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Council to Discuss City’s Network Software Sysems

At next Tuesday’s worksession, the City Council will review City’s network software systems that is used by the Finance, Human Resources, Public Services and Public Works departments. Our network software is provided by SunGard Public Sector (formerly known as HTE) and was installed and implemented in early 1999, following a 1998 RFP process. Most applications […]

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University Proposes to Build Child Care Center at Calvert Rd Site

Carlo Colella, Vice President of Administrative Affairs at the University of Maryland, came to last Tuesday’s City Council meeting to make a presentation about possible use of the city’s Calvert Road facility as a site for day care available to UMD staff and College Park residents. The city has owned this property for about 20 […]

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Council Asks Camden Management to Discuss Residents’ Concerns

Recently, we met with a group of residents from the Camden apartment to discuss a number of issues the residents have been facing over several months. At last night’s meeting, the City Council sent a letter to the Camden management inviting them to a future Council worksession. Please see below that letter. Mr. Richard Key […]

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City Seeks Comments On 2015-2020 Strategic Plan

The City Council and staff have been working with The Novak Consulting Group to develop a new five-year strategic plan.  Some of you may have participated in the focus groups or survey for the environmental scan , which identifies College Park’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities. The City Council has approved a draft 2020 Strategic Plan Framework, and would […]

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Council to Support Ethics Bill on Financial Disclosure

At tonight’s Council meeting, the City Council will consider approving a letter of support for HB 584, Ethics Law- Financial Disclosure Statement by Elected Local Officials of a Municipal Corporation – Confidential Information. Legislation enacted by the Maryland General Assembly in 2010 requires local ethics ordinances to be at least as stringent as state law. […]

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Council to Weigh In Referendum Requirements for Charter Amendments

At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will consider approving a letter of support for HB 682, Municipalities- Charter Amendments -Referendum and Signatures Required for Petitions. HB 682 would allow the City Council to submit to the voters a proposed charter amendment for a binding vote; and would allow the Council to lower from 20% […]

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City to Start Searching for a New City Manager

Our current City Manager Joe Nagro will be retiring at the end of June, 2015. The City has published and distributed a Request for Bids to hire an Executive Search Consultant. All bids are due to the Director of Finance by 2:00p.m. this Friday. The Mayor and Council must decide on a process to select […]

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City May Spend $1 million More to Join State Pension Plan

At last Tuesday’s work session, the Council discussed and approved the spending of upto $1 million more to join the State pension plan. If you can remember, back in July 1 last year, the City joined the Maryland State Retirement and Pension System (MSRP) as participants in the Reformed Contributory Pension Plan. Some of my […]

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Hyattsville Lowers Voting Age to 16. Should College Park Do the Same?

Recently, Hyattsville voted to lower their voting age to 16, in order to “help young people develop habits of civic engagement that can last a lifetime”. I recently received a request from one of my residents with a request to lower the voting age in College Park as well. Here are his talking points. Please […]

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City Manager Announces Retirement

At last night’s Council meeting, our City Manager Joe Nagro announced his retirement after 25 years of service in the City. The City will soon start an executive search to find a new City manager. Mr.Nagro’s last day in office will be June 30, this year. Here is Joe’s bio on our website: Mr. Nagro […]

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Council Poised to Extend Bond Bill for City Hall Construction

At tonight’s Council meeting, the City Council will vote to extend the bond bill for the City Hall construction by at least one year. Last week, our staff told us that the City cannot meet the deadline to obligate the $400,000 bond money because the City wanted to explore the possibility of a City Hall […]

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2014 in Review and What to Expect in 2015

As another year passes and we embark upon a new one, I thought I would drop a note to share some important events in our neighborhood and my activities as your Councilmember that occurred in 2014. I also want to take this opportunity to ask you how I can be of service to you in […]

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Council Working on 2016-2020 Strategic Plan

In 2008, the Mayor and Council of the City of College Park decided to develop a strategic plan to identify key needs and formulate strategies for addressing them for a five year period. It’s time now to think ahead of our strategic plan for the next five year – 2016 to 2020 Our FY 15 […]

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Can Residents Phone-In and Speak During Council Meetings?

In our listserv, residents are asking to explore the possibility of a call-in phone option during Council meetings and public hearing. This is to benefit residents who cannot attend our Council meetings due to many reasons, such as their busy schedule, distance to travel and disability. I spoke about this option with our staff in […]

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Power of Listening and How to Empower Residents

After last week’s Council’s City Hall decision against the wishes of residents at the Public hearing, a resident shared this article. I truly believe listening is a much needed virtue, especially for elected folks. I am copying the article below for you to read. Put Down Your Phone (And Become More Powerful) Listening is often […]

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