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Guest Column: Not so Silent Spring – Frog Calls in College Park

[By Rick Borchelt. Rick lives in College Park and writes a blog here] College Park is extremely fortunate to have several vernal pools that attract frogs and salamanders early each spring to call and mate. A vernal pool is defined as a temporary pool of water, generally without fish, that dries up at some […]

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Guest Column: Want to Go Solar? Join Us!

[The following is a guest post by Anthony Morley, who volunteers with Community Power Network, a nonprofit that helps MD, DC, and VA residents go solar and save money on their electricity bills.] Interested in going solar but not sure where to start? Join us! Members of the UMD and College Park community are organizing […]

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Groups to Screen Movie on Healthy Diet

This Saturday (March 1), 1pm the College Park Community Library (CPCL) and the Committee for a Better Environment (CBE) will screen the movie Forks Over Knives (2011) at the City Hall chamber. The movie is 96 minutes long. There is no fee to watch the movie. Please RSVP if you plan to watch (for planning […]

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2014 Environmental Film Series – The World According to Monsanto

“There’s nothing they are leaving untouched: the mustard, the okra, the bringe oil, the rice, the cauliflower. Once they have established the norm: that seed can be owned as their property, royalties can be collected. We will depend on them for every seed we grow of every crop we grow. If they control seed, they […]

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Council to Discuss County’s Storm Water Design Manual

In this week’s work session, the Council will discuss the revised Prince George’s County Storm Water Design Manual. The purpose of the County revising its Stormwater Design Manual is to be current with the newly adopted Sate Law that provides for the protection of our waterways through environmentally sound land development practices. The County’s Stormwater […]

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Bag Bill Comes Back To County Council

Prince George’s County Council is considering to vote on the disposable bag fee in their upcoming legislative session. The bill will allow retailers in the County to charge consumers 5 cents a bag (plastic or paper) as part of their retail sales. The bill failed 3 times in the past, but Council Woman Mary Lehamn […]

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Help Keep College Park a Green Power Community

College Park is now a EPA-recognized Green Power Community. But the City needs help from its businesses and residents to maintain the eligibility for the Green Power Community Program with our collaboration with the University of Maryland. In order to ensure that College Park can obtain and maintain the GPC designation after the first year, […]

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Council to Discuss the Maryland “Bottle Bill”

MaryPIRG, a Maryland environmental advocacy group will come to next week’s Council worksession to present the proposed “Bottle Bill”, which will be before Maryland State legislature soon. Under the proposal, consumers would pay a 5-cent deposit on every disposable beverage container (glass, aluminum, or plastic), which they would collect when they returned the can or […]

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College Park Earns Sustainable Maryland Certification

Recently, the City of College Park, along with four other municipalities, was honored by Sustainable Maryland Certified program. The other newly certified communities included the City of Annapolis, Town of Edmonston and City of Hyattsville. College Park completed the rigorous application and review process and achieved certification by completing the 2 mandatory and priority actions […]

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Today’s Community Cleanup Roundup

I want to thank everyone who came yesterday at our community cleanup event. We had a great turnout – some 40 volunteers joined the event. We divided them into several groups and took care of the Hollywood commercial district and the surrounding areas. We had several residents and students from the University of Maryland. They […]

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Residents Offered Incentives for Clean Water Projects

Are you a homeowner, business, or non-profit interested in controlling stormwater on your property while improving the health of local streams and quality of life in your community? The new Rain Check Rebate Program allows property owners to receive rebates on the cost of installing green solutions to stormwater runoff. A major cause of water […]

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Community Cleanup, Next Saturday, 9am-12pm

Council member Wojahn and I will be doing community cleanup next Saturday, September 28, 2013 in north College Park We’ll meet in front of MOM’s Organic Market at 9am. Bagels breakfast will be served at 9 am. After the clean up there will be free pizza lunch Come help us clean up the neighborhood! Pick […]

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Council to Discuss Using UMd Talents to Address City’s Sustainability Challenges.

At tomorrow’s worksession, the Council will discuss a proposal for the City-University Partnership to launch a Sustainable College Park project that creates opportunities for UMD students, staff, and faculty to put their knowledge into practice by addressing College Park’s sustainability challenges. Students, staff, and faculty in various departments and living learning programs could research, design, […]

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Lackawanna Green Street Design

At last Tuesday’s meeting, the Council discussed the Lackwanna Green Street project in a more detail. So far 30% of the design work has been completed. I have posted the design picture above. The City has been working to get funding for the next 60% of the work. Once we have that, the design will […]

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Lackawanna Street and Rhode Island Avenue to Get Stormwater Planters

At tonight’s Council worksession, the Council will discuss its plan to install storm water planters on two city streets. In March, the City awarded a contract to the Low-Income Development Center (LIDC) for consulting services to put $18,500 toward design of stormwater management improvements on Lackawanna Street and $16,500 toward design of improvements on Rhode […]

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