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Category: Book Exchange

Book Exchange Development Inches Forward for City Approval

In last Tuesday’s worksesssion, the Council discussed the latest revised plan of the Book Exchange Development plan. The latest plan addressed some of the concerns the Council expressed in its earlier meeting. They include some changes in the north side of the building adjacent to Route 1 and the some detailing on the 6th floor […]

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Revised Design Plans of Book Exchange Development

Architects from the Book Exchange development came to our last Tuesday’s Council meeting and presented the revised designs and presented the revised designs, please see them below. Figure 1 and 3 show both old and new designs, with the old one at the top left corner and the new one at bottom right. The developer […]

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Book Exchange Developer to Present Revised Plan

In tomorrow’s Council meeting, the Book Exchange developer will come  and present their new revised plan on the Book Exchange Development. The Council will hear a new revised plan. The City will then seek public input to decide whether to maintain its opposition to the project. Last week, the developer came to the City with a revised proposal that steps the building down to […]

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Council Asks Changes to Revised Book Exchange Plan

In last Tuesday’s Council meeting, the Council voted against the latest revised Book Exchange Plan. It also asked for the following conditions that would enable the City Council to support the revised Detailed Site Plan: Revise the architecture to provide a stepback transition that begins approximately 150 feet west of the Yale Avenue right-of-way (the […]

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Council to Discuss Book Exchange Plan Revision

In tonight’s work session, the Council discuss the latest revisions of Book Exchange development plan. The Planning Board will be holding a hearing on September 13, so this is the Council’s opportunity to comment on these revisions. The Council first considered this detailed site plan back in Fall 2011, when it recommended disapproval of the […]

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Planning Board Approves Book Exchange Design, Will it Pass District Council?

Yesterday, Prince George’s Planning Board approved the Book Exchange student housing complex near University of Maryland. Earlier, College Park City Council unanimously voted against the design, citing developer’s failure to comply with the Route 1 sector plan. The plan will most likely go to the County’s District Council, who will make the ultimate decision. Read […]

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My Votes Last Night: Book Exchange 0, Cafritz 1

Last night the Council voted on 2 important development issues – Book Exchange development in College Park and Cafritz development in Riverdale Park. Council rejected both issues with 8-0 and 6-2 votes. I voted against Book Exchange development, however supported Cafritz one; I was one of two councilmembers who cast their dissenting votes; Bob Catlin […]

Wednesday January 11th, 2012 in Book Exchange, Cafritz, City Council, Development | 5 Comments »

Book Exchange Development – What Do You Think?

In last week’s work session, the developer of the Maryland Book Exchange development briefly presented a new drawing of a proposed development with a 4 stories step-down in the back of the building (facing Yale avenue). The planning staff is however saying that the step back changes are not sufficient, since the Route 1 sector […]

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Revised Book Exchange Housing Designs

The Book Exchange property developer Ilya Zusin and attorney Michele LaRoca came to last week’s work session to present their revised design. An architect will also be present in the next Tuesday’s Council meeting to answer questions. The Council will most likely vote on the development on that night.

Friday January 6th, 2012 in Book Exchange, Development | No Comments »

Book Exchange Development Scales Back – But Is This Enough?

The developer who recently purchased the Maryland Book Exchange property in downtown College Park came to the Council last fall requesting our approval of a proposed mixed-use development, with five stories of residential properties on top of one story of retail and parking.  The Council recommended disapproval of the project (by a vote of 6-1-1) […]

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Book Exchange Development: What is a Step-back Transition?

When the Council will start its session next year, one of the development issues it will take is the Book Exchange development. Back in October this year, the developer / applicant came to the Council and presented its preliminary DSP (Detailed Site Plan), which was voted down by the Council. However, the applicant went ahead and […]

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Book Exchange Plan Comes Back to Council

City council will likely to discuss the Book Exchange development sometime next year again, after County’s Park and Planning issued an continuance to the developers in its last Thursday’s public hearing. Several residents and City officials attended the public hearing and expressed their concerns on the size of the student housing project there. The Park […]

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