brewer of Prince George’s Police reported regarding a death that occurred last night as a result of a domestic incident. Apparently other members of the household were holding down the decedent after calling 911. When police arrived it was discovered victim had passed. No weapons were used. Currently called a homicide but may change after autopsy and investigation is completed. Incident was in 9700 block of 52nd Ave. We’ll let you know as we receive more information.

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Date of
Time of

03/01/2013 552 THEFT FROM AUTO 5200 Blk PADUCAH RD
03/01/2013 857 THEFT 9500 Blk 50TH AVE
03/01/2013 913 THEFT FROM AUTO 5200 Blk PADUCAH RD
03/02/2013 420 THEFT 9500 Blk 50TH AVE
03/03/2013 624 THEFT FROM AUTO 9100 Blk BALTIMORE AVE
03/04/2013 1331 THEFT 9500 Blk 50TH AVE
03/05/2013 2028 THEFT FROM AUTO 4700 Blk CHEROKEE ST
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