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Category: Real Estate

Council to Discuss City’s Vacant Properties

At tonight’s worksession, we will discuss what actions the City could take to address vacant properties. It’s clear to everyone that vacant properties are detrimental to the quality of life in the City in several ways. Vacant properties leave a neighborhood susceptible to crime. Vacant properties do not contribute positively to the streetscape. Vacant properties […]

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Council to Review City’s Home Ownership Program Rules

In tomorrow’s work session, the City Council will discuss a review of the home ownership program to attract more professionals to live in College Park and replace the foreclosed or rental houses into owner – occupied houses. The program started back in 2006, however went through couple of changes. Back in summer last year, it […]

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Get Help to Avoid Home Foreclosures!

[This information came from the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments and its regional partners, who are sponsoring a campaign to help local residents avoid foreclosures on their homes] If you’re facing foreclosure of are having trouble staying current on your mortgage, you are not alone. The Capital Area Foreclosure Network (CAFN) – a partnership between […]

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Trail Talk 3: Vacant House, Wild Animal and Code Enforcement

One of the major complaints I’m hearing during my talks with my neighbors is the issue with the vacant houses and its effect on the quality of life. Due to deep recession we’re in, our city is having a record number of vacant and foreclosed houses. Many rental houses are staying vacant because of lack […]

City Firefighters Get Help to Own Houses

The City currently offers $7,500 grants to people who purchase rental properties or foreclosed or vacant properties, or who work for the City or as police officers or career firefighters, as long as they agree to live in those homes for at least five years after they purchase them. When the City expanded the program […]

Wednesday July 13th, 2011 in Real Estate | No Comments »

MD Emergency Mortgage Assistance

As more and more houses are going into foreclosures, here is a news of relief. There is an opportunity available for individuals and families who are struggling to maintain and stay in their homes in Prince George’s County. The Emergency Mortgage Assistance program is administered by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. The […]

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PGPOA Sends referendum Letter To College Park Homes

In a new twist to the politics surrounding the referendum petition, College Park residents have started to receive a letter from the Prince George’s Property Association (PGPOA) yesterday. The letter asks residents to support the petition, which will force the City to put the referendum questions to the upcoming November election if it receives support of 20% of total […]

City Tries to Revive Near-Dead Home Ownership Program

The City’s Homeownership Grant Program was launched in Year 2006 with $100,000 to encourage the conversion of single-family rental properties to owner occupancy. However, the number of grant awards has decreased in the last two years, so much so that it has come to a screetching halt. The City awarded one grant in Fiscal Year […]

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House Prices Fall, Sales Double in North College Park

Home sales nearly doubled between 2009 and 2010, the market has come to life again, but prices have fallen in North College Park. Mark Shorder, former council member and North College Park Civic Association president disclosed these figures in this month’s NCPCA meeting.  According to the statistics, number of house sales have gone up from […]

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City Population Rises to 30K, Nearly 1 in 5 Houses is Vacant, Census Says

The 2010 Census numbers are in. The Census Bureau released the numbers for the state of Maryland last Wednesday. It also published the data for the counties and towns within the state through its American FactFinder website. Once every ten years the U.S. Census Bureau conducts a decennial census, which is mandated by the Constitution. Under Secretary […]

Monday February 14th, 2011 in Community, Real Estate | 1 Comment »

County’s Home Values Drop by 35% – Highest in MD

As the State’s Department of Assessments and Taxation released its latest report on the assessment notices, there is some darn bad news for the county’s home owners – their house prices sank 35% in values since the year 2008. The report can be viewed here. The percentage drop is the highest among the entire state of Maryland. The other counties […]

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