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Council to Discuss 2017 Funding of City’s Two Farmers Markets

At this week’s worksession, the Council will review of the 2016 market season for the Downtown Farmers Market and the Hollywood Farmers Market.

At the conclusion of the 2016 farmers market season, City staff conducted surveys to assess vendor satisfaction for the Downtown College Park Farmers Market (DCPFM). City staff also met with the leaders of the Hollywood Farmers Market and Market Master to assess the success of their market season.

We’ll also discuss the plans for the 2017 DCPFM market season, recruiting new vendors, and market advertising.

Additionally, we’ll discuss plans for the 2017Hollywood market season and the new 2017 Market Manager Contract. The current Market Manager contract has exhausted all of the extension options. Our current market master Ms. Julie Beavers has stated her desire to return in the role for the 2017 season, for the 4th year.

The FY 2017 budget allocated $9,195 for the Downtown College Park Farmers Market including a $2,250 donation from the DCPMA and $8,000 for the Hollywood Farmers Market. Adequate funds remain in these budgets to kick off the 2017 season. A new contract for the Market Manager would extend Ms. Beavers tenure at a rate of $150 per market day and would be reflected in the FY18 budget. No other increases to existing budgets are anticipated.


Status of the SHA Projects in and around College Park

1. I-495 Inner Loop / US 1 Ramp Safety and Spot Improvement Project – PG265_21

Description: The proposed improvements include the removal of the I-495 inner loop to US 1 northbound exit ramp. This will eliminate the weaving movement at the collector-distributor for vehicles entering and exiting I-495. The US 1 southbound exit ramp will incorporate left turn movements to compensate for the removal of the US 1 northbound exit ramp.
Status: The roadway design of the selected alternative was recently completed and drainage/SWM design is underway. Concept Review approval is expected by April 2017. The project is currently funded for design only.

2. US 1 from South Gate of University of Maryland (Regents Drive) to Sunnyside AvenuePG253_21
Description: The proposed improvements include roadway widening along US 1, with two 11-foot inside travel lanes and a four-foot bicycle compatible shoulder in each direction to accommodate on-street bicyclists for Segments 2 and 3.
Status: Project planning was completed in November 2005. The US 1 Corridor improvements were broken into 3 project segments to facilitate implementation: Segment 1 – College Avenue to MD 193; Segment 2 – MD 193 to Hollywood Road; and Segment 3 – Hollywood Road to I-95 / I-495. Segment 1 (PG624_21), is fully funded for construction. Final design, right-of-way acquisition and construction phases for Segments 2 and 3 will proceed as funds become available.

3. I-95/I-495 Greenbelt Metro Access – PG333_21

Description: The proposed improvements include the construction of a full I-95/I-495 (Capital Beltway) interchange at Greenbelt Metro Station which will accommodate all movements and auxiliary lanes that extend from the proposed interchange to MD 201. Currently, access to Greenbelt Metro Station is only available from southbound I-95/I-495 and access from Greenbelt Metro Station is only available to northbound I-95/I-495.
Status: The project advertised in September 2015 as a Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) procurement process to aid in the development of the design, reduce costs and save time on construction. The GSA is anticipated to announce of the selection of the new site of the FBI headquarters in March 2017. The project is currently in design and is 85% complete. Final Review is expected to be held in April 2017 and construction is anticipated to start in the fall of 2017. The project is expected to be complete by the fall of 2020.
Contact: Sean Johnson, Project Manager Maryland State Highway Administration Highway Design Division Email: SJohnson@sha.state.md.us Phone: 410-545-8813
4. US 1 from College Avenue/Regents Drive to MD 193 Project – PG624_21
Description: The proposed improvements include roadway widening along US 1, with two 11-foot inside travel lanes and a four-foot bicycle compatible shoulder in each direction to accommodate on-street bicyclists. In addition, the existing five-lane section between Lakeland Road and MD 193 will be converted to a four-lane section with a raised landscaped median, varying in width between 6 and 16 feet. Turn lanes will be maintained at each intersection. All sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, driveway entrances and bicycle facilities will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Status: Design is approximately 90% complete and the right-of-way acquisition process is underway. The team is working on getting SWM approval and utility coordination. We expect utilities to start relocations this summer and anticipate a NTP date of 10/8/2018 for construction. The estimated open to traffic date is December 2021. The project is funded for design, right-of-way, utilities, and

NOTE: City has stated that they would only allow night work utility relocations and the PM has requested documentation stating this information. If for any reason that is true, relocations would take longer and be more expensive than anticipated. Please clarify with the City of College Park, if possible. Vivian Berra-Figuereo’s team will be presenting to the Mayor and Council at the Tuesday March 7th work session about the upcoming relocation of utilities this summer in advance of the actual construction that is tentatively scheduled to begin next summer.
Contact: Vivian Berra-Figuereo, Project Manager Maryland State Highway Administration Highway Design Division Email: vberrafiguereo@sha.state.md.us Phone: 410-545-8852
5. Sidewalk Project along east and west side US 1 from Cherokee Street to I 495/95
Status SHA’s Innovative Contracting Division is working with three remaining property owners to obtain Right-of-Entry Permits – Kubota, Azteca and the Animal Hospital. Construction can begin as soon as the remaining entry permits are obtained. ICD may be willing to adjust project limits to facilitate construction.
6. MD 430 at Rhode Island Avenue – Safety Improvements
Project design is complete. Will be constructed before the end of FY 2017.


Good Neighbor Day, 2017

Good Neighbor Day Flyer 2017


Another Eyesore Gone – City Plans to Build Gateway Park Soon

The old (eyesore building) at the corner of Edgewood Rd and Rt 1 is finally gone. The City plans to build the Gateway Park at the site soon. A few months ago the City also acquired a much-needed access to the park from the 47th place. Here are some pictures of the park that the Council approved earlier.




Paid Internship Opportunity – Hollywood History Project

The Mayor and Council of the City of College Park have an opportunity available for a college student(s) to capture the history of some of College Park’s oldest neighborhoods.  The goal of the project is to collect and preserve the important stories of our senior residents of the Daniels Park and Hollywood neighborhoods for future generations to learn about and treasure.

Daniels Park was developed as an early twentieth-century streetcar suburb located in northwestern Prince George’s County within the City of College Park.  The Hollywood neighborhood was built in the 1920s and 30s.  Both have a precious history and fewer and fewer residents around to tell it.

The Hollywood / Daniels Park Community Neighborhood History interns will work closely with the residents and the Council members to conduct original research, collect video oral histories, and archive historical materials. Through the Neighborhood History Project, the City will provide students and residents the opportunity to spend time learning their neighborhoods’ stories.


Tasks / Responsibilities:

Tasks of the project may include, but not limited to:

  • Research history of the Hollywood and Daniels Park neighborhoods from online and print sources;
  • Prepare a list of long-term residents who will be interviewed for the project. The City Council members and the local neighborhood associations will help connect with the potential residents.
  • Interview long term residents about changes that happened through the development of the neighborhood over the years;
  • Record oral interviews and collect photos, renderings, memorabilia and other collectibles, whenever possible;
  • Prepare a report with the findings; and
  • Archive the report, documents, photos, multimedia and other findings online and make them accessible to residents.


  • Strong communication skills. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and to prepare written and electronic documents. Ability to communicate orally, both in person and by telephone.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Suite Office. (Photoshop or another design tool is a plus!)
  • Organized, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.
  • Creative and Flexible.
  • Ability to plan, implement, evaluate and report activities conducted.
  • Website development skill is a plus
  • Preferred background in Marketing, Communication, non-profit management or another related discipline.

Applicants should complete the application found here and submit to Human Resources at humanresources@collegeparkmd.gov. For questions, please email or call 240-487-3533.


North College Park Crime Map: February 5-12, 2017


Address Type

Group Plans to Host 2017 Mothers’ Day Race

The College Park Community Foundation (CPCF) will plan and host the Fourth Annual May College Park 5K Race, on Saturday 6th May 2017. The race is being planned for a route similar to last year in Old Town, Calvert Hills and the UMD campus.

City plans to co-sponsor this event. City liability insurance will provide coverage. The Race will be run mostly on City streets as detailed in the attachment provided. The City’s Recreation Board has co-sponsored this event since 2014.

Representatives from the Foundation will present information about the planned race. The City will provide logistical support and help promote this event. Cost estimates include contracted UMPD officers to provide Race safety escort, security and traffic control supplies at approximately $3,100.

City DPW support will be required to provide trash and recycling receptacles and removal.

At this week’s Council meeting. the City Council will consider approving City co-sponsorship of the of the College Park Community Foundation (CPCF) “College Park 5K” Race


City to Oppose Executive Order Banning Immigrants and Refugees

Next Tuesday (Feb 14), the College Park City Council will consider approving a resolution opposing the recent Executive Order prohibiting entry of refugees for 120 days and stopped entry of immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries for 90 days.

It has been challenged in court and criticized as illegally targeting people based on their religion and nationality, contrary to fundamental values of the United States.

Residents will have an opportunity to come and speak on the resolution at the Council meeting. The meeting will start at 7:30 pm at the City Hall, 4500 Knox Road. You can also send your comments via email to cpmc@collegeparkmd.gov.

The resolution will read:

  • The City of College Park has a long history of welcoming immigrants and building an open, caring, and inclusive community that celebrates its diversity, welcomes the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and embraces humanitarian efforts; and
  • The City of College Park includes families from countries around the world, representing many cultural traditions, religions, and languages; and
  • The College Park City Council passed Resolution 16-R-04 on March 8, 2016, welcoming refugees to College Park; and
  • Throughout its history, the United States has benefited from the significant contributions of immigrants, asylum-seekers, and refugees who have become scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs; and
  • The United States of America has always been a nation of immigrants, welcoming people seeking refuge from war, famine, terrorism, and other atrocities in every continent; and
  • President Donald J. Trump signed a sweeping Executive Order on January 27, 2017 (January 27th Executive Order) that prohibits entry of any refugee awaiting re-settlement in the United States for 120 days, including refugees who had already received visas; and
  • The January 27th Executive Order also bars citizens of seven majority Muslim countries – Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen – from entering the United States for 90 days, including students and workers who had already received visas; and
  • The January 27th Executive Order bars entry by all Syrian refugees into the United States for an indefinite period of time, including people who had already received visas; and
  • Individuals and families who hold visas, green cards, or dual citizenship have been detained, delayed, or refused entry to the United States since the January 27th Executive Order took effect; and
  • Even individuals who have aided the United States’ armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq have been denied expedient entry into the United States; and
  • The January 27th Executive Order has a disproportionate impact on Muslims; and
  • The preference of one religion over another is contrary to the traditions, statutes, and the Constitution of the United States; and
  • The executive order is an affront to religious freedom — a principle so cherished by our nation’s founding fathers that it was included in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution; and
  • Religious, civic, and business leaders, including clergy of various faiths and denominations, leaders of many of America’s largest companies, and elected officials belonging to both major political parties have publicly expressed strong opposition to the January 27th Executive Order.

City, UMD to Ask Continued Support for Dream Act

The College Park City Council will consider a resolution in support of the Deferred Action for Children Arrival (DACA) or Dream act.

On November 21, 2016, President of the University of Maryland, Dr. Wallace Loh, wrote to the UMD community, highlighting the uncertain status of immigrant students currently protected under the federal Deferred Action for Children Arrival (DACA) order. DACA provides an alternative pathway to citizenship for undocumented students who came to the United States as children.

In his letter, Dr. Loh noted that “in effect, they [these youth] have grown up as Americans…[and] are lawabiding young men and women…Many…currently serve or have served in the Armed Forces, paid taxes, and have contributed in numerous ways to our society”. He identified that there are currently approximately 100 UMD students on DACA status. In recognition of this issue, the Maryland State Legislature enacted the
“Dream Act” which provides undocumented students the opportunity to attend institutions of higher learning once they have shown they meet specific requirements.

The Education Advisory Committee (EAC) reviewed Dr. Loh’s letter and opines that this issue is a reflection of our long national history as an immigrant nation. These students want nothing more than to fulfill the American Dream by becoming educated, earning full citizenship, and becoming part of a strong American future. The number of undocumented students in our own community is much higher than those just at the University of Maryland.
Given the seriousness of the implications for youth and families in the College Park community, as well as our nation, the EAC recommends Council take formal action in support of the continuation of DACA by sending a letter asking the City’s federal and state representatives for their support of the continuation of the


Gardening Events Around the Area

Sunday, February 12, 10 a.m.-3 p.m. National Capitol Area Orchid Society 39th Annual Orchid Auction. Behnke’s Nursery. More than 300 orchids to be auctioned. Visit www.ncos.us for more information.

Friday, February 24, Green Matters Symposium: Plant Solutions. 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Silver Spring Civic Center. Fee is $99. Register at ActiveMontgomery.org. Call 301-962-1451 for information.

Master Gardening Spring Conference: Master Gardeners of Montgomery County invite all gardeners to their 17th Annual Spring Gardening Conference on Saturday, February 25, 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., University of Maryland Extension, Montgomery County Office, 18410 Muncaster Road, Derwood, MD. Topics include Pollinators, Shade Gardening, Veggies, Landscape Design, Beekeeping and Pruning, and Wildlife Habitats. The fee is $55 per person or $50 for groups of two or more. For registration information, go to http:// goo.gl/i4nalm.

Sunday, March 11-Sunday, March 19. Philadelphia Flower Show. Philadelphia Convention Center. See website for tickets or join a group tour

Through May 14. Smithsonian/U. S. Botanic Garden Annual Orchid Show at the Hirshhorn Museum on the Mall. The Smithsonian Gardens and United States Botanic Garden 2017 Orchid Exhibition, showcases over 100 orchids in a limited-time display amidst the Hirshhorn’s unique architecture.

Credits: Beltsville Garden Club. The Beltsville Garden Club is a not-for-profit organization designed to promote gardening interests of its members, increase their knowledge of horticulture, add to their enjoyment of gardening, and to encourage ornamental planting by individuals, community and business groups. Club dues is $10 per family per year. The dues year begins in September. Send checks to: BGC, P.O. Box 1953. Beltsville, MD 20704-1953.]


Tomorrow’s NCPCA Meeting: Storm Water Project, Shabaan Property and Budget Priorities

NCPCA - It's Your Neighborhood Association

NCPCA – It’s Your Neighborhood Association

When: Thursday, February 9, 2017, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Youth and Family Services, 4912 Nantucket Road
What: The agenda will include:

Updates on past agenda items, including stormwater management projects in North College Park.

Representatives from the property owner will be present to discuss a proposal to rezone Shaban property, which is at the corner of Edgewood Rd and Rhode Island Ave (includes the drycleaners and the open space across from Youth and Family Service.

Preparing to give feedback on the detailed site plan for the development at Greenbelt Metro (feedback will likely be due back sometime in April)

City of College Park budget priorities for 2017-2018 year–as city staff and council members prepare for the budgeting process, we will discuss what potential priorities we would like to see, including revisiting our prior discussions on neighborhood beautification.

Members will also discuss a proposal to make a change to NCPCA’s bylaws. Article one sets out the name of NCPCA as North College Park Citizens Association. The proposal will be to change this to North College Park Civic Association.

Hope to see you all there.


Water Quality Project on Rhode Island Avenue

Corvias-Feb-2017In 2010 the EPA established defined limits on the amount of pollutants that can enter tidal rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

In July 2012, House Bill 987 became effective mandating all jurisdictions and municipalities
in Maryland to participate in Stormwater Restoration Programs (SWRP). On September 25, 2012 the City agreed to participate with Prince George’s County’s SWRP.

To comply with the EPA mandate, Prince George’s County must implement stormwater treatment measures throughout the County that will reduce the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment by 25, 24 and 20 percent respectively from 15,000 acres of polluted stormwater runoff by 2025. Compliance with this mandate requires the implementation of storm water management best practices at an estimated 46,000 locations throughout the County. Some of these storm water management best practices will be implemented in the City.

In 2014 the County entered into a 30-year public-private partnership with the Corvias Group, of East Greenwich, Rhode Island referred to as the Clean Water Partnership. Under this agreement Corvias will first oversee the retrofitting of 2,000 acres of impervious area within the County over the next three years. (Just as a note the County, through its traditional means of procurement, is also retrofitting 2,000 acres concurrently with Corvias.) Corvias had originally hired CH2M Hill of Englewood, Colorado to perform planning, design, and construction inspection for the first 2,000 acres.

At the November 17, 2015 City Council Worksession, representatives from Corvias and CH2M Hill presented the overall scope of their partnership with the County and a general plan of possible locations in the City that might be suited for water quality projects. There were approximately 15 locations in the City that were being investigated. The minutes from that Worksession state:

They want to move forward on designing approximately 15 sites in the City for stormwater treatment projects. This is not for flood control and in fact they have to stay out of the 100 year floodplain. Projects will likely include sand filters, rain gardens, submerged gravel wetlands. They will return to Council with more details as they are defined. This program includes design, construction and maintenance of the stormwater management features.

The minutes from the November 24, 2015 Regular Meeting includes the following Consent Agenda motion:
15-G-131 Authorization for Corvias Solutions and Prince George’s County to proceed with planning stormwater management projects in the City at locations to be determined with further consultation with the City.

The Clean Water Partnership presented to the NCPCA on January 14, 2016. Prior to this meeting CH2M Hill
had left the project team. Peter Littleton and Tasha Brokenberry of Corvias presented the overall scope of the project and answered questions from the audience. This past summer Corvias hired Bowman Consultants of Annapolis, Maryland to pick up where CH2M Hill left off in evaluating the possible sites in the City suited for water quality projects.

The Clean Water Partnership presented to the North College Park Citizen’s Association (NCPCA) again on September 8, 2016. Of the 15 possible locations they had identified in November 2015, only 5 locations showed any promise for further evaluation. These locations were:

1. Narragansett and Muskogee (site 52) behind REI
2. The dead-end of Odessa (site 67) intersection of Odessa Road at 52nd Avenue
3. Hollywood Road at 52nd Ave (site 32) the triangle at the intersection of Narragansett Parkway and 52nd Avenue
4. Rhode Island Ave at Blackfoot (site 33) along Rhode Island Avenue in front of Attick Towers 5. Hollywood and Autoville (site 54) across from the Chinese Bible Church (north of the Mazza Grand Marc Apartments

While the Clean Water Partnership waited on comments from the NCPCA on the 5 projects presented at the September meeting, they continued their evaluation by performing preliminary engineering at these sites. By November 2016, only 2 locations seemed to provide any potential in fulfilling the requirements of the overall program. These locations were:

1. Narragansett and Muskogee (site 52) behind REI, and 2. Rhode Island Ave at Blackfoot (site 33) along Rhode Island Avenue in front of Attick Towers

The Narragansett and Muskogee (site 52) was subsequently removed from consideration because of its impact to the tree buffer between the houses along Muskogee Street and the back of the shopping center.

There is only one location in the City right–of-way which appears to have potential – Rhode Island Ave at Blackfoot (site 33) along Rhode Island Avenue in front of Attick Towers.

Corvias will be attending the tonight’s Worksession to discuss this project and address all other questions
related to the Clean Water program.


Cambria Suite Hotel Project Seeks More Revisions

CambriaAt tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will discuss further the Cambria Suite hotel project, which is located at 8321 Baltimore Avenue and is under construction.

On April 9, 2013, the City Council unanimously agreed to recommend approval with conditions for DSP12034, Keane Enterprises, Inc., to construct a hotel, pharmacy (CVS) and associated three-story parking garage.

On April 28, 2015, the District Council issued an amended order affirming the Planning Board decision with conditions. Since DSP approval, the property has been sold and a new hotel flag identified.

A request has been made to M-NCPPC to revise several elements of the site plan and architecture. The Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on this request on March 2nd.

The specific revisions requested are as follows:

  • Addition of a rooftop mechanical penthouse
  • Redesign of the tower and landmark feature located on the northwest corner of the building façade along Baltimore Avenue
  • Changes to ground floor shopfront architecture
  • Remove rear, sidewalk metal entrance canopy and add a connecting canvas canopy to the parking garage with hotel signage
  • Addition of an emergency generator adjacent to the parking garage
  • Signage Change
  • Removal of 10 windows from the east elevation facing the parking garage and (h) Revised design of the handicapped ramp.

The Council will discuss these revisions at tomorrow’s worksession and consider taking positions on them.


North College Park Crime Map: Jan 28-Feb4, 2017


Address Type
9300 Blk Baltimore Ave Citizen Robbery (Adult Arrest)
9100 Blk Baltimore Ave Theft

U.S Army Asking City Support for Civilian Exercise in College Park

The 96th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) has requested support from The City for their units Culmination Exercise (CULEX) to be conducted 25 MAR-30 MAR 2017. The units request realistic urban and rural areas to practice tactics, techniques, and procedures that Soldiers will employ during Overseas Contingency Operations within foreign countries. College Park offers an ideal setting for the training.

The Soldiers of the 96th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) will conduct capabilities briefs to the ROTC Commander while at the same time develop a Concept of Operations to establish the potential for collaborative training with the ROTC students of the University of Maryland on the University of Maryland Campus. They have coordinated with the Professor of Military Science, University of Maryland to conduct this training. They will also provide a letter of notification to the University of Maryland Police Department.

While in College Park, the 96th Civil Affairs (Airborne) will/may:
a. If requested, provide updates to city officials regarding the exercise’s training progress.
b. Not gather nor electronically store any Personally Identifiable Information on any city official or member of the public. Only aliases of individuals voluntarily participating in the exercise shall be used.
c. Contact the City Manager or their delegated representative and provide notification prior to and at the conclusion of the training activity within College Park, MD.
d. Not carry firearms of any kind (government-issued or privately owned).
e. May be dressed in military uniform, casual or business casual civilian attire throughout the duration of the exercise. At no time will Soldiers conduct themselves outside of their capacity as an exercise participant and service member in the United States Army.
f. Adhere to all local, state, and federal laws.
g. Not conduct any offensive or defensive combat training scenarios within city limits.
h. Immediately inform local authorities of any incidents

Representatives from the Army battalion will be at the next week’s worksession to talk more about the excercise plan.

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