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Council to Ask SHA to Improve Pedestrian and Biker Safety on Greenbelt Road

At tonight’s Council meeting, the City Council will send a letter to the State Highway Administrator (SHA) to ensure safety of pedestrians and bikers during their reconstruction work on Greenbelt Road (MD 430). Please click here to see a map of the proposed design here. Last week, a representative from the Maryland State Highway Administration […]

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Council to Review Feedback from City’s Senior Citizens

For the third year in a row, the Youth, Family and Seniors staff has run surveys among both in Attick Towers and Spellman House residents. These surveys were run during May / June of 2013. Survey Distribution: The survey form is first provided to Attick Towers and Spellman House management and then delivered to the […]

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Council to Discuss College Park’s IT Infrastructure

At next Tuesday’s worksession, the Council will discuss the IT services and infrastructures, primarily used by the City government at the City Hall and elsewhere. The IT staff will be present at the meeting to address some concerns expressed during Council comments by explaining some of the procedures they follow in IT. Green Initiatives Staff […]

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Council Votes to Lower Minimum Age Eligibility for City Election Candidates

In last night’s meeting, the City Council voted to lower the minimum age to run as Council member and Mayor to 18. Previously, the minimum ages were 21 and 25 respectively. Several residents came to last night to speak at the hearing on this matter before the Council took a vote on it. I want […]

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Council to Vote on Lowering Minimum Age to Run for Council and Mayor

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will vote on a Charter Amendment to reduce the minimum age for incoming Councilmembers and the Mayor, at the time of taking office, to 18 years. I’ve received quite a few and comments about the proposed Charter amendment resolution that we’ll vote tomorrow. Residents who oppose the amendment […]

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College Park to Consider a Human Rights Ordinance

In this week’s worksession, the City Council discussed a proposed “Human Rights” ordinance. The City has a code that for non-discrimination for the City employees, but’s is not quite defined. Although we’re very proud of City’s record on workplace fairness, it’s important that we protect our employees and contractors from any future discrimination that may happen […]

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College Park One Step Closer to Mobile Parking

The City’s current pay to park metered system does not provide a pay-by-cell service. Such service is available as an additional means of payment, as a convenience to pay parking customers. City staff has researched the possibility of providing pay-by-cell service as part of the pay by space/pay station system. There are multiple vendors who […]

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A Sneak Peek at Next Week’s Council Worksession

The 2014 Council will start with its first worksession next week, January 7. . Here are a few items that are likely coming in next week’s wroksession. 1. Hollywood Gateway Park: as you know a contract has been awarded to a architecture and design firm. The Council will discuss the final design at next week’s […]

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Year 2013 in Review: City Wide Accomplishments

On the last day of year 2013, I thought I should give a summary of what the City Council accomplished over the past year. Some of the items below continued from the year 2012. Thanks to my colleagues on the Council, City manager and staff for working on these items (1) Strategic Plan 2010 – […]

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City Taps Former Hyattsville Mayor as Assistant City Manager

The City has recently hired the former Hyattsville Mayor, Bill Gardiner as the Assistant City Manager. He will begin work on January 13, 2014. The City Council decided to create the post of Assistant City manager and set aside salary for this new position in its 2014 budget. The City currently has a City manager, […]

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College Park Swears In a New Council – A Tribute to Mr. Catlin and Mr. Afzali

The new 2014-2015 City Council took oath of office last night. Two of our colleagues – Bob Catlin (Dist 2) and Alan Hew (Dist 4) had their last day on the Council. In their seats, we had two new Council members, PJ Brennan (dist 2) Alan Hew (Dist 4), who are active in the Berwyn […]

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Council Age Vote Comes Back!

At next week’s worksession, the Council will discuss a charter amendment to lower the minimum age to run for City Council position from 21 to 18 and Mayoral position from 25 to 18. A similar motion was brought in October 2010, but was defeated by 6-2 votes. Additionally, the Council will also discuss to remove […]

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Proposed Additional Beltway Lanes May Impact North College Park Homes

At tonight’s meeting, the City Council will vote to send a letter with its concerns about the proposed additional toll or HOV lanes in 495 Beltway in north College Park. On Thursday, October 10, 2013, the Transportation Planing Board (TPB) released a revised draft of the Regional Transportation Priorities Plan (RTPP) for public comment. This comment […]

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Council to Vote on 40% Salary Hike Proposal Tomorrow

[UPDATE: Oct 9, 2013] The resolution passed 5-2 ( Kabir and Mitchel opposed). Earlier, an amendment (by Kabir and Mitchel) to change the raise figure to 10% failed (Wojahn, Catlin, Stullich, Day, Afzali opposed). Thanks everyone who took the time and came to the public hearing to speak. We also thank everyone who wrote to […]

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Council to Discuss Transit District Development in College Park

The transit district contains approximately 293 acres of land, and is split nearly in half by municipalities, with its northern portion located in the City of College Park and its southern portion located within the Town of Riverdale Park. The City Council will discuss the Transit district development plan at tonight’s worksession. The transit district […]

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