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Police Arrests Two in Hollywood School Incident

Police has arrested two individuals in an apparent break-in incident in west Hollywood. The incident happened last night around 10pm around Hollywood Elementary School. It appears that a custodian / janitor inside the school informed the police about the incident. Police apprehended one female on the spot but another male tried to escape. Police later […]

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Fatal Accident on Route 1

A student was fatally hit by a car early this morning near the campus and was later pronounced dead. The police is investigating the incident based on the footage obtained from the surveillance camera system on Route 1. Please see here for more details. We’re all saddened by this sad news. Our staff is in […]

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Council to Discuss Expanding Security Cameras Along Route 1

In this Tuesday’s worksession, the Council will discuss approval of a contract to install several surveillance security cameras along Route 1, in the Lakeland neighborhood. The City received a $50,000 grant award from the Governor’s Office of Cd me Control and Prevention (GOCCP) for expansion of the City’s security camera system into the Lakeland area […]

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Concerns Raised About Starbucks Drive Through in College Park Marketplace

Several residents have raised concerns to me about the drive through of the Starbucks at the College Park Marketplace. It appears that the drive through was not designed in the best manner for that location. The line at the drive through is backing up onto the service road leading into the shopping center. It looks […]

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Safety Tips During Winter Break

I received these safety tips from UMD’s Campus Housing Services. Most of them apply to our non-student residents as well. At your home and your UMD home away from home: • Keep doors and windows locked, regardless of whether they are upper or lower level windows/entrances. • Before you leave your home, check to be […]

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UPDATE: Person Dies in Fire Incident in Sunnyside Skate Park

UPDATE (5:25 pm) : County’s Fire department is now saying the person has died from his injuries. It’s a very tragic event for all of us. More here. s some of you probably know, an unfortunate incident happened early this morning at the Sunnyside Skate Park. A man in his 20′s suffered serious burn injury […]

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Neighborhood Watch – Easier Than You Think, Free Training Opportunities Available

As you all know, despite the fact that city’s overall crime figures have gone down over the recent years, we still have a plenty of petty / small crimes , such as thefts from cars etc. Many of these kind of crimes can be easily avoided by keeping an “watchful eye” around our neighborhood. Being part […]

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Reginald Orem Killed in Sunnyside Fire, Firefighters Distribute Fire Safety Tips

Yesterday afternoon, I was with the members of our local fire departments who conducted the Post Incident Neighborhood Intervention Program (PINIP) at Palco Place, where Sunday’s fatal fire happened. About 15 or more fire fire fighters went door to door on Palco Pl and surrounding streets checking smoke detectors inside houses and doing free installations […]

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Palco Place Fire Claims One Life

A major fire broke out around 5 am this morning at a house on the 5200 block of Palco Place in the Sunnyside neighborhood. I was on the scene this morning and spoke with Mark Brady of the Prince George’s Police’s Public relation department. A few minutes ago, he told me that a male person […]

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City’s Reported Crime is at a 7-Year Low

Last week the City Council heard the annual report from all policing agencies that serve College Park.  The good news is that crime rates are down in most categories, both for 2013 year-to-date vs. the comparable period in 2012, as well as over the longer term. First, the good news about the long-term reduction in […]

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Police Reports Reduced Crime in College Park

The law enforcement agencies operating in College Park came to the Council’s last Tuesday’s worksession and shared crime statistics to the Council. The law enforcement agencies include Prince George’s Police, University of Maryland Police, College Park Contract Police, Metro Transit Police, Maryland State Police and Maryland Park Police. Captain Lloyd from the Prince George’s Police said […]

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Council to Discuss Creating Special Tax District To Improve Public Safety

At tomorrow’s worksession, the City Council will discuss creating  a special taxing district in order to improve public safety in the student heavy area of mid town West Lakeland area of College Park. The University District Vision for 2020 includes expansion of the public safety area security camera system. A grant of $50,000 has been awarded […]

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UMd to Expand Concurrent Police Jurisdiction, Student Code of Conduct Boundary

Recently, the University Maryland President has announced that the UMd will expand its concurrent Police jurisdiction into several neighborhood in College Park. The new neighborhoods , where the UMd police will patrol include Lakeland, Crystal Spring, Calvert Hills, and the student housing high rises. In addition to the expansion of police jurisdiction boundary, UMd’s student […]

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Measures Underway to Improve Public Safety at Gas and Convenience Stores

In the last Council meeting, the City Council adopted a resolution in support of measures to decrease robberies in the County by enhancing convenience store and gas station safety; registering convenience stores and gas stations; requiring training of convenience store employees and gas station employees; providing for security; providing for cash management; providing for visibility and […]

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What You Need to Know about City’s Contract Police Program

At last Tuesday’s NCPCA meeting , there were some questions about our Contract Police program and its relationship with other Police programs we have in the City, such as Prince George’s Police and the University of Maryland Police. Please see below a response from City’s Public Service Director Bob Ryan on these questions. If you […]

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