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In Pictures – Community Meeting on Hollywood Commercial Streetscape Project

UPDATE (Jan 29, 6:16pm) : The presentation slides have now been updated here. The slides have the design concepts and cross sections towards the end. Thanks everyone who came to last night’s community meeting on the Hollywood Commercial streetscape project and gave their feedback. Staff will post the preliminary design to our website soon. When it’s […]

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Tonight: Community Meeting on Hollywood Commercial Area Streetscape Project

Tonight, at 7pm, at Davis Hall, we’ll hold a community meeting on the Hollywood Streetscape project. The architect will present lots of exciting ideas on how to improve the Hollywood commercial district around the intersection of Rhode Island avenue and Edgewood Rd. Please do not miss this opportunity. We do really need your feedback. Please […]

College Park May Face Cuts in State’s Open Space Grants

Recently, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Governor stated that reductions are necessary due to reductions in revenue estimates for this current FY 2015. Accordingly, the Board of Public Works made approximately $400 million in cuts to agencies’ general fund budgets for the remaining fiscal year. At this time, DBM proposes to […]

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City to Host Public Meeting on Hollywood Commercial District Streetscape Plan

The City will host a public meeting to discuss the Hollywood Commercial District Streetscape Plan and present three conceptual design alternatives in order to garner feedback from the community. The meeting will be held at Davis Hall on Wednesday, January 28th at 7:00pm. Please see below for more details, An overview of the project, estimated schedule, […]

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City Eyes to Acquire Property Next to Davis Hall in North College Park

Last week, I asked the Council to have a followup discussion on acquiring the small grassy area of the Stone Industrial site, next to Davis Hall. This is an idea staff suggested first to us last month. Staff has prepared an exhibit showing four options for subdividing the vacant property on the south side of the […]

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Neighborhood Sign on Beltway Overpass – What Do You Think?

Yesterday, a resident asked if anyone has ever thought about painting the neighborhood signs on either side of the 495 underpass similar to Ellicott City? I think I like the idea. The SHA is currently doing a preliminary design work on a full interchange along I-95/I-495 at the Greenbelt Metro Station. The bridge falls withing […]

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Proposed UMD Hotel ‘Too Tall’ Near College Park Airport – Council Says

At last Tuesday’s Council meeting, the City Council discussed again the issues surrounding the height of the proposed $115 million, 276-room UMD Hotel at the corner of Route 1 and Paint Branch Avenue. The developer of the hotel is seeking a modification to the height limits in this area, which are currently set at 2-6 […]

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Council to Vote on New City Hall Tomorrow

The Council will consider a motion supporting the selection of the current Knox Road site to build a new City Hall and authorizing staff to retain consultants assisting with this project. ​Staff estimate the site & building demolition, site work, renovation, construction​ at the Knox Rd site will cost approximately 8 million dollars. The  residents […]

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College Park and Neighboring Cities to Support FBI Move to Greenbelt

At last night’s worksession, the Council approved a Four cities resolution supporting a new FBI headquarters at the Greenbelt Metro Station. The Four Cities Coalition consists of College Park and its neighboring 3 cities – Berwyn Heights, New Carrollton and Greenbelt. The resolution will cite several benefits for choosing the location, which include (1) the […]

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Council to Review ‘The Hotel’ Development at the University of Maryland

At tonight’s worksession, the Council will review the preliminary plan and detailed site plan for the hotel at the south east corner of Route 1 and Paint Branch Parkway. The developer Southern Management Corporation, Inc., has applied for the Detailed Site Plan for a vertical mixed use development on the property. The property is approximately […]

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Despite Mayor’s Refusal, Residents Want to See a Third City Hall Option at Stone Industrial

In its November meeting last Thursday, the resident members at the north College Park Civic Association (NCPCA) approved a resolution asking the Mayor and Council to explore “all feasible alternatives” for the new College Park City Hall at a convenient “location accessible to all residents” of College Park. Many residents want the City to explore […]

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Public Meeting on the Hollywood Rd (West) Sidewalk

Next Monday, Council member Wojahn and I will be hosting a public meeting on the conceptual design of Hollywood Road sidewalk (between Rhode Island Avenue and Route 1). Please see below for details and spread the word. Thank you.

SHA Presents Route 1 Development Plan

Representatives from the State Highway Administration came to the City Council last Tuesday night to give an update on the design work on Route 1 between College Avenue and MD 193. Here are the highlights of that presentation on what the SHA plans to make the following changes: Roadway widening along US 1 Two 11-foot […]

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Conceptual Facade Designs for the Hollywood Commercial District

Recently, we met with staff from the City, County and the Park and Planning to review a design study on the facade / store front improvement of the stores at the Hollywood commenrcial district. The City has some matching grants that these businesses can apply to make these changes happen. The designs will be presented […]

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Residents Speak About New City Hall Options

About 3 dozen residents came to last night’s town hall meeting and told the Mayor and council about what they think about the two future City Hall sites. Our staff made a presentation about two sites before residents offered their feedback. You can see that presentation here. Residents who favored the Calvert Road site made […]

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