Congratulations, Our ‘Green’ Residents!!

Congratulations Resident Russell Robinette and Joanna Calabrese, a former University of Maryland student, for receiving annual ‘Green Awards’ at a June 8 City Council meeting.

Every year, the Committee for a Better Environment (CBE) gives awards to City residents and businesses who demonstrate “a commitment to improving and protecting our natural environment”.

Robinette, 53, has been picking up litter — paper, bottles, cans and cups, often left by partying students from the University of Maryland, College Park — almost daily for about five years. He was featured earlier in this Gazette report.

Calabrese — who graduated from UM this past spring — helped lead a successful effort last year to prevent UM from clearing nine acres of on-campus forest to make way for proposed development. Last year, she was awarded Udall Scholarship for Environmental Leadership by the University of Maryland.

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