Housing Units in College Park’s Neighborhoods

Towns and jurisdictions often use the number of housing units in different sections / areas within their towns when they analyze events (such as crime incidents) and discuss future policy decisions (such as adding future amenities etc.).  Recently, I came across the latest data on the apartments (student and multi-family) in the city. I combined that with the number of single-family homes in different neighborhoods and prepared this list.

North College Park (3709)
Single family homes 2264
Camden 508
Monument 235
Mazza 232
Wynfield 302
Ferris Manor 60
Attic tower 108
Mid Town (2230)
Single family homes 548
University View I 507
University View II 360
The Varsity 258
Spellman 141
Parkside 128
Enclave 97
University Club 135
Alden-Berkley Townhouses 56
Old town / Calvert Hills (2125)
Single family homes 554
Landmark 267
4611 – 4613 Calvert Road 31
Terrapin Row 418
South Campus Commons 599
Domain College Park 256
Estates and Yarrow (314)
Single family homes 314
West College Park (667)
Single family homes 667
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