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Category: Faith

Tomorrow: Route 1 Community Sunset Feast

Please join me, Mayor Patrick Wojahn, elected officials and other community leaders tomorrow at the (Ramadan) sunset feast (Iftar) at the College Park Community Center. It starts at 8 pm. The first Route One Community Iftar was held last year at the Hyattsville Municipal Center. Last year’s Iftar feast was attended by approximately 100 guests. […]

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Historic Church Aims to Expand

At tonight’s worksession, teh Council will discuss an application by one of  City’s historic Church to expand its current facilty. Built in 1920, the current Church is a single-story, 3,665-square foot, brick, “L”-shaped building. Embry A.M.E. Church in Lakeland has applied for a special exception to build an one-story, 18 feet tall, approximately 1,603- square […]

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After its Defeat, NCP’s Wojahn Wants to See Gay Marriage Bill ‘a Priority’ in 2012

North College Park (District 1) council member Patrick Wojahn wants to see gay marriage bill a priority of Gov. O’Malley administration in 2012. Council member Wojahn is the Chairman of Equality Maryland, Maryland’s largest LGBT (lesbian, gay bi-sexual and trans gender) community group. Mr. Wojahn’s comments came a day before last Friday, when Maryland Gov. […]

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Celebrating Faith in College Park

On the Maryland day, last Saturday, the UMD Chaplains and the Faith Community Network of College Park sponsored a concert at Memorial Chapel.   The event was a community concert sponsored by the UMD Chaplains and the Faith Community Network of College Park.  The event was co sponsored by the Baptist, Episcopalian and Catholic SGA recognized groups and featured performances […]

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On Same-Sex Marriage Bill, ‘Heavy Lobbying’ Tips the Balance, WaPo Says

For generations, marriage has been known as a legal contract between a man and a woman to Maryland’s millions of residents. Heavy lobbying by a group of local activists has all but certainly changed that traditional definition of marriage last week, when one single lawmaker, Senator Jim Rosapepe (D) threw his support for a bill in Maryland legislature. The support of Senator Rosapepe, […]

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Students, Police Pray to Keep UMD Campus Calm

Unlike last year, College Park downtown this year has been spared from yet another embarrassing post game riot. Some may point to the UMD’s loss  to Duke to explain why the riot did not happen; others may attribute this to the organized efforts like “Beat the Duke” campaign by UMD SGA and others in the campus. […]

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Prayer, Campaign Sought to Avoid Post-Game Riot

UMD riot, 2010 With the UMD vs Duke game only one day away, the students, police, City officials and religious leaders have been very busy to avoid the repeat of 2010 riot that earned bad reputation for our college town. More than a dozen students were arrested during the riot and the county police was […]

City’s Faith Groups Unite Against Hate

Yesterday was 9/11 anniversary – the day when our nation mourned the loss of  innocent American lives in terrorist attacks 9 years ago. Yet, the day’s solemn mourning was marred by the  hate filled messages of vengeance from some to desecrate sacred texts. I was happy to see that the City’s faith groups came together in releasing […]

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