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College Park – Home of Dinosaurs?

Yesterday’s news of the discovery of a baby dinosaur in the College Park perhaps added a new slogan to the the city’s official tag line – College Park – Home of Dinosaurs. According to this Washington Post report, a local dinosaur tracker in College Park discovered the fossil of an armored dinosaur hatchling estimated to […]

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Power Out in Entire City

It’s now early Sunday morning. The entire city is now out of power. Power went out at around 4am. If you want to know the status of outages, please see Pepco’s website or call them, please see my previous post to find their number. I drove around our area. Fortunately there hasn’t been any structural […]

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5.8 Earthquake Strikes DC Area

FEMA’s Ready.gov website offers guidance on what to do to stay safe in the event of an earthquake. Click here for more information.

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Volunteers Spend Morning to Beautify North College Park

It was 8am yesterday at the MoM / REI  / Pizza Roma shopping parking lot. Some 20 plus volunteers gathered around a table at the east side of the lot, adjacent to Rhode Island avenue. The table was adorned with some essential stuff, black trash bags, packs of blue hand gloves and orange vests. On one side, […]

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My First Blog Annivarsary

Today marks the first anniversary of this blog.  Exactly a year ago, I started this blog. In the first post, I tried to explain about this new venture – “I thought, I should write a little on the content of the blogs I’ll be posting in the coming days and weeks.” That’s right, I only thought I could […]

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Washington Times Features CP Day

Our (former) NCP blogger Joe Smith wrote a piece in today’s Washington Times featuring College Park Day. Thanks Joe, for doing such a superb job. You’ve made us proud! Here is the link. Bloggers log off, team up to connect neighbors By Joseph Smith Last fall, in a post on my (now defunct) neighborhood blog, I […]

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WAWA Coming Near NCP

In case the big cleanup scenes  just north of College Park on Rhode Island / Rt. 1 make you wonder what’s going on there, here is the story – a WAWA store will soon be built in that parcel of land. The new WAWA will be located in Beltsville in between Route 1 and Rhode Island avenue, just […]

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County Primary Elections – How Will You Vote?

The early voting for county’s primary elections has already started and will continue until September 14. We’re wondering how are you planning to vote in these elections. In case you’ve already voted, please also let us know the way you voted. Our polls cover three positions – County Council District 1, County’s State Attorney and Country […]

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Faith in Action – School Community Shares Food with Area’s Needy Residents

Full sacks of rice, dozens of pasta packs, bottles of olive oils, dried dates and cereal boxes are only a few food items that pile up on the floor of Al-Huda School‘s basement. The food items were donated by the school’s community members as part of a Ramadan giving ritual called Zakat-ul-Fitr.  The Al-Huda School is a private Muslim school […]

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Rent Control Goes in Effect, Finally..

After a few  back and forth battles on the City Hall and the court of law, the City finally got the upper hand over the landlords – to put a brake on how much the homeowners can charge the tenants on the rent they pay. About a year ago, the City paid a consulting firm […]

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Welcome Back.. and a Good Start..

The City did its first ever  “Welcome Back Night”  yesterday at the City Hall’s parking lot. The idea was to welcome the students who just started a new session at the University of Maryland. The event was attended by the PGPD, the University of Maryland Police Department, the University of Maryland Student Government Association, and the Downtown College […]

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Danger in the Crosswalks

Let’s face it! The crosswalks in north College Park’s streets aren’t safe. There have been quite a few incidents on these streets that can be termed as ‘close calls’. Say for example the crosswalk on Route 1 near Edgewood Road. First the crosswalk there isn’t marked properly. I’ve seen pedestrians often crossing the street running to the other […]

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Smalls Shows Off Experience, Charges Lehman on Discrimination Case

 After Mary Lehman, Crystal Thompson and Sam Epps, I approached the fourth County Council primary candidate Fredrick Smalls, the four term council member of Laurel City Council. In addition to answering my questions, he also added comments on his opponent Mary Lehman’s earlier response on a Laurel Church discrimination case. Please see that additional response at […]

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Delay Hits Speed Camera Plan

The City’s plan to install speed cameras is not going to happen this month; the earliest this may happen could wait until mid to late Fall this year. The reason for this delay is the approvals from the State and the County who own the roads where these cameras would be installed. For example, in […]

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Can New UMd Prez Help Close Varsity-Resident Rift?

The search is finally over – the University of Maryland has found a new president. Dr. Wallace (Wally) Loh will replace Mr. Mote, who served as the UMd president for the past 12 years and will retire at the end of this month. UMd spent nearly 6 months in its search for Mr. Mote’s replacement. […]

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