College Park Academy Scores Big Among Local Schools

College Park Academy

College Park Academy

Great news. According to the Baltimore Sun,  the College Park Academy has scored incredible MSA scores!! As you can see from the chart below, the College Park Academy scored higher than almost all Prince Georges’s County schools, the Montgomery County Average, and the MD State average.

Ortiz Brewster, the school’s Principal said “I think that we should call the Gazette and the headline should read, “C+P+A Equals a Successful First School Year.”
Categories 6th Math 6th Reading 7th Math 7th Reading
CPA Average 76.25 94.96 79.48 92.95
PGCPS 56.7 78 47.75 71.5
All MD Schools 67.8 83.2 63.1 78.79
Montgomery County Average 76 87 74.8 85
CPA’s Rank in PGCPS 12th 5th 4th 5th
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