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Category: Code Enforcement

Taking Code Enforcement Beyond Enforcement

Recently I was discussing how we can make City’s code Enforcement program more efficient and customer focused. Our Code officers do fairly a good job in enforcing code at the houses and businesses within the City. These code include issues related to building code, occupancy, permits, litters and more. That said many, including me, think […]

Sunday October 18th, 2015 in Code Enforcement | No Comments »

Home Check List – A Quick Guide to Keep Your Home Safe, Clean and in Good Condition..

I recently found this excellent home checklist that talks about how to do a quick check on our homes and make them safe, clean and in good condition. The guide was originally produced by the City of Greenbelt (so all kudos go to them), but almost all of them are common sense items that we […]

Monday April 28th, 2014 in Code Enforcement | No Comments »

City’s Code and Parking Enforcement Staff Salaries and Rates

Recently, a resident asked about salaries / rates of our code and parking enforcement officers. I thought, some of you may find this information helpful as well. ANNUAL SALARIES RANGE Parking Enforcement Officers : PEO I Grade-6 $ 33,221 – $ 57,090 PEO II Grade-7 $ 34,606 – $ 59,471 Code Enforcement Officers: CEO I […]

Saturday April 20th, 2013 in Code Enforcement | 1 Comment »

Yard Sale – Check Before You Start One!

Recently, a few residents reported to me about a yard sale on an area near Duval field by Rhode Island Avenue. I was told that they have been there for at least the past 6 Saturdays and a few times on Sunday. I took the matter to our City staff, who alerted code enforcement and […]

Saturday November 24th, 2012 in Code Enforcement | No Comments »

Graffiti on Lackawanna – A New Annoyance?

A new nuisance has struck Lackwanna Street near the Greenbelt Metro station. Graffiti has  popped up several places along the street between Narragansett and Witchita Avenue. It may not be very first time such a nuisance happened, but I haven’t seen this in the past several years. From what we know, it appears that the graffiti was not painted by organized […]

Saturday July 14th, 2012 in Code Enforcement | No Comments »

Apartment Fire at Spellman House

An apartment fire broke yesterday at the Spellman House on Berwyn House road. Occupants of two apartments were temporarily relocated. No injuries have been reported. The city’s code enforcement department is looking into why the apartment’s alarm system did not work. For more, please check this Fox news report.

Sunday February 5th, 2012 in Code Enforcement, Fire Department | No Comments »

Trail Talk 3: Vacant House, Wild Animal and Code Enforcement

One of the major complaints I’m hearing during my talks with my neighbors is the issue with the vacant houses and its effect on the quality of life. Due to deep recession we’re in, our city is having a record number of vacant and foreclosed houses. Many rental houses are staying vacant because of lack […]

Furniture on Rooftops? Forget It!

It may sound like weired to even thinking of furniture on rooftops in our town, but it’s real! College Park does have residents who put up furniture on top of their houses. According to one City council member, at least three residents decided to place furniture on rooftop, instead of their usual indoor spaces. That prompted […]

Wednesday March 16th, 2011 in Code Enforcement | No Comments »

Residents, City Officials Weigh in Progress Made in 2010, Make Wishes for 2011

As yet another year has just disappeared from the city’s screen, residents and the City officials engaged in a lively discussion on what they think about the progress made in the past year and what to expect in the new year. The City saw the leanest budget in years, due to thousands of dollars of […]

Will a Fee Hike Fix City’s Street Parking Problems?

Let’s face this – the parking problems on our residential streets are real. I often hear complaints from my neighbors saying they cannot park their cars in front of their own houses  – no matter how many valid parking permits they have; their parking spaces are often taken by someone else. Not very long ago, I met […]

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