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Council to Consider Allowing 16 and 17 Yrs Olds to Vote in City Elections

At tomorrow’s worksession, the City Council will consider a proposal to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote in City elections. Recently Takoma Park and Hyattsville have passed laws allowing 16 and 17 years olds to vote. They are the only two cities in the entire country that have passed such laws. Some other countries, such […]

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Council Discusses College Park Flag

After last year’s Maryland Municipal League summer conference, Councilmember Dennis, who was the City’s flag-bearer, suggested it might be time to get new flags. At Last night’s Council meeting, the Council discussed purchasing a lighter-weight, nylon version of the existing flag (black and gold logo) however deferred the consideration of a new flag design at […]

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Council Narrows Down Options on Future Home of City Hall

In last night’s worksession, the City Council discussed the location for a new City Hall and to proceed with the design of the project. Options available to the City include 1) continue “as-is” with the current City Hall expansion plan; 2) reconsider a previous plan to build an additional building on the City Hall site […]

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City Council Asks SHA to Improve Pedestrian Safety on Route 1

At last night’s Council meeting, the City Council discussed a number of ideas to improve the pedestrian safety on Route 1, especially in light of last weekend’s tragic accident at the Knox Road intersection. Here is the text of that letter we decided to send to the SHA. April 15, 2014 Ms. Melinda B. Peters, […]

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Council to Expand Neighborhood Stabilization Committee

In this Tuesday’s Worksession, the City Council will discuss a proposal to expand the Neighborhood Stabilization Committee. The the Mayor and Council formed the Neighborhood Stabilization and Quality of Life Work Group by Resolution 12-R-18 in 2012 to engage with various stakeholders, including the University of Maryland, City residents, University of Maryland students, public safety […]

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Council to Discuss How to Run 2014 Farmers Markets

In tomorrow’s worksession, the City Council will discuss how to run City’s two farmers’ markets. On November 19,2013 the Farmers Market Committee and staff presented their evaluation of the 2013 downtown Farmers Market and recommendations for the 2014 season. Since the previous market management firm KSM withdrew from consideration for the 2014 season’s management role, […]

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Council Sets its 2014 Schedule

As you know the Council is currently in recess and will be back on January 7 next year. Before it went to recess, the Council voted on the meeting schedule for the next year, to conduct worksessions on the first and third Tuesdays of every month and regular Council meetings on the second and fourth […]

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Congratulations, Jerry Anzulovic!

In last night’s Council meeting, the Council awarded the newly formed Jack Perry award to Berwyn resident Jerry Anzulovic for his outstanding contribution to the community. The Mayor and Council created the Jack Perry Award on February 26, 2013, and formed the Jack Perry Award Committee which consisted of Jack’s son Sean Perry, Councilman Bob Catlin […]

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Council to Discuss Monument Realty Development in North College Park

Tomorrow is our election day, so we’ll be having this week’s Council worksession on Wednesday. One of the major discussion we’ll be having is about the Monument development located at 9122-9128 Baltimore Avenue. Several years after prior development efforts failed to materialize, this mixed-use project is moving ahead with a new developer, Monument Realty, and […]

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Council Opposes Speed Camera Bill

In last night’s Council meeting, the City Council  approved a motion opposing State Bill that seeks changes how a municipality would operated speed cameras in its jurisdiction areas. This bill (HB 929 – MOTOR VEHICLES – SPEED MONITORING SYSTEMS – LOCAL JURISDICTIONS) , currently under consideration by the Maryland House of Delegates, originally provided only that a “duly authorized officer” […]

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A New Logo and Slogan for College Park

City’s marketing plan consultant idFive came to last week’s Council work session and presented four brand concept proposals and asked which, if any, of the those the City should pursue. idFive may solicit more opinions from other focus groups in the city to make a final decision. For the past several months, idfive asked more […]

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Rent Control Public Hearing

Some 55 residents packed up the Council chamber yesterday to talk about the rent stabilization ordinances at last night’s public hearing. I tried to compile their testimonies here. The Council will vote on the ordinance tonight. Ms. Lea Callahan. Owns a business for downtown town College Park business. Se often gets disturbed by the noise caused by the students. PGPOA […]

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City to Spend $1M on Davis Hall Improvement

At tonight’s regular meeting, the Council will introduce an ordinance to amend FY 2012 budget to fund public works modular building replacement and City Hall expansion. In FY2011, the City had an undesignated surplus of $1,405,053. We have previously identified the need for capital project funding for the Public Works Facility modular building replacement and […]

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Council to Amend Ethics Rules for City Officials

In tonight’s meeting, the Council will introduce an ordinance enacting a new ethics code to comply with State mandated requirements. The State Ethics Commission has recently reviewed the City’s ordinance. The City’s ethics rules allow City employees or elected officials to receive gifts of tickets or free admission to attend a charitable, cultural or political […]

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Book Exchange Development – What Do You Think?

In last week’s work session, the developer of the Maryland Book Exchange development briefly presented a new drawing of a proposed development with a 4 stories step-down in the back of the building (facing Yale avenue). The planning staff is however saying that the step back changes are not sufficient, since the Route 1 sector […]

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