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Category: WSSC

Road Resurfacing of Daniels Park

Our City engineer is advising that beginning on Wednesday July 12th M T Laney, WSSC’s resurfacing contractor will begin working in the City on all the affected streets as shown on the attached map. They are NOT ALL going to be worked on at the same time. The order of construction activities is as follows: […]

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Major Water Main Break – Traffic on Rt 1 Impacted

A major water main break has been reported this evening at the intersection of Greenbelt Road and Baltimore Avenue. Reports of 1 foot of water in all directions and a 15’ x 15’ section of missing pavement in the middle of Baltimore Avenue. WSSC and Maryland Highway Administration have been notified by PGPD Dispatch. City […]

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WSSC Plans to Replace Water Mains in West Hollywood

The WSSC (Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission) plans to replace waterlines in the west Hollywood area, particularly the area west of Rhode Island avenue. The affected areas will include Lackawanna Street, Muskogee Street, 47th Place, 48th Place, Mangum Road, Laguna Road and 49th Place. (please see the map below, which shows the streets that will eb […]

Friday December 2nd, 2016 in Announcements, WSSC | 1 Comment »

WSSC Responds to Residents’ Complaints about Water Main Replacement Project

Many of our neighbors have asked about WSSC’s ongoing water replacement project in the Daniels Park area. The WSSC has released a letter about the project’s background, project status and the future timeline about the project. Please see the letter below. The flier was also distributed to the area residents impacted by the project. If […]

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North College Park Braces for Multiple Storm Water Projects

The north College Park is bracing for multiple storm water related projects. The residents will have an opportunity to hear about these projects give feedback at the upcoming NCPCA meeting on September 8, 2016. The meeting will take place at the Youth and Family Services building at 4912 Nantucket Road. The meeting will startr at […]

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WSSC to Paint Thousands of Fire Hydrants

WSSC is in the process of painting approximately 10,000 fire hydrants in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties. The hydrants will remain in service during this time. WSSC fire hydrants have a grey body with a green top. During the painting process, hydrants will receive a coat of primer, leaving the entire hydrant light grey in […]

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WSSC to Replace 2.8 miles of Water Mains in North College Park

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) plans to replace approximately 2.84 miles of water mains in Daniels Park neighborhood of north College Park. The project is necessary because the water mains are nearing the end of their useful life. The affected streets include: 49th Place, 50th avenue, 50th Place, 51st Avenue, 51st Place, 52nd Avenue, […]

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WSSC Plans Sewer Rehabilitation on 52nd Pl. This Week

WSSC has begun their planned rehabilitation of the sewer main under 52nd Place. The sewer main is being relined so there will be no excavations. The Contractor will be working from Sewer manhole to sewer manhole. The project limits are Odessa Road to Mineola Road. Much of the work will be performed under the beltway. […]

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College Park Woods Community Pool Gets Second Higher Water Bill

The problem came about when WSSC installed a new meter and all the readings are conducted at their central office. The Pool Board plans to meet with a WSSC advocate today to discuss the bills in question.

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Council Supports State Bill to Review High Water Bill

At last night’s Council meeting, the City Council unanimously supported a State bill to establish an independent review commission, to review WSSC bills that are at least 25% higher than an average WSSC bill and when the consumer has already submitted a written request for a refund. The commission will be consisted of a WSSC […]

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WSSC to Discuss Recent Storm Damage and Repairs

Representatives from WSSC will be at Davis Hall this Thursday (August 7) at 6:30 PM to answer your questions on recent storm / flooding incidents or related repair work. Please see below for details.

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WSSC Water Main Replacement Work in North College Park Starts Next Monday

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) is planning to begin working on the subject water main replacement project this coming Monday. The contractor is planning to begin working on 51st Avenue in the Hollywood Subdivision. They plan to saw cut the pavement and perform test pits. The contractor was given the Notice To Proceed on […]

Thursday December 5th, 2013 in WSSC | 1 Comment »

Council to Consider Joint Pavement Work with WSSC Following Water Main Work

Since 2009 WSSC has been replacing water mains throughout the City. They have recently completed projects in the College Park Estates, Yarrow, and Lord Calvert Manor subdivisions. After a water main project is completed, WSSC executes a second contract for the restoration (milling and paving) of the disturbed area of the street per their “prescribed […]

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Water Restriction Continues..

It’s been over 24 hours now since a large water main, that runs under Chevy Chase Lake Drive, buckled, leaving thousands with limited clean water. The damage was so extensive, it even knocked out power and gas lines for dozens of apartments and homes. Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) General Manager Jerry Johnson Tuesday called […]

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Trail Talk 2: WSSC Resurfacing Mess and the Fix

As I was campaigning the other day on Nantucket Rd, I met a neighbor who brought a common issues on our streets. The neighbor was pointing to the road resurfacing and the related landscaping issues that the WSSC has been doing. First, it took WSSC for about a year to complete the water line replacement. […]

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