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City to Relax Parking Enforcement Law

Recently, we received a complaint from a resident that she received a City citation for invalid tags when in fact her car was validly registered with the State but the proper stickers were not on the tag. Wee asked staff to review City procedures to determine how to handle this type of situation. At tonight’s […]

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College Park One Step Closer to Mobile Parking

The City’s current pay to park metered system does not provide a pay-by-cell service. Such service is available as an additional means of payment, as a convenience to pay parking customers. City staff has researched the possibility of providing pay-by-cell service as part of the pay by space/pay station system. There are multiple vendors who […]

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City’s Parking Zones

The City has 12 parking zones. Combined, they cover 13.3 miles, or 25% of the City’s 52 miles of streets. See them below in details.

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Metro Parking Issues Come to Council Again

At tonight’s worksession, we will discuss the issue of parking at the Metro’s entrance at the end of Lackawanna St / 53rd Avenue. The issue is caused by folks dropping or picking Metro riders at that intersection. Often times, they stand at the intersection, even though the area is clearly marked for “No Standing and […]

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City to Suspend Downtown Garage Parking During Upcoming Restaurant Week

At last Tuesday’s meeting, the Council voted to suspend parking enforcement at the downtown parking garage after 5:00 pm from August 11th to August 17th. At the May 23, 2013 meeting of the Downtown College Park Management Authority (“DCPMA”), the group’s officers voted to request that the City expand its free summer parking program to […]

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Free Summer Parking Starts Today

Heading Downtown on a Saturday this summer? The City is covering the parking meters in the Downtown parking garage for the second year in a row, so take advantage of the opportunity to visit your favorite restaurant or try one of our newest additions. Last year, the Council authorized a pilot project to allow free parking […]

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Council to Propose New Parking Zone for near Greenbelt Metro

After we discussed the parking situation near Greenbelt metro station in September 14 session, the Council will discuss the issue again in next Wednesday’s worksession. Some residents who reside at the East end of Lackawanna Street are asking us to consider establishing a new residential parking permit restricted zone. The residents are concerned about other […]

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Is Parking Scanner Good for College Park?

In last week’s work session, the Council discussed the possibility of having a digital parking scanning system in the City. Recently Prince George’s County recently implemented a digital system for its residential parking permits, and the University of Maryland has implemented a similar program for its students. The digital permit system allows residents to apply for and receive […]

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Council to Consider New Parking Zone Near Metro

A few weeks back, some residents who reside at the East end of Lackawanna Street (close to Metro) have requested me to consider establishing a new residential parking permit restricted zone. The residents are concerned about other residents from the existing Zone 3 who park their cars near the East end of Lackawanna Street to […]

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City Seeks to Redefine Vehicles Parked on Streets

On last Tuesday’s session, the City Council introduced a bill to redefine  the size and weight of the vehicles that can be parked on city streets.  There will be a public hearing on this ordinance on December 14, 2010 at 7:30 pm, when the council will make a decision on new changes.  Currently, the City […]

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Will a Fee Hike Fix City’s Street Parking Problems?

Let’s face this – the parking problems on our residential streets are real. I often hear complaints from my neighbors saying they cannot park their cars in front of their own houses  – no matter how many valid parking permits they have; their parking spaces are often taken by someone else. Not very long ago, I met […]

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