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Category: Politics

Primaries Tomorrow: See Where the Candidates Stand

After spending months on the campaign trails, the voters will choose the Democratic and Republican candidates tomorrow for the November election. Three Democratic and four Republican candidates are running for the governor position. Depending on the affiliation, voters will get to choose one from each party. as far as the Maryland legislature goes, all candidates […]

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Ron Paul Speaks in College Park

Republican Presidential primary candidate Ron Paul came to University of Maryland College Park yesterday and spoke to masses at the Ritchie Coliseum.

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Trail Talk 5: Sorry, “I Hate Politics” (Me too..)

Getting some of my neighbors talking to me on my campaign trail sometimes becomes a daunting challenge for me. Most my neighbors spend a minute or two discussing my campaign stuff. Some go even further. It’s a lot of fun when they open up and start talking about things they love (and hate) about this […]

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After its Defeat, NCP’s Wojahn Wants to See Gay Marriage Bill ‘a Priority’ in 2012

North College Park (District 1) council member Patrick Wojahn wants to see gay marriage bill a priority of Gov. O’Malley administration in 2012. Council member Wojahn is the Chairman of Equality Maryland, Maryland’s largest LGBT (lesbian, gay bi-sexual and trans gender) community group. Mr. Wojahn’s comments came a day before last Friday, when Maryland Gov. […]

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PGPOA Sends referendum Letter To College Park Homes

In a new twist to the politics surrounding the referendum petition, College Park residents have started to receive a letter from the Prince George’s Property Association (PGPOA) yesterday. The letter asks residents to support the petition, which will force the City to put the referendum questions to the upcoming November election if it receives support of 20% of total […]

On Same-Sex Marriage Bill, ‘Heavy Lobbying’ Tips the Balance, WaPo Says

For generations, marriage has been known as a legal contract between a man and a woman to Maryland’s millions of residents. Heavy lobbying by a group of local activists has all but certainly changed that traditional definition of marriage last week, when one single lawmaker, Senator Jim Rosapepe (D) threw his support for a bill in Maryland legislature. The support of Senator Rosapepe, […]

Monday February 21st, 2011 in Community, Faith, News, Politics | 3 Comments »

Pena-Melnyk Talks to NCP Residents on New Session, Life in Annapolis

Joseline Pena-Melnyk at NCPCA The super-busy new session in Annapolis  had just started a day ago, yet that did not stop State Delegate Joseline Pena-Melnyk to make a trip to north College Park, and speak to its residents. “It’s very hard to drive back from Annapolis at this time of the year, but for north College Park, […]

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Residents, City Officials Weigh in Progress Made in 2010, Make Wishes for 2011

As yet another year has just disappeared from the city’s screen, residents and the City officials engaged in a lively discussion on what they think about the progress made in the past year and what to expect in the new year. The City saw the leanest budget in years, due to thousands of dollars of […]

Gubernatorial Election Results

Here are the unofficial results of yesterday’s gubernatorial election (updated 11/3/2010). Congratulations to School board-elect Peggy Higgins, who faced a rather bizarre campaign from her rival Mark Cook. Though our state mostly went Democrat, overall, the ruling party has been projected to lose the House. The next two years will be interesting to watch on the national political […]

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Hope to See You at the Polls, It’s Time to Vote!

Yes, it’s a bit cold out in the wee hours of this morning, but don’t let that deter you from voting.  Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM at poll stations and your voices cannot be heard unless you make them heard.  Make your voice count today by voting in the 2010 mid-term elections.  For our […]

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Education Board Election Guide

In two days, you’ll get he chance to choose the next representative to the board of education in District 2, which includes College Park. There are two candidates running for this position – both of them are officials working for the City of College Park. I’ve compiled a side-by-side list of their backgrounds and the […]

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Humbling Himself, Dernoga Kills Own Bill

Last Tuesday, the county saw a triumph of democracy at Upper Marlboro’s County Council hearing room. In a week’s time, the county residents would be getting a new Council, so for many council members, it was the last Council session of their terms. Many of them were busy in pushing a number of controversial bills on […]

Thursday October 28th, 2010 in Community, County, Politics | 1 Comment »

Charter Amendment Dies at Council

The much discussed and debated charter amendment to lower the age for council members to 18 died at last night’s City Council session. Council members voted 6-2 opposing the proposed amendment. District 4 council member Marcus Afzali, the bill’s sponsor and District 1 council member Patrick Wojahn only voted in favor of the bill. Before the […]

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Poll: What’s in an Age?

Mr. Councilman (c) 2010 WeeBabyStuff Here they come –  around this time of the year – every other year. They knock your doors, beg your votes – they want to serve you. They are your council members. If they’re lucky to get elected, they become your objects of hate or love, depending on the way they […]

Friday October 1st, 2010 in Politics | 2 Comments »

So, Why Didn’t You Vote?

The primaries are over, but in the midst of all the festivities that this election generated, the question remains – why the turnout was so low? According to this Gazette article, overall turnout among the county’s 400,577 Democrats, 46,360 Republicans and 51,781 other voters was 19.8 percent, which is the second lowest level since 1992. […]

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