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Category: Cafritz

College Park City Council Disapproves Cafritz Rezoning

College Park City Council last night supported a motion to disapprove the preliminary plan application for rezoning of the Cafritz development. The Council vote went (5-2-1), Council member Catlin and Dennis opposed the motion. I abstained. A motion by District 3 Council member Stephanie Stullich asked to disapprove the rezoning. Stullich’s motion includes several reasons […]

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Road Bridge Issue Adds Uncertainty to Cafritz Development

Cafritz project attorney Chip Reed came to last Tuesday night’s Council meeting to announce that they failed to receive support from the American Center for Physics on a proposed overpass before today’s County Planning Board meeting. The development of the bridge is crucial for the approval of the Cafritz project. The proposed bridge was to be […]

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College Park Votes Not to Appeal Cafritz Plan

In a dramatic vote, College Park City Council decided not to appeal Cafritz development plan. The Council vote was 4-4, with Mayor Fellows voting against it. Council members Stullich, Day, Wojahn and Dennis voted to support the appeal motion, whereas Council members Afzali, Kabir, Catlin and Mitchell voted against the motion. The deadline to appeal the case is Friday. Even the City has […]

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Should We Appeal Cafritz Decision?

In tomorrow’s regular meeting, the Council will vote on whether to appeal to the Prince George’s County Circuit Court of the final decision of the District Council to approve Zoning Map Amendment A-1 0018 for the Cafritz property development. On July 12, 2012, the District Council took final action on this case and on July […]

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Cafritz Plan Passes 7-2

The county council voted 7-2 last night in favor of a rezoning request that would allow for the market to be built as part of a mixed-use development, including town houses, office space and retail, in Riverdale Park. Council member Eric Olson and Mary Lehman opposed the rezoning.

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Cafritz Hearing Ends Without a Vote

After six days of testimonies and cross examinations, Prince George’s County District Council finally adjourned the public hearing yesterday. It’s unclear when the Council will finally vote on the zoning application. Thanks to NCP resident Mathew Byrd for the 2 part videos on yesterday’s hearing.

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Planning Board Approves Cafritz Project

The Planning Board yesterday approved the Cafritz development in a 4-0 votes. The decision was handed after 15 hours of deliberations from residents and elected officials. The approval came with a number of conditions, that included a January 25 consensus conditions, plus a few new ones added yesterday. Earlier, the towns of Riverdale Park and […]

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My Votes Last Night: Book Exchange 0, Cafritz 1

Last night the Council voted on 2 important development issues – Book Exchange development in College Park and Cafritz development in Riverdale Park. Council rejected both issues with 8-0 and 6-2 votes. I voted against Book Exchange development, however supported Cafritz one; I was one of two councilmembers who cast their dissenting votes; Bob Catlin […]

Wednesday January 11th, 2012 in Book Exchange, Cafritz, City Council, Development | 5 Comments »

Council to Vote on Cafritz Development Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first regular council session of the year. Soon after the council completes the consent agenda items, it will go to work session to discuss two important development issues – Book Exchange and Cafriz development (see details below). After then it will reconvene to the regular session where it will vote on these […]

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Cafritz Development Update

In tomorrow’s council work session, the Mayor and the council will discuss the Cafritz development one more time. The Prince George’s County Planning Board continued the public hearing scheduled for the Cafritz property rezoning to January 12, 2012 at 12:30 pm. The City of College Park has not taken a position on this project and […]

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Cafritz Agrees to Continuance

Under pressure from Riverdale Park, College Park and University Park, the Cafritz developers have agreed to continuance: More here on the Riverdale Park Patch. This came in less than 24 hours after Riverdale Park Mayor Vernon Archer set an ultimatum to the developers on this continuance request. Please see his email below: Friends and neighbors, […]

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Cafritz Development: What Do You Think?

In tomorrow night’s session, the City Council may vote on the Cafritz rezoning application issue that it tabled two weeks ago. The Council wanted to allow the developer more time to address a few important concerns in their proposed plan, the most important one being the increased traffic generated by the development. Also,tomorrow night, the […]

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Monday December 12th, 2011 in Cafritz, City Council, Development | No Comments »