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New Flashing Pedestrian Light Coming near Sunnyside Skate Park

Good News! A new flashing pedestrian light (RRFB) will be installed on Rhode Island Ave at Odessa Rd near the Sunnyside Skate Park. The equipment has been ordered and the light is expected to be constructed as early as late next month or the latest by this November. The City Council allocated money in its […]

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Police Investigates Homicide in Camden Apartment

According to Police, Officers responded for a shooting at the College Park Camden Apartment just before 2:30 am. A man was found suffering from apparent gunshot wounds, and pronounced dead on scene. The area is a shopping center (including IKEA) and apartment complex just off the Capital Beltway and U.S. 1. Authorities said the shooting […]

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Citing Safety Concerns, PG Parks Closes Hollywood Park’s South Gate

Recently we found that the PG Parks locked the south gate of the Hollywood Park (the Birch Field) in response to a complaint about a metro pedestrian being assaulted by someone lurking in the park. The path to the park is now blocked and the PG Parks wants metro users use the safe route (on […]

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Police Reminds Residents About Safety During Winter Breaks

As the upcoming breaks approach, our police agencies are reminding residents how to safeguard their home. We hope this information serves as a reminder of what you can do to reduce your chance of becoming a victim of a crime and to help you remain safe . Protecting your residence while you are home or […]

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City Plans to Install Safety Cameras along Trolley Trail

In this week’s worksession, the City Council will discuss a plan to put security survelillance cameras along the trolley trail in the Berwyn neighborhood area. The City submitted an application for a $125,000 grant to the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) to extend the City’s security camera system along the Trolley Trail […]

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New Pedestrian Flashing Light Goes Live on Rhode Island Ave. at Hollywood Rd

A new flashing pedestrian light (RRFB) has been installed this week on Rhode Island Ave at Hollywood Rd. The accompanying pedestrian ramps will be tentatively constructed by the end of next week. This will help prevent pedestrian from walking on the grass to the service road. The City Council allocated money in its FY2015 budget […]

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Police Arrests College Park Burglary Suspect

Prince Gerge’s police told us last night that one of our most notorious burglary suspects has been apprehended. After a burglary was committed earlier yesterday in the Laurel area, an extensive search was done by District VI officers. The suspect, Sherrod Weaver, was later tracked back to the Hollywood section of College Park where he […]

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Man Gets Prison for Pipe Bomb and Drug Incident in Hollywood

The man who terrorized Hollywood neighborhood by pipe bombs back in 2012 got a 121 month prison sentence, according to this ABC7 report. John Frank Jenkins has been sentenced to prison for his role in a drug operation selling oxycodone, and for building two pipe bombs that he planned to use to try and blow up […]

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Hollywood LPR Cameras to Go Live Soon

The license plate readers at the Edgewood and Rhode Island Ave are expected go live by the end of this month. When installed, the data will be able to be downloaded at the intersection as needed by police . Soon it will be transmitted to police so a site visit would not be necessary. There […]

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Mundo Latino Safety Update

Yesterday I met with a Hollywood resident, who was at the store during the time of robbery. Even though he was with his wife and 5 year old son at the time, he took the risk of quickly hiding behind the shelves and calling 911 emergency number. I think we should all be proud of […]

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SHA to Build Fence to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Route 1

The State Highway Administration (SHA) crews are placing concrete footers that will support a fence between Knox Road and Hartwick Road to deter mid-block pedestrian crossings on US 1. Weather permitting, the installation of the fence should be complete by early September. To complete the installation of the fence, crews are permitted to close a […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Today’s National Night Out

More than 16,000 communities across the country will host National Night Out events on Tuesday, Aug. 5, hoping to promote involvement in crime prevention activities, police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and to send a message to criminals letting them know that their neighborhoods are organized and are fighting back. In north College Park, National Night Out […]

City to install 3rd Flashing Crossing Signal on Rhode Island Avenue

At this week’s Council’s worksesion, the City Council will discuss a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the County about the installation of a 3rd flashing pedestrian crossing signal (RRFB signal) on Rhode Island Avenue near Hollywood Road. Last year, in May, the City entered into an MOU with Prince George’s County for the installation oftwo […]

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Pedestrian Struck on Rhode Island Avenue

Early this morning 3 pedestrians were reportedly struck by a driver on Rhode Island Avenue near the REI / MoM shopping center. Please see above the tweet from Marc Brady, from the County’s Fire Department. From an eye witness, the victims were hit while they were trying to cross Rhode Island near Hollywood Road. It’s […]

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