In Social Distancing, Prince George’s Residents Falling Behind in D.C. Region

Social distancing numbers compiled at the University of Maryland indicate Prince George’s residents are falling behind in the Metro D.C. area.

Many of our county residents, especially those living in low-income neighborhood are forced to work in essential businesses, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.  Thus we’ll most likely never get the same level of social distancing index as other affluent communities in the area. That said, many of us are fortunate enough to stay home and telework. Those of us who fall in this non-essential category should try our best to practice social distancing to the fullest extent. This will go a  long way in improving our county’s social distancing index.

On a positive note, Metro D.C. residents are doing better at it than almost any state in the country, and Maryland is not far behind.

The numbers were compiled by the University of Maryland’s Maryland Transportation Institute. They can be viewed here.

Using privacy-protected data from cell phones along with information from the government and healthcare industry, researchers are giving a “social distancing index” score to every state and county in the U.S. Essentially, a score of zero represents no social distancing, 100 is perfect social distancing.

As of Wednesday, Maryland has an index of 80, better than the national average of 76.

County Social Distancing  Index % Staying Home Trips per person % Out-of-county trips Miles traveled per person
Arlington 83 61 1.7 44 13.7
Montgomery 83 55 1.7 19 10.6
Fairfax 83 55 1.7 28 10.1
Howard 83 54 1.7 34 11.4
Anne Arundel 82 52 1.8 28 11.7
Washington, D.C. 81 58 2.3 35 14.4
Prince George’s 79 51 1.8 34 12.1
Baltimore 79 50 1.9 33 11.5
Frederick, MD 77 45 2 26 13.6
Maryland 80 50 1.9 29 11.8
Nationwide 76 46 2 21 14.5
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