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Category: Rent Control

Council to Disband Rent Stabilization Board

The City Council has recently voted to expire the Rent Stabilization, as of September 1, 2014. In order to reflect the change in the City Code, I asked to have a future worksession discussing the disbanding of the Rent Stabilization Board. This expiration of rent stabilization law has made various sections of the City Code […]

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County Bill May Stop Rental Property Conversion in College Park Neighborhoods

A proposed bill in the County Council may stop conversions of single family homes to rental properties in College Park. The bill, proposed by Dist 3 County Councilman Eric Olson, will be discussed at our Council worksession tonight. The Council may take a position whether to support the bill when it will be formerly introduced […]

Council to Vote on Expiring City’s Rent Control Law

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the Council will consider 2 actions on City’s rent control law. The first will be about a vote on whether to sunset the law as of September 1, 2014. If the motion fails, there will be an introduction of ordinance to extend the law (without enforcement) for one more year. I […]

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Group Outlines Steps to Improve Quality of Life and Stabilize Neighborhood

About a year ago, in July 2012, the Mayor and Council established the Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Work Group to develop and explore new strategies for addressing issues related to the increasing use of single-family houses as group rental houses over the past several decades. The initiative came after the Council suspended the […]

Thursday August 22nd, 2013 in Rent Control | 2 Comments »

Council to Extend Rent Control Ordinance One More Year

At tonight’s meeting, the Council will introduce a resolution to postpone the sunset of the program for another year, until September 1, 2014. The Council will also be considering continuing suspension of the implementation and enforcement of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance for another year, to allow the Council and other stakeholders to work on the […]

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Council Votes to Extend Rent Control for 1 Year with no Enforcement

In last night’s Council meeting, the rent Control was extended for 1 year period. The original ordinance had the language to extend rent control for 5 years. an amendment was passed to make that duration from 5 to 1 year with 6-2 votes. Council members Stullich and Afzali voted against the amendment. Council member Catlin […]

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Rent Control Public Hearing

Some 55 residents packed up the Council chamber yesterday to talk about the rent stabilization ordinances at last night’s public hearing. I tried to compile their testimonies here. The Council will vote on the ordinance tonight. Ms. Lea Callahan. Owns a business for downtown town College Park business. Se often gets disturbed by the noise caused by the students. PGPOA […]

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Rent Control: Vote Tomorrow, Public Hearing Tonight

After much discussion and debate on the rent control ordinance, the Council will finally take up the subject for a vote at tomorrow’s regular Council meeting. The Rent Stabilization Ordinance, which caps rents in single-family homes around the City. The Rent Stabilization law was passed in 2005 and extended in 2009 for a number of purposes, including reducing […]

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Rent Control Studies

When it comes to studying rent control (aka rent stabilization), you can probably find a number of them. Here are a few I cam across. I’ll be adding more as I go through this complex, yet interesting studies College Park Rent Control Ordinances F.A.Q. If you’re new to rent control ordinances in College Park, this […]

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Rent Control Town Hall Meeting, July 2

Council member Wojahn and I are organizing a town hall meeting in north College Park on the City’s rent control laws. It will be held at Davis Hall (9217 51st Avenue) at 7pm. Unless renewed, City’s rent stabilization ordinariness will expire on September 1st. The City Council will vote on a set of proposed ordinances […]

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Council to Discuss Renewing Rent Control Ordinance

At tonight’s work session, the Council will discuss a draft ordinance prepared by the City Attorney to continue the rent stabilization program for an additional five years. Unless renewed, the program will expire on September 1. In addition to the extension of time, the new draft ordinance makes a number of changes to the current program based […]

Tuesday June 5th, 2012 in Rent Control | 1 Comment »

Rent Control Discussion Comes Back to Council

After the Council blocked the rent control petition last week, here comes another discussion on a similar subject. This time the Council will discuss the actual law. This is not the first time the Council will discuss the renewal issue. About a month ago, the Council discussed City’s current rent control laws in its April 17 work […]

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PGPOA Petitions “Legally Insufficient” – City Attorney Says

At last night’s City Council meeting, City Attorney Ms. Suellen Ferguson reported that the recently submitted petitions by the Prince George’s Property Owners’ Association are “Legally insufficient”. City received two charter referendum petitions on March 22, 2012 meeting, when the Council referred the petitions to the attorney for a legal opinion whether he subject matter […]

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City Attorney to Present Report on PGPOA Rent Control Petitions

The Prince George’s Property Owner Association (PGPOA) recently submitted a series of two proposed Charter amendments, which, if legally valid and if they include the appropriate number of valid signatures, will appear on the ballot for an upcoming City special election. At the April 10 regular meeting, the Council approved these petitions so that they […]

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Council Mulls to Renew Rent Control Laws

At tomorrow’s council work session, the Mayor and the Council will discuss whether to renew the  rent control ordinances within the city. Unless the Council renews the rent stabilization ordinance again, will sunset on September 1, 2012. For the past seven years, the City has had a rent stabilization ordinance that applies to single-family home […]

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